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World of Warcraft Blood Elf Name Generator & Guide

“They may be called Forsaken, but just as they helped us so shall we now come to their aid.” – the elven prince explained his feelings to the council as the servants are getting his body’s measures. “It will be forever written that the King honored the alliance and that the army was led by prince Sallion, himself.” – he finished with a confident smile.

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Once known as High Elves, the Scourge led by the death knight Arthas decimated their ranks, where merely ten percent managed to survive. In honor of the fallen, they named themselves Sin’dorei, Blood Elves, a name that they still adorn today.

Living through unimaginable disasters and losses, including their core of existence, the magical Sunwell, they now stand united and strong, making sure their legacy remains.

Tracing their lineages back to the ancient noble families, they take pride in both their origin and bloodline. They have similar names to other elves, though a bit harsher to pronounce, and some good examples of names are Salthin, Noraevedon, and Keelenne.

Female Blood Elf Names

While some members of the race can seem slightly androgynous to the outsiders, they are all slender, agile, regal in bearing, and rather beautiful. Of course, due to their race’s history, they can often come out as proud and egoistic.

  • Velnia
  • Danyna
  • Kanamine
  • Deyma


A master weaponsmith, she can make such weapons that many only dream of. When she’s free, she likes to spend time outside in the nature, enjoying the smell, sights, and sounds of the forests.

  • Sharli
  • Natera
  • Terise
  • Tyriah


As a paladin, she constantly on the move, going from one assignment to another. Whether it’s for her own causes or from her superiors, she goes about it with the highest dedication and determination.

  • Dalenn
  • Emela
  • Zyalenne
  • Cearae


Mostly spends her time in the magic academy where new young blood elves join every year. She specializes in protection magic and is responsible for teaching them more than a few spells that could one day be of utmost importance to know.

  • Azenna
  • Lorallis
  • Zaldana
  • Zyada


Honoring them before her, she uses her healing powers any way she can in order to help her kin. She likes to travel the world, helping those in need while she makes new friends. The thrill of the unknown is what keeps her going.

  • Emelia
  • Velamisa
  • Sarili
  • Beden
  • Tynthalis

Male Blood Elf Names

Slim but dexterous and rather strong, they are excellent warriors, mages, and soldiers alike. Their unity rests on their history that allows them to dig deep in the times of troubles, inspiring themselves with the memories of the fallen.

  • Jenhaen
  • Taneron
  • Rahlaen
  • Karthelon


A veteran warrior possessing great skill in both using and creating a sword. He makes sure he gets his own provisions and raw materials first, fully appreciating every part of the creation process that goes into such endeavor.

  • Aenranis
  • Ithiran
  • Ineaesh
  • Aellanis


Longing for a different kind of life, he left his academy life for a more volatile lifestyle of a traveler. He’s set on visiting as many places as he can while being sure his arcane talents will keep him safe along the way.

  • Melatheril
  • Lonthelon
  • Felron
  • Soillan


Listening and reading about his race’s history, he became obsessed with finding any way which would guarantee the everlasting future of his kin. Delving into more unconventional magic, today he’s an accomplished warlock, using his knowledge to improve society as a whole.

  • Qualthar
  • Alalen
  • Tyniamarrin
  • Alstus


Even more agile than the average blood elf, he can move unheard and unseen in almost all situations and places. He can certainly hold his own in direct combat but it rarely comes to it as his stealthy ways are more than enough to ambush anyone he wants to.

  • Keeldis
  • Quelnian
  • Erirodan
  • Aellion
  • Weleon

Funny Blood Elf Names

Whether you like to look at things from a less serious perspective or simply need a break from the usual style of playing, you might want to make a more entertaining and relaxing type of a name.

  • Justketchup
  • Bunnyears
  • Fakeblood
  • Seendooreye
  • Higherelf
  • Hugeego
  • Suneyes
  • Neverold
  • Feedonmana
  • Elfispresley
  • Bloodbarian
  • Unstobubble
  • Benafflock
  • Meleekunis
  • Harrydotter
  • Critneyfears
  • Nuckingfuts
  • Bubbleoseven
  • Iwillsheepu
  • Exdee

Rather thin and slender, Blood Elves are agile and graceful creatures, capable of great things. Having barely survived in the past as a race, they now work diligently on restoring their society to the former glory. Each of them has much to prove, mostly to themselves, as they try to do the best they can in order to show appreciation to those who lost their lives in the past. If you want to play a history-rich race, a character who has a purpose behind every action they make, play a Blood Elf. Create a name worthy of bringing honor to it and go explore the world that awaits.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Blood Elf name.

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