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World of Warcraft Undead Name Generator & Guide

“The Forsaken will prevail, doubt it not.” – the mage told his colleague, ever-sure of his words. “While the rest of the Horde holds the line, we shall rain doom on them, Witas. Now shut up and watch this.” – he said, creating an icy blizzard in the room.

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From the ranks of the Scourge army, a part of the undead, now Forsaken, rejected their owner’s will, becoming outlaws. Then, Sylvanas Windrunner, already a powerful Scourge banshee, gathered, rallied, and united them all in order to kill the Lich King.

Most live in Undercity, and they all allied with the rest of the Horde. They are quite versed, able to fulfill many roles from warriors and rogues to wizards and priests. United by common goal and purpose, they can be formidable enemies.

After getting resurrected and accepted to serve the Queen, they take a new first name and/or last name to commemorate their rebirth. Some god examples are Marcos, Hollis, Allvar, Chrestien, and Derry.

Female Undead Names

Female Undead have important roles in the Undead society which is ruled by a queen.

  • Somali
  • Erameli
  • Prumali
  • Splendora
  • Mranali


As mage capable of wielding and shaping fire by will, she loves alchemy and often searches the lands for the much-needed ingredients. If she’s not outside, she spends most of her time in Undercity, creating new potions and perfecting already learned ones.

  • Cella
  • Nronali
  • Timeli
  • Dronel
  • Rhodena
  • Dikali


She has dedicated her new life to learn healing magic. No stranger to fighting, she helped some of the first lines by keeping them alive and kicking during more than a few battles.

  • Mimal
  • Nakila
  • Lomel
  • Bronwen
  • Bronel


One with the shadows, she can enter and exit without being seen, strike suddenly and unexpectedly, and use her poisons in the most deadly ways. While not part of an official Forsaken army, she’s often hired by those who have an itch that needs to be scratched.

  • Srimylar
  • Frakali
  • Sylva
  • Lromel
  • Timal


A decent soldier but a master in herbalism and extracting precious gems from ore, she likes to make ranged weapons and all sorts of different gadgets. She prefers to help the Horde using her skillful hands creating anything that they might need, rather than taking up arms herself.

  • Fromali
  • remal
  • Comel
  • Vrukali
  • Hrenali


When she was little, she liked the bow so much that she kept shooting at any and all targets she could think of, stationary or otherwise. While making sure she wouldn’t hurt anyone, she managed to hit some amazing shots which no one could deny, despite her being a rowdy little kid.

  • Fomali
  • Sranel
  • Benali
  • Hrikali

Male Undead Names

Like all other Undead, there are those who are agile, strong, intelligent, and wise, capable of many things.

  • Reeves
  • Volkov
  • Lechiffre
  • Lazarus
  • Morphus


Also known as General Bonesword, he’s well respected and looked upon with admiration, especially by the more experienced soldiers as they’ve seen him in action. While he still loves fighting, lately, he also likes to spend much of his time smithing armor, trying to improve with each day.

  • Mromor
  • Edvun
  • Dugeth
  • Nidar
  • Bleakill


A warlock of great power who summons and enslaves various demons in order to have them as pets. They obey his every command and together they are a threat to anyone they want to.

  • Cramor
  • Krigeth
  • Banehallow
  • Prath
  • Cimor
  • Gugath


Whether he’s better at making guns or shooting one, he does both with great skill, care, and knowledge. He’s a rather jovial individual who likes to joke around, especially as he works. He can be both annoying and lovable at the same time.

  • Dhed
  • Gurns
  • Morbent
  • Alandil
  • Lash


Long past simple magic tricks like freezing something or someone, he’s perfected the use of magic over time, enabling him to perform truly fantastic feats. He roams the world in search of artifacts of the old, meeting other races and creatures, while always enjoying and appreciating this new chance the Queen gave him.

  • Erador
  • Frugath
  • Cemor
  • Nochthitus


A student of dark magic, he twists and commands shadows in ways not many understand. Inflicting pain using telekinesis is one of his traits, though it is certainly the one he devoted his life to the most.

  • Lrabor
  • Kageth
  • Abaon
  • Fabor
  • Fragath

Returning from any of the stages of death, the Undead have deteriorating skin and they bleed green Ichor of Undeath instead of blood. Capable of eating, although they don’t need it, they enjoy some of the same things as other races. Most if not all of them have glowing yellow eyes and rather messy and unkempt hair. If you feel like playing someone who just got another chance to prove their worth, while being able to understand what’s most important in life, play an Undead and give them a name that will be spoken of many years after your character’s Last Death.

Did you enjoy this guide? Tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with an Undead name.

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