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World of Warcraft Nightborne Name Generator & Guide

“They are strong, brother. I’ve seen their mages. Very capable, to say the least.” – without looking behind at his kin, he shuffled through some papers. “But Nuerlenn, my dear sister, can we really beat them? Even together?” – the tone in his voice betrayed him and she knew exactly how he felt.

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Nightborne, or Shal’dorei in their native tongue, are a powerful race of elves who are shrouded in mystery. Owing their very lives to the existence of an artifact Nightwell, the ancient source of their power, they lived like that for centuries.

After the Burning Legion invaded, at first they bent the knee, but soon managed to wrestle free from the grasp of the Legion and the addiction to the Nightwell. Later, they felt a strong connection to Blood Elves and quickly joined the Horde.

While they can seem egoistic and pompous, and they certainly have an aura of nobility around them, they are ambitious and capable. Nightborne names sound similar to night elf names and some good examples are Doneunt, Seothryre, and Rymbreia.

Female Nightborne Names

Many if not all Nightborne study magic from a young age, and sometimes it can seem they are naturally more inclined to arcane arts rather than using more mundane magic.

  • Elisande
  • Thalyssra
  • Andaris
  • Fyrannuth
  • Siaphus


With a natural affinity for magic, it wasn’t hard for her to understand the Chi, energy which all her fellow monks can manipulate as well. Having started at an early age, she is now capable and confident to see what the world has to offer.

  • Vultuth
  • Rothi
  • Udrandrie
  • Forlaes
  • Duergu


Having read about her race’s history, she understood how dark magic could prove to be a worthy ally. Today, years later, she is a powerful warlock who seeks power and strives to reach the limit, wherever it might be.

  • Fiamas
  • Cenunn
  • Melsos
  • Mieudriann
  • Thelamai


Plants, animals, and nature itself were always fascinating to her, and she quickly learned that she got along well with all sorts of creatures that lived in the forest. Today, she hunts together with her trusty panther Trix, and they are quite inseparable.

  • Norgun
  • Nephyl
  • Therjan
  • Thynaru
  • Dembrann


Showing skill in silent movement, speed, and surprises, she travels the roads in search of work, money, good food, and cold drinks, though not necessarily in that order. When needed, she resorts to tricks and acrobatics, practically vanishing from sight only to suddenly strike from behind after a few moments.

  • Dieli
  • Aucoi
  • Risyamo
  • Ragoi
  • Iamondu


She always liked reading books and found the vast knowledge they contained both fascinating and addicting. Today, having read thousands of them, she’s a powerful mage who’s on her way to the capital delivering important information.

  • Cecty
  • Fystusro
  • Toctinn
  • Jieusre
  • Annor

Male Nightborne Names

Besides magic, many become experts in using weapons and other means of warfare, whether it’s toe to toe combat, ambushes, or simply attacking from afar.

  • Lyleth
  • Oculeth
  • Valtrois
  • Margaux
  • Alrain


Warrior of the highest skill, he has proved his worth more than enough times, earning the rank of lieutenant general. These days he likes to visit other towns and places he has never been to, enjoying the unknown as he goes.

  • Rullos
  • Nuci
  • Tolvuis
  • Thetondahr
  • Grivellahn


Believing his race managed to cut their ties to the Nightwell for a higher reason, he now studies the Light and all other sources of power which could prove useful. While he can certainly fight, he excels at helping others do so.

  • Runthaimel
  • Fodreun
  • Mullirn
  • Kivallnr
  • Munelys


A mage who thinks he’s better than he is. The truth shows he has a long way to go despite his potential. Luckily for him, he’s about to meet someone who will change the very course of his life and all for the better.

  • Matheull
  • Gurdrern
  • Jastox
  • Sythear
  • Tythrol


He always liked to travel and see the world, trusting his bow to fend off any enemies. During his travels near Crossroads and Ratchet, he encountered a black lion, with whom he felt an instant connection. Today, they never leave each other’s side, wherever they might be going.

  • Mordrere
  • Driraendrint
  • Neraithrall
  • Lathuvil
  • Phithirth


Alchemy is one of his favorite activities, and poison is his default brew. From those that slow the enemy to the ones who sip away strength and well-being, he knows how to create and apply them to his weapons. Lurking from shadows and attacking unseen, what his blades don’t finish, the poison does.

  • Drimvuirn
  • Phevlell
  • Eocis
  • Gennuthur
  • Thandern

While the air around them certainly smells of confidence, but also egoism, they back it up with skills of their own. Magic, swordsmanship, shooting a bow, or anything else for that matter, most excel at more than one thing. Nightborne can be the worst and the best examples of what they are trying to become. They offer a unique approach to the game, so go create a name for a Nightborne character and experience the world through a completely different set of eyes.

Did you enjoy this guide? Tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Nightborne name.

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