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World of Warcraft Troll Name Generator & Guide

“Yes, mon. Da chief be sayin’ we attack at dawn.” – one of the trolls said to his clanmate as they sat around the fire, sharpening their weapons. “I can’t wait fo’ tomorrow, the dwarven blood gonna be spilled all ovah my ax.” He then grinned eagerly, showing the rest of his sharp teeth which formed a wicked smile.

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Trolls are humanoid creatures with an amazing ability to heal even the seemingly fatal wounds. They are long-limbed, with elven-like ears and big orc-like tusks, and possess great strength, agility, and reflexes, which make them excellent hunters.

Living in clans, they don’t care much about others outside of it. Whether it an island of a jungle, Trolls mostly live in isolation and they like it that way. Some of them practice voodoo magic and even cannibalism.

Troll’s identity within the clan is clear, though if some of them interact with the outsiders, they sometimes add their clan name to their own for clarification. Some good examples of names are Kahan, Rarmol, Xeakra, Eiyezma, Ganda, and Drumjin.

Female Troll Names

Females don’t have long upper tusks, but they do have longer lower canine teeth. Also, for some reason, you’ll never see a female resting by squatting in place as the males do.

  • Janyi
  • Juwurwi
  • Birwive
  • Jisgishrah
  • Khanae


More kind and gentle than most of the trolls, she’s been helping other females with their children since she can’t have any of her own. The rest of her tribe appreciates her help very much and most children consider her as their aunt, even as a second mother.

  • Ahrak
  • Hami
  • Ivos
  • Javi
  • Kavhee


She’s been practicing druidism for most of her life. After her mentor died, she turned to isolation and continued her studies as such. Now and then she meets other of her kind, but she spends most of her time alone or with the animals that live near her.

  • Irwi
  • Jili
  • Bososh
  • Ihkadel
  • Suhku
  • Ninol


She’s always been quite sneaky and able to remain hidden and silent for extended periods of time, even when actively searched for. No matter the surroundings, she adepts, and blends in rather seamlessly, allowing her to stay undetected even to the trained eyes.

  • Jiyih
  • Khigishresh
  • Durue
  • Hinasra
  • Hase
  • Chinosh

Male Troll Names

From druids and priests to hunters and warriors, they are equally dangerous no matter the field of their expertise. A group of trolls can easily take on a bigger group, especially since they naturally regenerate most wounds.

  • Rokhan
  • Kelgash
  • Daakar
  • Torntask
  • Kragjiin


A druid of great power but also a rather unstable mind. When he was younger, he fell under the influence of a mystical artifact, later collected and kept safe by the chieftain of the tribe, which gave him some unique abilities. Some would say they aren’t worth it considering it made him eccentric.

  • Treshjin
  • Voone
  • Zulroog
  • Jindo
  • Zanzil
  • Senjin


A veteran scout and a very skillful warrior, he prefers light armor and using his dexterity in and out of combat. Using two axes at once, his experience allows him to fight more than one opponent, and considering he’s still alive to tell the tales, he does it really well, to say the least.

  • Zaljin
  • Zalazane
  • Ukuru
  • Ganzulah
  • Tzihjan
  • Limku


Ever since he was little, he loved to play with animals. Well before becoming an adult, he had more than a few different pets, though, in fact, they were wild animals. However, he had a way of communicating with them and they always quickly bonded as true friends.

  • Zonyage
  • Vunka
  • Rhornun
  • Tzuguh
  • Wudun

Zandalari Troll Names

Living on Zandalar island, they are very keen on knowledge, work to preserve their history, practice magic, and commute with the spirits. They are highly spiritual and anything could have a deeper meaning to it.

  • Aris
  • Muhtlih
  • Jyco
  • Vulakash
  • Ilaklih
  • Jawyrec


A shaman who can communicate with the dead, a power he uses to help others communicate with lost members of the family. There are rumors about him which, if they turn out to be true, would turn to be disastrous for the rest of the clan.

  • Golmirol
  • Hagka
  • Kuwatek
  • Uwise
  • Niro
  • Jasrasge


A warrior of the highest caliber. Alas, he’s been grievously wounded in his last battle and has been trying to hold on to his life until he can somehow reach his tribe and warn them about the dangers that will surely spell doom for them all.

  • Kogu
  • Daninuh
  • Nashrisi
  • Riyih
  • Pasgivi
  • Yaladu
  • Urkhua
  • Bamovut
  • Chilowa
  • Ranu
  • Yulae

Quick and agile, with the extraordinary ability to heal all kinds of wounds, Trolls can be dangerous enemies to face in battle. They consider their clan something to be proud of, protecting it at all times. They know how to be kind to their own, especially their family, and they nurture their long and rich history. While cannibalism was more prominent in the past and now mostly forbidden, practicing voodoo magic remains one of their activities which they take great pride in. Trolls can make for quite interesting characters, and they are well suited for the hardships the world offers.

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