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World of Warcraft Tauren Name Generator & Guide

“I have the utmost respect for the greenskins and their war chief, but I will not send my people needlessly to their doom.” – the big Tauren explained to his advisors who kept shaking their heads. “Great Knudru Fourwind..” – one of the elders said with respect – “.. we understand your concern, but if we do not act now, all will be lost and our tribe will be doomed for eternity. Heed our words, chieftain, and find wisdom in them.”

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Tauren are large bovine creatures of nomadic nature who lived mostly on open plains until they made permanent settlements like the ones in Mulgore. They are honorable and stoic individuals who are keen on shamanism, hunting, and fighting.

They appear almost brooding to strangers, but open up to those who they befriend. Their history relies on an oral exchange between the generations. Living in clans, they tend to unite quickly, especially when a common outside threat emerges.

Tauren society is inspired by Native American societies, where individual identity is something to be proud of, and as such their names carry meanings and messages. Some good examples are Gakil Lonesong, Tako Blackshield, and Zato Farmane.

Female Tauren Names

Female Tauren are slightly shorter and lighter than the males and tend to focus more on spiritual things compared to fighting. Though there are some excellent female warriors as well.

  • Zuya
  • Kugwi
  • Merke
  • Kenti
  • Galalilha


As an elder crone, she uses her shamanistic powers to bring clarity and guidance to the clan. Her intentions are good and she has every right to try to help them all, but the ways she goes about it do not fit well with the rest of the elders, which could end with her being banished.

  • Sokwe
  • Tekiah
  • Niraina
  • Kuwunatto
  • Chomka
  • Isulillu


While she doesn’t really leave the clan territory, she’s been helping the tribe with preparing the defenses, searching for potential weaknesses, and helping the hunting groups with assignments. At the end of the day, her role is more important than how it may seem at first.

  • Zaltora
  • Onira
  • Zesara
  • Balbi
  • Tsapinta


As one of the best hunters in the tribe, she often goes hunting alone, despite the chieftain’s orders. Along with her pet lioness, she truly believes she can bring any animal down but her latest hunt isn’t going so well. In fact, it just might be her last one.

  • Lastopa
  • Topina
  • Lelyu
  • Seeloewa
  • Lavinea
  • Tormi

Male Tauren Names

From powerful warriors to wise shamans and elders, they are capable in all manner of regard.

  • Ezandir
  • Baine
  • Hamuul
  • Dezco
  • Muln


A shaman who started in Mulgore, only to meet a certain orc with whom he became friends as soon as they fought the same enemy, saving each other’s lives. They have been traveling together ever since, exploring the world and seeing what it has to offer.

  • Perith
  • Torok
  • Bovan
  • Ordo
  • Nantar
  • Dirgol


As an old Tauren, he’s been through so much everyone knows he deserves the peace and quiet he enjoys these days. As an elder, offering advice to the chieftain and anyone else who asks, he enjoys resting atop of the mountain the clan resides, eating, feasting, and smoking as he contemplates his past.

  • Knovur
  • Cairne
  • Aishkiar
  • Pakran
  • Sakurgal


As a druid he uses his powers to help his clan whenever they are in need of him, as well as preparing for the times to come. Less than two weeks ago he had a dream he doesn’t dares to share with anyone, though he feels the need to make sure it doesn’t come true.

  • Knummath
  • Echez
  • Warko
  • Gohavangar
  • Mokovaoto
  • Muraco

Highmountain Tauren Names

Highmountain Tauren live in four major tribes, where both males and females have antlers. They live high in mountains, where they practice druidism, though still have shamanistic values around them.

  • Chieronumn
  • Grillern
  • Trakarm
  • Dau’dal
  • Loasuurhad
  • Wivorn


Seventeenth chieftain of the tribe, he’s proud and quite determined to bring former glory to himself and to the rest of his clan. While the plans aren’t going so well, his actions are about to invite a situation where the future of the whole tribe will be decided withing a single day.

  • Guihozgug
  • Crorrim
  • Crusush
  • Torvaisush
  • Givult
  • Trosezgiff


One of the few Tauren who practices shamanism within the tribe, he aids the druids and helps them with his knowledge of the elements. While they don’t necessarily look upon him with the greatest respect, they still let him accompany them in their endeavors.

  • Peltossols
  • Bre’gen
  • Shinleh
  • Fecar
  • Punnils
  • Migzesheh

Honorable, spiritual, kind, and ethical, a Tauren is a noble creature with rich lore and history, though much could have been forgotten, changed, and even embellished as there’s no real written history. They are quite tall and heavy, and can easily intimidate someone without speaking a word. If someone tries to test them, their strength and skill prove to be more than a match for most. Playing a Tauren and venturing into the world can bring new hope to the denizens of new places you’ll visit, but also a potential danger if your character is keen on evil. Find a name and let your character be known.

Did you enjoy this guide? Tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Tauren name.

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