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Aquatic Elf Name Generator & Guide

“Well I, for one, can’t tolerate it any longer. Maybe the others can, but I surely cannot. I will stand it no more so I am here to let you know I decided to follow my own goals and desires, and this means that I, Iyrandrar, will carve my own path from now on.”

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While they look quite similar to their land-dwelling cousins, Aquatic Elves have gills that allow them to breath underwater, webbed hands and feet for easier underwater movement, blue and green skin, dark hair, and colored eyes that shine like pearls.

They cherish freedom and personal expression, and it’s quite common for some to live on their own, secluded far away from others. There are also those who feel the need to learn more, and so they decide to venture out into the unknown world.

Adventuring usually means they get into all sorts of situations, interesting but also dangerous, and what they do further dictates how others react when they hear about their deeds, along with the names such as Gimrandlen, Faaloh, and Niesehes.

Good Aquatic Elf Names

While their language isn’t pure Elven, it’s based on it more than not, and this means the names are also in Elven as well. Clan names, if there are any, are usually also translated to Common, so that other humanoids can use them too.

  • Melandrach
  • Reptar
  • Kelvhan
  • Tanithil
  • Wistari
  • Nhamashal
  • Aired
  • Malgath


As one of the scouts and perimeter guards for a medium-sized community, he makes sure the borders are well protected, both on land and underwater. His work is his life, and he’s determined to prove himself to be as great as he believes he already is.

  • Elaith
  • Larongar
  • Ranaeril
  • Vamir
  • Volodar


After living alone in isolation for more than four decades, a certain discovery made him pack his most precious belongings and make his way to the place he now believes is the home of his ancestors.

  • Simimar
  • Elwin
  • Theodred
  • Abarat


Having fallen into an ambush, she barely escaped alive and hid in a certain cavern complex she knew from her childhood. Using that knowledge, she managed to avoid all enemies and is now making her way back home to warn others of the upcoming attack.

  • Lorsan
  • Jhaan
  • Othorion
  • Chathanglas
  • Taegen

Female Aquatic Elf Names

When living in a community, especially a big one, most females love to be a part of the coral decoration within the city, and they love the freedom they have during life itself, as well as the ability to choose how and where to continue living after reaching adulthood.

  • Naevys
  • Elasha
  • Maeralya
  • Ecaeris
  • Gweyir
  • Clanire
  • Chalsarda
  • Sionia


Her family has been carrying the burden of leadership, as kings and queens, and it is no different for her today. Using her wits but also magical powers, she’s been leading her people with great success, and just in a couple of days yet another plan will come to fruition, bringing further glory to all of them.

  • Deulara
  • Halaema
  • Ellarian
  • Alea
  • Gylledhia


After all the private research she did, it is now time to test the waters and see if all the hard work pays off. The plan is to leave in three days, on a moonless night, and visit the place the ancient tomb was said to be located.

  • Geminara
  • Falenas
  • Urricea
  • Huethea


Woman, mother, queen’s bodyguard, and one of the best-skilled warriors in the whole kingdom. Publicly, she has been serving her queen for decades as one of the household guards, while in private she’s the queen’s long-time best friend and lover.

  • Ulesse
  • Rina
  • Tsarra
  • Nithenoel
  • Tyrael

Male Aquatic Elf Names

While some find themselves enjoying hunting or guarding something important, others see there is much to learn if they would only leave their community and their current lives. Those that act on this realization often become adventurers, and the lucky ones are those who manage to return to share the stories with their own kind.

  • Vaalyun
  • Filarion
  • Cohnal
  • Almon
  • Mlartlar
  • Afamrail
  • Bialaer
  • Faelar


As one of the best hunters in his tribe, he and his team are responsible for making sure that enough food gets on the table, essentially providing everyone the means to survive. The hunt they are in now managed to get from bad to worse from the very start, and he and his fellow hunters have now become the hunted.

  • Elkhazel
  • Elmar
  • Saleh
  • Nindrol
  • Sihnion


He’s been known as the most positive individual in the whole city, and this fact had led him to become one of the best healers and wielders of divine magic in the whole region. He was also the one to recognize the real threat behind what seemed to be a recent mass food poisoning, correctly identifying a scheme where there was almost no proof, and he has been held in high regard ever since.

  • Entrydal
  • Arel
  • Kellam
  • Kendel


Feeling one with nature from an early age, he loves nothing more than to swim in the calm depths, far beneath the stormy surface where the waves dwell and play with various different fish and different creatures who aren’t afraid to socialize and play.

  • Hastios
  • Zhoron
  • Inchel
  • Avourel
  • Vulen

Similar to their land-dwelling cousins, yet also different at the same time, these elves value freedom and personal choice, where honor is looked upon favorably. Their slender bodies hide their power well while their webbed hands and feet, along with gills, allow them to function underwater as easily as others do on land, if not better. While many live in communities, large and small, others choose isolation by living in secluded places far away from others. Think about where and to whom was the character born to, how did they grow up, what values were instilled in them, what might their current goals be, and think of a name worthy of the ripples caused by all their future actions.

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