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Verdan Name Generator & Guide

“Careful, some strange things have been coming from the Underdark recently.” As two men inch closer to the cavern, they see it, a strange green half-elf? “Hello, it seems I’ve made it up.” The men stare bewildered, “Yes, sorry, I am Mikhew, and I’m not sure how I got here, but I can tell you I’m a Verdan… whatever that is.”

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The Verdan have been touched by That-Which-Endures. Once Goblins, they mutated into new beings that fled the underground and went into the light. Often they are compared to half-elves despite their green skin. Consistency is not something that can be seen among adult Verdans because their appearance undergoes drastic mutations regularly.

Verdans are often known as drifters with no community or history. When they first emerged from the Goblins caverns, they were quick to assimilate into whatever communities were nearby. For example, a Verdan who emerged near a misty forest may find themselves attempting to be part of a community of wood elves.

Verdans all speak goblin as a remnant of what they once were. However, due to the mutations causing them to forget their origins, they find the language abhorrent, but keep it out of a sense of unity between them. If a Verdan chooses to live somewhere for a notable amount of time, then they will often adopt the local language. 

Good Verdan Names

Verdan names have no distinction between male, female, or family names. Often times they don’t even use family names at all. They will often pick names that either relate to where they live or how their mutations affect them.

  • Illumie
  • Bryls
  • Korm
  • Zov
  • Ellbert
  • Creavalm
  • Drerke
  • Omi


Her very being always felt like chaos. She drifted for years before she learned of Tyr. Now she fights for order, despite her chaotic being.

  • Veriga
  • Voisat
  • Yessup
  • Ng


They found the desert to be much more welcoming than the Underdark. The flat landscape and bright sun don’t bother her at all. In fact, they help her get a clear shot from 300 feet away.

  • Toit
  • Slyra
  • Faery


His work has always been seen as very personal to him. Though as his panting began seeming more demonic, people wondered if something sinister was afoot. 

  • Gryrm
  • Hulm
  • Stussa


Living with dwarves is no easy feat. Over time though, they adapted their body to become stronger and more sturdy in order to gain the respect of the locals.

  • Praet
  • Mosh
  • Tort

Feminine Verdan Names

While Verdans do have male and female, the concept of gender is not one they cling to. Female Verdan often have more hair and features that are classically considered feminine. Those who fall in love with a Verdan should know that while mutations rarely change personality, it is not uncommon for it to change gender.

  • Klesh
  • Quyalli
  • Prurelann
  • Ulja
  • Graerxi
  • Drysh
  • Steabena


The unknown speaks to her, but will she listen? That-Which-Endures isn’t known for benevolence and yet, where have these divine powers come from?

  • Criznag
  • Merrin
  • Yeema
  • Paracii


A cheery soul that will enrich any conversation with the beat of his drum. Does he know that it really gets on people’s nerves though?

  • Pamyn
  • Eunis
  • Shish


Peace of mind can be hard to find when all you can think of is what changes your body will go through next. Stalsii found that when her mind was steady her body followed.

  • Freen
  • Lalm
  • Jeal

Masculin Verdan Names

The most notable feature of a Verdan is their pointed ears. Though the ears are sometimes short, they tend to be rather long and floppy. Female Verdans with long hair can easily tie their hair and ears together in a ponytail. Male Verdans don’t normally have much hair so the best solution they have found is to pierce the ears together to ensure they don’t get in the way.

  • Ovlig
  • Yuni
  • Dolar
  • Surt
  • Queet
  • Nhanthen
  • Xweelk


Uncovering the true history of the Verdan was his goal when he first picked up books from the library. After years of research still no answers, so now he chooses to find some himself.

  • Crirkil
  • Jovlelk
  • Aawon
  • Zakthy


His being is true chaos. Magic surges out of him as his body mutates. Is this the power wild magic has on the Verdan?

  • Lhaj
  • Slog
  • Graen


He noticed the subtle changes in nature, especially in contrast to the drastic changes in himself. By listening to the subtle changes, he was able to learn more about himself. 

  • Oarbil
  • Kato
  • Varr

Verdan characters can be a unique and unexpected character to play. Throughout your journey, you could undergo various changes in physique. Whether you choose the change or leave it up to your DM, it is important to consider how your character may react. Since Verdans often change names, consider picking a starting name and changing it to reflect the growth of your character during the adventure.

I hope this article helped you pick a name for your Verdan character. If you have any strong names or opinions of your own, feel free to leave them in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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