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“The swamp is quite disgusting, but the sunset is surprisingly beauti–” She began to say as a dart whizzes past her ear. “On guard! Some locals have spotted us” they wait to see their opponent. “Um, down here!” They look down to see a small green frog-man before them. “I–I am x’Otee an–and prepare to meet yo–your end!”

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Grungs are amphibious creatures known to inhibit anyplace close to the water. They tend to live in tribes lead by a Golden Grung, and often keep to themself but are quite territorial. These communities have a very serious caste system based on the color of the Grung in question.

A Grung starts its life as a grey tadpole where it takes them around three months to develop into humanoids. In development, they are separated into different pools for them to develop into their specific color. Once they have become humanoid they take are taught about their place in the tribe based on their color.

Grungs receive their names once they become humanoid. Their name is chosen based on where they fall in the caste system, oftentimes in green and blue growing pools, many Grungs begin to walk on the same day. When this happens, the Grung in charge will give them all similar names, and they are all considered siblings.

Good Grung Names

Grung names all follow similar naming conventions but differ slightly depending on the color. This list covers five of the colors and has examples of the names. Green and Blue Grung names are simple and often very similar. Purple Grungs names often repeat themselves to be easily identified. As scholars, Red names often borrow unique sounds. Finally orange has a suffix to the name. Sometimes a Grung may move castes, in this case, they may choose a new name, or keep their old one to show their origins.

  • c’Dei
  • f’Swiij
  • k’Qoam
  • l’Pyb
  • x’Ugha
  • h’Whay
  • n’Boon
  • y’Xeex’t’Xeex


Once in the heat of battle they summoned a bolt of fire to protect themself, however, such a strong act is unbecoming of a Green Grung.

  • h’Deo
  • w’Pyr
  • v’Moot
  • b’Lahp


Often seen as an expert in blowgun creation, this Blue Grung has perfected the distillation of their own poison for their darts.

  • b’Quiim
  • x’Otee
  • x’Tek’h’Tek
  • x’Zeim’c’Zeim


As the Purple caretaker for a group of up-and-coming Blue Grungs, there are often very protective, but when they seem to vanish, she is not afraid to do what she needs to bring them to safety.

  • f’Kupi’g’Kupi
  • j’Val’n’Val
  • m’Chi’c’Chi
  • z’Mulk’d’Mulk


They are known to be analytical when raising their young. They have secretly studied magic in hopes to become part of the Red Caste.

  • g’Jha’x’Jha
  • z’Lomæga
  • f’Bløqu
  • c’Ahbülos
  • d’Prébi


Through the goddess Eldath, this Red Grung has learned incredible healing magic that has helped pull their tribe out of ruin.

  • r’Xuñur
  • q’Wijnï
  • s’Duña
  • w’Ümrekig


Some groups of Red Grungs find more knowledge through nature, rather than scholarly pursuits. This Grung has often been called “One with the mud.”

  • n’Chanii’ayg
  • x’Zedhim’liush
  • y’Lhax’ghen
  • k’Poxi’khan
  • d’Chanii’vaqu


The Orange Grungs is seen as only one step below the Golden ones. b’Hheak’phine found his place through raw strength and potent poison.

  • q’Gheen’she
  • j’Noushi’qi
  • y’Rabib’rafix
  • p’Juke’whii

Grung Tribe Names

Grung tribe names are a way for Grungs to know what Golden Grung they are loyal to. The name of the tribe is normally related to the Golden Grung’s name in some way. Very rarely a tribe may have a unique name and reject the caste system.

  • e’Achi’choo
  • y’Ta’Ta’ghiy
  • u’Wazz’g’ha
  • Wha’Gha’Lijia
  • a’Be’c’Dii
  • i’Quima’bur
  • da’Yooma’s
  • wy’Naqui’bhiik
  • je’Xer
  • yu’Hub’thia
  • ri’Diln’Wha’jhe
  • Grock Gang
  • Tadori’wa
  • e’Fiig’ah
  • u’Veu’Gar’em

Grung Village Names

In some areas, the Grung population can grow to a point that multiple Golden Grungs live in a close area. To help keep relations between the tribes amicable, the leaders will set up trade villages for multiple tribes to be able to inhabit peacefully. Since this can be used as a way to trade with those that are not Grungs as well, the villages are often given common names.

  • Toadstool’s Step
  • Lily’s Outpost
  • Swamp’s Edge
  • Rivermouth
  • Dampsville
  • Soggy Bay
  • Poisoner’s Delight
  • Water Fall
  • Quagmere
  • Frogmania
  • Anphibeyond
  • Rana’s Pool
  • Lone Ribbit
  • Deep Well
  • Hops

Grung is a very unique character choice and picking one can be a whole new D&D playing experience. When picking your name, don’t only consider what their original name may have been, but also consider what they may want to be called in an adventuring party!

I hope I was able to give you ideas on how you can name your Grung characters. Feel free to leave your thoughts and name suggestions in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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