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Minotaur Name Generator & Guide

“This is no labyrinth! Why is something like you here?!” the wizard says as they gawk at their unexpected adversary. “Oh bookish ones, so quick to judge. I’m Ng’ombe Xokulkasta the Minotaur warlock of Egnes Tower. You’ll be a nice addition to the collection.”

Generate Names

Imate Singlehide

Drasios Anthed

Atos Simetroug

Cinmac Agratus

Ganos Argoristo

Erinyes Cosxia

Hatus Nukasia

Corus Yahig

Crakgu Athak

Eusclath Wokujarim

Ganath Arkougha

Ilfort Ketknus

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While Minotaurs have a reputation for hanging out in mazes, this is not always the case. While they can be exciting monsters to face, giving Minotaurs a place as humanoids in your D&D world can add extra depth. In the Theros campaign setting, Minotaurs are found in the badlands, highlighting their resilience.

Minotaurs are, normally, large and muscular humanoids with bull faces and horns. Their horns are often used for attacking when needed, however, the horns are also points of pride. Some Minotaurs, especially priests, may choose to etch important iconography into their horns and keep them in a protective sheath during battle.

Many Minotaurs will name their children after great heroes of lore. While these names normally come from Minotaur lore, in special cases they may choose a name from a hero who is not a Minotaur. However, some choose to give their children a unique name, to help them find their own path into fame and glory.

Good Minotaur Names

Minotaurs are strong enduring people. Many of their names have a harsh, guttural quality to them. It’s also good to consider why the parents may have chosen the first name, and what the name might suggest to other Minotaurs.

  • Asterion Sumarr
  • Yachu Teskos
  • Fliara Kragujakor
  • Helati Jokracia
  • Keeli Singleslash
  • Ng’ombe Xokulkasta
  • Bova Zeakhaghra
  • Crakgu Athak

Ankgit Oghertgu

It is said he has a weapon known as “The Mage Slayer” but he promises it is not his incredible great axe.

  • Pantha Zhakan
  • Edder Leonos
  • Zurgas Xagha
  • Ganthirogani Swiftfist
  • Halafotios Hilippos
  • Keranios Ornarguk
  • Toros Euthes
  • Goht Singlepelt

Xainos Targulge

Once bullied for his small stature when young, now the meatheads who opposed him can cower in the presence of necromancy.

  • Vitos Kaziganthi
  • Kassan Bregan
  • Eusclath Wokujarim
  • Menetavro Braveslayer
  • Nikavros Jugheregh
  • Ganos Argoristo
  • Stor Aghath

Female Minotaur Names

To the untrained eye, Minotaurs all look basically the same. Most Humans wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between male and female Minotaurs, but Minotaurs that haven’t spent much time around Humans can’t tell the difference between them either.

  • Kerania Timarosia
  • Imate Singlehide
  • Stra Singlespeaker
  • Atulku Bratarotia
  • Quordul Igigius
  • Kupis Urgarp
  • Ineuth Silentfury
  • Banumhu Sharpfury

Drarim Strongfury

Her justice is swift. Wrongdoers beware of her zealous spirit. It was the least she could do after the Strongfury’s were banished by the gods.

  • Hgateline Plattaugbu
  • Ghalantzo Arfuugoth
  • Vaghe Arortgu
  • Lysias Toughmind
  • Slakor Kasphinna

Ades Wurgarbag

While Minotaur jazz is not most people’s cup of tea. Being able to use her own horn as the instrument is quite an unexpected feat.

  • Hgan Ironskin
  • Dagg Nagukarfu
  • Logenka Anaskles
  • Apisi Istag
  • Logancra Zoeelat

Male Minotaur Names

People often assume that Minotaurs are stoic creatures devoid of many emotions. This could not be further from the truth. Minotaurs have a strong burst of all kinds of emotions when they are among those they love or despise. When faced with someone new, they may need to take some time to decide how they feel.

  • Hgoris Euthyahgit
  • Asrgh Agaperokra
  • Timaeuab Yolysa
  • Plamalia Xanexia
  • Dastrun Nicarfu
  • Ptorod Phaghu
  • Rhordon Oodagha
  • Eudakos Thickstriker

Alistar Chugorgat

While most fear the strength of the Minotaur, some find out that one that has been charged with unknown wild magic is far worse.

  • Brathu Strongfist
  • Basil Appomedrok
  • Auroch Varguk
  • Onoguk Dristrimas
  • Vithos Eidemisim

Arfu Apios

When the pilgrims come to the Gormen Abbey, some shriek in fear. Once they find out that the Minotaur they see is the cleric they seek, they still need a bit of time before they can calm down.

  • Cabulm Fistslash
  • Tialena Thunderspeaker
  • Bubnod Alugheroid
  • Hagaa Rockroar
  • Mirnark Kratorlg

Minotaur Clan Names

Minotaur clan names come in two basic types. One is the historic names passed generation to generation. These have a similar style to first names. The second is when a clan chooses to give their name a clear meaning in common. You can see both types here.

  • Toughfury
  • Norouk
  • Quombilge
  • Qilon
  • Bravewalker
  • Zomagakomar
  • Wolfleader
  • Jukleodag
  • Oagyrenes
  • Lagrangli

Large, strong, and passionate, if these qualities intrigue you then playing a Minotaur would be a great time! Picking the name and its history behind it can give added depth to your character. Do they live up to their namesake or not?

I hope this article helped you pick a name for your Minotaur character. Feel free to put your name ideas in the comments for others to see, or just what you thought. Thanks for reading!

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