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Vedalken Name Generator & Guide

“Ah, perfection, what is it truly? Is it what we think it is? Does it even exist…” The Vedalken rambles as his orc companion takes another large gulp of ale. “Phitoc, must you always talk my ear off about these things?” The Vedalken pauses and stares blankly for a while. After this moment, he begins to speak again, “Well as I was saying…”

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Vedalken don’t believe in true perfection, but will always take steps to better themselves to become closer to perfection. Though these blue humanoids may seem quiet and reserved on the outside, they are always trying to use their intellect to better themselves and their communities.

They often care less about the matters of the heart and take everything on from a logical perspective. This doesn’t mean that they don’t feel emotions, but they only consider them as part of logical reasoning rather than as a sole reason to make a decision.

Vedalken don’t reach maturity until they are about 40, and once they reach that age, they will often change their name as part of the transition into adulthood. Family names are rarely used because they will often be raised by the local community as much as their birth parents.

Good Vedalken Names

The names Vedalken tend to be as straightforward as they are, but due to their language having lots of subtleties not seen in common, you tend to see double letters come up often.

  • Brisonil
  • Ilnaas
  • Betralill
  • Nloyian
  • Vallgra
  • Brazia
  • Asol
  • Morai


Living in often felt like a world of despair and corruption for her. To escape, she looked within to find her perfection.

  • Blayoll
  • Lallennos
  • Fia
  • Salvayia
  • Bedvuz


Played through his lyre comes a song, neither major nor minor. A strange sound for some, but to be expected from the Bard of No Emotion.

  • Phitoc
  • Drothuz
  • Aglar
  • Gyllon
  • Allutt


Magic isn’t magic to all, some, like Freth, believe it can be predicted. Though when the formula is off and you find yourself drowning in arcane energy, it seems you are now a part of the experiment too.

  • Bhitrillav
  • Emanull
  • Modar
  • Wittyl

Vedalken Female Names

The only notable difference between male and female Vedalken names is that female ones are more likely to end in a vowel. Even historians of Vedalken history are unsure how this happened and find it incredibly unlikely that it occurred because it made the names seem “cute.”

  • Delvia
  • Jullai
  • Sestri
  • Nidai
  • Mayori
  • Aewass
  • Kovel
  • Queesha


Her code was once the thing she held most important, but when instinct pulls her in a new direction, how can she possibly choose between them?

  • Quynish
  • Loldi
  • Nedress
  • Jhali
  • Sliagro


Most strive for perfection, even though they can never reach it. Ghallaas then wondered what would happen if she tried going the other way.

  • Jozrauh
  • Kleldezas
  • Griya
  • Mhalli
  • Kelvi

Vedalken Male Names

Vedalken tend to live long lives to at least 350 and some to as old as 500. This gives them lots of time to pursue what can bring them happiness in life.

  • Bhiglett
  • Irbevon
  • Yorvunal
  • Lomar
  • Dallid
  • Ivronall
  • Povresh
  • Lordevel


The moon always spoke to Bhudvar as a child, when he learned of the Goddess of the Moon, he knew what his way closer to perfection would be.

  • Rill
  • Vull
  • Xavot
  • Dhethen
  • Vhashaaz


Making Simic Hybrids was once what he thought was best for the world, till he realized that his twisted abominations spit in the face of nature.

  • Trenezitt
  • Mathvan
  • Quawok
  • Gavv
  • Kuller

Vedalken are the perfect race for those who like to act cool and collected in most circumstances. Be sure to consider what your character’s childhood name was, or perhaps they have yet to rename themselves at the start of your adventurers’ journey.

If you have any ideas on what you thought of this list or have any names of your own, feel free to leave it in the comments. I hope this was able to help you pick a name for your Vedalken character, thanks for reading.

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