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Centaur Name Generator & Guide

“Mommy, I wanna ride the horse lady!” A young girl shouts out in the crowded street. Ixion was used to these stray comments when traveling through human villages, and she has learned to ignore them. After all, indulging in prideful arguments won’t help her return home to the Feywild.

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Lower half horse, upper half humanoid, the Centaurs are majestic creatures of fey origin. They love to be in large open spaces whenever possible, especially those that find themselves trapped in densely packed cities. They also tend to try and indulge in the beauty of the natural world whenever possible.

Family, community, and kinship are very important to the Centaurs. Centaurs will often be devoutly loyal to their guilds or traveling companions. However, those that betray a Centaur’s trust can often find themselves in dangerous situations.

Centaur names are similar to names of other fey beings. They have a melodic and mystical air to them. When a Centaur foal is born, they are often given the name of the most recently deceased family member of the same gender. Ironically, they do not use family names, but rather show their family ties through other means.

Good Centaur Names

The base of most Centaur names come from Sylvan. While this makes their names similar to those of elves, Centaur names tend to feel a bit more straightforward and powerful. Since names are passed down, many of the names seem frozen in time. Newer Centaur names likely take inspiration from nature.

  • Endine
  • Roikos
  • Zhendoya
  • Cythala
  • Dianina
  • Dolgyzin
  • Zat
  • Thaumas


Many didn’t think he would amount to much, but he swiftly proved them wrong once he won his community’s race with one less leg than the competition.

  • Dardysus
  • Caeora
  • Ourios
  • Chodi
  • Velzi


Nature always seems to whisper in their ear, so when a group of unwieldy merchants came to their home, they know they needed to do more than speak.

  • Ronvash
  • Nikya
  • Daiva
  • Roitos
  • Dagruvad


As a foal, she always would bully others. Now she understands that her words should be woven more carefully to get the power she wants.

  • Actaros
  • Cireon
  • Silder
  • Colysus

Female Centaur Names

Centaurs love to feel one with nature, so they often wear little to no clothing on their top halves. Nudity for Centaurs is nothing that should be ashamed of. However, when Centaurs mingle with humanoids, they can often find themselves garnering unwanted attention.

  • Norsis
  • Gleneus
  • Beflih
  • Erigdoupos
  • Maniash
  • Phizhesh
  • Althaia
  • Diomaste


She never quite felt like she belonged in a meadow or field, and once she came to Rovilcia’s Royal Magitech Lab, she knew her true calling.

  • Naesamene
  • Naeraia
  • Milzet
  • Kotyali
  • Mira


Know as “the horse with no steps” she can easily sneak up on her bounty despite her relatively large, awkward stature.

  • Aisakos
  • Hylaios
  • Astima
  • Dizhal
  • Fynvel

Male Centaur Names

The Humanoid half of Centaurs are often the envy of many other humanoids. Though since most of their activity and movement is from the horse half, it leaves one to wonder how they keep their upper bodies so fit.

  • Naelvilk
  • Eurybios
  • Thereus
  • Vennard
  • Bonmod
  • Asbolos
  • Boruvo
  • Nag


As the head of the King’s cavalry, he would oversee groups of men, horses, and Centaur alike. However, when the King recommended that he allow the men to ride the Centaurs, he couldn’t stay in service any longer.

  • Gakrug
  • Argeus
  • Doupon
  • Bazag
  • Maizra


His name was one that he truly never thought he could live up to. So instead of trying to be as good as his great uncle was, he instead chose to become more powerful through less savory means.

  • Ninos
  • Pavlare
  • Eurades
  • Kol’nug
  • Kozim

Centaur Last “Names”

Centaurs don’t use traditional last names. They instead have some kind of symbol, item, or making to show their family ties. This can take many forms, from handmade things to tattoos to things found in nature. To other Centaurs, these items paint a clear picture of their family’s history.

  • Skull of a Boar
  • Silver Beads
  • A Handcarved Flute
  • A White Mask
  • A Broken Horseshoe
  • Three Earrings
  • Dried Herbs
  • A Pouch of Soil
  • A Blue Shawl
  • Floral Tattoo

Centaurs are quick, strong, and elegant. Playing one can be a fun way to branch out into more exotic races. When thinking of their history, it is always good to consider who they were named after and what legacy they may always be compared to.

I hope I was able to give you ideas on how you can name your Centaur characters. Feel free to leave your thoughts and name suggestions in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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