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Loxodon Name Generator & Guide

“So tall, so mighty, so majestic” The Halfling man whispered as you witnessed an imposing elephant-like humanoid wandered into the tavern. The unexpectedly came up to the man, “Hello, thank you for your kind words, I am Renni, and be careful, us Loxodon are very perceptive.”

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Loxodons are large, elephant-like humanoids. Despite their strong stature, they normally have a relaxed aura around them. Their long trunks are not for decoration but can be used to interact with their environment and gives them an astounding sense of smell.

Community is very important to Loxodons. They work relentlessly to keep the bond they make and to ensure that they grow into beautiful relationships. Whether you have a Loxodon in your guild, adventuring party, or just as a friend, you know you can always count on them.

When you listen to a Loxodon speak, you may notice subtle tones used. These tones often denote some kind of title, priest, grandfather, etc. These tones are only said orally and not written so many Loxodons will be sure to “translate” the titles for the others they are with.

Good Loxodon Names

Loxodon, the language, is known for its subtle tones and soft-spoken disposition. This has led many of the names sounding a bit dragged out. While some hard consonants are still used, most names, especially ones considered to be pretty, use soft, lingering sounds.

  • Lulta
  • Hydi
  • Awuri
  • Tetram
  • Yonej
  • Unyan
  • Olun
  • Katrun


Deep in the jungle lives a woman so old, that some people believe she’s been there as long as the jungle itself.

  • Wazooc
  • Poorun
  • Doolrar
  • Whynil
  • Elli


Scorned by his family, Beruj looks for the only thing that won’t betray him, power, and he will do anything he can to get it.

  • Easun
  • Droozh
  • Sodjuroz
  • Svadruj


Endurance is key and Haloom knows this since he has never fallen unconscious once in the coyote fighting pit.

  • Ejam
  • Hoolu
  • Basol
  • Muz
  • Yxel

Loxodon Female Names

It can often be difficult for Humans to tell the difference between male and female Loxodons. Some think that you can simply tell them apart by tusks. However, this can lead to some pretty awkward encounters where people think Loxodon children are women and Loxodon women who do have tusks are men.

  • Verij
  • Imjan
  • Mulya
  • Lyisul
  • Tona
  • Byroo
  • Jitoy
  • Kalo


As the oldest and only girl in her family, she had a knack for caring for others, but she never thought she’d become a head cleric.

  • Usrin
  • Radu
  • Kaylu
  • Zofej
  • Fanoor


She has always been particularly nimble thanks unusually small size. However, she still finds it hard to hide behind anything too thin.

  • Woaj
  • Oovem
  • Molrul
  • Funyil
  • Shilnis

Loxodon Male Names

Many Loxodon have been strong and mighty warriors who put strength above all. While some races find this mighty, the Loxodon don’t care particularly about strength in battle. When looking for potential mates, they care more about one’s strength of heart and loyalty.

  • Luji
  • Chij
  • Votoon
  • Zonjuz
  • Ayshu
  • Chedumov
  • Nindoz
  • Ilromov


It can be difficult for some to learn to use something as delicate as a bow, but Tamuj figured that he had an easier time using his trunk to aim.

  • Vrotus
  • Uzij
  • Ondros
  • Drigulon
  • Nikoom


Honor and loyalty are the two most important traits for a warrior to have and Chetorozh has chosen never to forget that.

  • Rool
  • Haj
  • Binduj
  • Ondol
  • Yogaz

Loxodon characters are great for those who find that they like to be a strong presence, but still want to also be known as caring. When picking your name, consider also how it might be said by your character, especially what sounds may come through the nostrils.

I hope this article helped you pick a name for your Loxodon character. If you have any strong names or opinions of your own, feel free to leave them in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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