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World of Warcraft Worgen Name Generator & Guide

“I was expecting you.” – the burly man said to the four figures in front of him. “I am sorry to inform you, but the saying is true. The hunters do become the hunted.” – he finished with a grin, as two Worgen leaped from the bushes behind them, tearing them down with their sharp claws.

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Worgen were created by a priestess Starbreeze and druid Fangfire which backfired when they attacked back, starting the Worgen curse among the humans and the elves. The kingdom of Gilneas is where most civilized Worgen live today.

Once the Night elves taught the Gilneans how to control their curse, the Worgen joined the Alliance side. Contrary to popular belief and rumors, mating doesn’t produce Worgen children, only an offspring of their background races.

Worgen use the names they had before the curse, though sometimes they can even use a name with a more feral touch to it, to remind themselves of who and what they are. Some good examples are Bertrand, Deryk, and Arwin but also Wargal and Gutsnarl.

Female Worgen Names

Females are about 8 feet tall in Worgen form, which would be the same as hunched males who are slightly bigger and taller in general.

  • Accalia
  • Lupa
  • Ruelle
  • Ulfura
  • Ylva


Silent as a cat, sneaky as a mouse, and terrifying as a pack of wolves, she’s the meaning of a one-man army expression. When people say the night is full of terrors, they wouldn’t be so reserved with their words if they know she was out there.

  • Freki
  • Faolana
  • Freina
  • Zeeba
  • Seffa
  • Phelani
  • Freki


Ever friendly with wolves, it was no surprise she ended up befriending one and having him as a pet. They enjoy hunting together, sharing food, and wandering across the land. By now, they don’t even have to communicate to know what is expected from each of them in a given situation.

  • Marla
  • Lyalla
  • Lupina
  • Bighana
  • Ookami


Although she would say she prefers to use her claws when fighting, she’s just as skilled with weapons, if not more, and she keeps perfecting her prowess. While perhaps she’s not made for frontline fighting, her hiding skills allow her to get a jump on most of her foes, which usually spells doom for them on its own.

  • Ruelle
  • Velvela
  • Agwang
  • Shunkaha
  • Daciana

Male Worgen Names

Staying true to their nature, the Worgen like to hunt in a pack as they can run incredibly fast using all four limbs. Stalking prey and encircling them before an ambush is usually what they do.

  • Argos
  • Orthus
  • Nightclaw
  • Bargest
  • Mingan
  • Amaguq


From a young soldier to a veteran and a general, he’s been through thick and thin when it comes to fighting. From fighting in the front, behind the enemy lines, to small skirmishes, and ambushes, he’s seen it all. His experience now allows him to better understand the needs of each of his soldiers.

  • Khar
  • Ripsnarl
  • Rargil
  • Gornar
  • Hrarir


A master of the short blade and stealth, he’s been doing the king’s dirty work for years now. Whatever the assignment might be, no matter the location, he always finds a way to get to his target unseen and unheard. Sometimes it might take longer than expected, but the job gets done flawlessly every single time.

  • Adelulf
  • Coinin
  • Bloodfang
  • Darkhowl
  • Marrok
  • Garval


Still contemplating his own Worgen curse, he spends his time learning about druidism and how to best use that knowledge to accept his state more easily, and to control it as well. He still has some trouble accepting it, but his overall state of mind is getting better with each day.

  • Gerwul
  • Olcan
  • Vilkas
  • Lykaios
  • Roukan

Funny Worgen Names

Sometimes you want to have a less serious name, perhaps one that would make a person smile or even chuckle. In that case, here are some good examples.

  • Worgenfreeman
  • Pootchy
  • Jurrasicbark
  • Volksworgen
  • Subwoofer


Having been hit by a rock as a child, he often gets lost and even has trouble finding his way back home. Kind-hearted, he actually wouldn’t hurt a soul, though sometimes he gets confused and then angry as he can’t seem to remember something more often than not. That’s when he might lash out, so others tend to stay away most of the time.

  • Ichasetails
  • Petme
  • Adaywithoutshaving
  • Itchy
  • Scratchy
  • Barkingmad
  • Chuckworgis


For some reason she always seems to be smelling something, making her sniff the air more often than not. Whether it’s a condition she was born with or some sort of a curse, the fact that she keeps smelling cookies and similar remains.

  • Snoopy
  • Furcoat
  • Grandpaw
  • Ipontrees
  • Furrius
  • Legendhairy

At first, the Worgen were feral creatures who couldn’t control themselves, though later they managed to find a way to stay composed enough to function properly in a more civilized manner. Most of them come from the kingdom of Gilneas, though there are many who wonder further away, especially after they all joined the War on the Alliance side. They are stealthy, strong, and agile, preferring to ambush their prey as their animalistic nature expects them to do. Those in control often stay in their human form, though any violent situation brings the wolf-like creature in them. Create a name that suits your character’s nature and explore the world ahead.

Did you enjoy this guide? Tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Worgen name.

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