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World of Warcraft Gnome Name Generator & Guide

“My, you’re a tall one!” – exclaimed the gnome, quickly fixing his glasses before they fell off. He cleared his throat and smiled – “Greetings, are you in the need of assistance?” – he asked, still smiling. “My dear Bivedink Coiltrick, I believe I do. What can you tell me about this?” – the man answered and presented an item after what the gnome was displaying a slightly nervous smile.

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Gnomes are a small and wiry race that comes from a once-magnificent city of  Gnomeregan. After it was destroyed by the trolls, most of them lived with the dwarves, finding refuge in their deep tunnels. They are very innovative and creative people.

They have a natural knack for inventions and designs, from which even the dwarven smiths draw inspiration from. They are easily-likable and jovial creatures who oftentimes bring much-needed positivity, creativity, and child-like confidence.

Gnomes receive both a first and a last name at birth, where the latter is a mixture of their famous ancestor names and their noteworthy deed. Once they get older, they get their own names and some good examples are Theevetlas Temperfield and Gupi Pitchpatch.

Female Gnome Names

Just like most Gnomes, they usually overcomplicate the matter and, as an example, create designs that take longer than the invention itself.

  • Indus Griplocket
  • Kelsey Steelspark
  • Anklehug Rustpipe
  • Beggra Airslicer
  • Nefti Bombtosser
  • Sorassa Shinybell

Berry Gammafizz

A particularly chipper and sociable gnome, she knows pretty everyone in her side of the mountain. Even other races come in a need of her home-decoration services for which they pay a hefty amount.

  • Bink Finegauge
  • Bossi Quirkspindle
  • Crafty Dazzlewizzle
  • Dannie Whistlesteam
  • Jalinda Gearspanner
  • Jemma Berryflow
  • Jinky Briskbadge

Jiree Fuzzlaugh

No matter how charming she might seem before, once she lets her all-to-famous buzzing laugh everyone either stops in wonder or laugh along as they heard it before. Some say she’s doing it on purpose using magic, while others say she was born like that. The truth remains a secret.

  • Sassa Mechabit
  • Sprite Mintchin
  • Tilli Togglevolt
  • Bubbles  Mintmaster
  • Minkaz Longberry
  • Tweek Wobbleclock

Minix Clockspan

A granddaughter to great Huco, the very inventor of the great clock tower that was a once impressive gift to a dwarven king of the old, she has big shoes to fill, knowing fully well her life will be under heavy observation and scrutiny.

  • Inchy Fastpatch
  • Prynne Featherwhistle
  • Midgy Switchguard
  • Lesla Teenytwist
  • Linky Spannerspoc
  • Tinkezz Fizzleboss

Fodlyen Silverbadge

As a member of the watchmen who patrol the tunnels, she takes pride in her work. She takes great responsibility for keeping the everyone safe. And the events that follow in the near future will prove her words to be true.

  • Yankli Rustbus
  • Gneska Mintspindle
  • Safennel Brassspanner
  • Molyslu Slipfizzle
  • Glinkin Whistlefluke
  • Pylu Shineclick

Male Gnome Names

While most aren’t as strong as they would like, their intelligence allows them to achieve many things, including high-level magic as they make for excellent mages.

  • Fizzle Midsprocket
  • Gordi Lapforge
  • Erbag Quietbit
  • Wizbang Cranktoggle
  • Bombetal Razzlepoof
  • Gigglefit Heavyblock

Bizmo Oildrop

An inventor who’s been pursuing the dream of creating the most efficient fuel and engine that ever existed. Although he’s made a prototype, it is far from where he wants it to be and he’s not stopping until he finishes it completely.

  • Gelbin Mekkatorque
  • Sicco Thermaplugg
  • Brink Spannercrank
  • Finkle Einhorn
  • Fizzcrank Fullthrottle

Walton Cogfrenzy

Despite being a gnome, he wasn’t particularly fond of his engineering job, so he left and joined the army some time ago. There he found his interest and talent for magic, where he now serves as one of the mages in the dwarven court.

  • Wilfred Fizzlebang
  • Grobnick Wigglecraft
  • Kazbo Clockboss
  • Hagin Lightgrinder
  • Snoonose Porterpocket
  • Abner Dazzleclue

Bingus Flukebrick

During a skirmish with some trolls, he barely managed to survive when a tunnel collapse. The story goes somehow a brick saved his life, though not even the witnesses are sure how it happened.

  • Poleettlic Wirecrank
  • Clopper Tinkerbrake
  • Klulis Pitchfuzz
  • Fimble Tosslespinn
  • Krilkos Wrenchbox
  • Flickin Singlebell
  • Klockmort Fixfield

Pithwick Wirechart

A brilliant gnome but a rather huge perfectionist. For what seemed a seemingly easy design and invention, he’s now on day forty-four, still working on improving the smallest details.

  • Eenkash Luckspinner
  • Namdo Tidypickle
  • Decli Singlebell
  • Sraaz Shinyshape
  • Tickin Billowkettle
  • Kiblutlu Overtorque
  • Gaxim Trickcase

Gnomes are jovial and friendly creatures who possess great brilliance. Being of short stature they can often be teased for it but they are far from useless. Their creative innovations, which they almost always continue to improve, have come in handy more times than not. Playing a Gnome offers an interesting and fun balance of roleplaying and effectiveness, providing plenty of engaging opportunities.

Did you enjoy this guide? Tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Gnome name.

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