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World of Warcraft Draenei Name Generator & Guide

“I humbly accept the task, sir.” – the young Dranei paladin said as he was kneeling in front of his superior. As he stood back up, they both grasped each other’s forearms, sealing the verbal agreement with a salute of honor and respect. “I know you won’t let us down, Achemir” – came the answer to which the paladin happily nodded.

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Draenei, which means “exiled ones” in their own language, are locked in an eternal feud with the Burning Legion who made them flee their home so long ago. They are in touch with naaru, sentient energy beings that are the pure essence of the Light.

Their culture revolves around magic and the Holy Light of Creation and as such have a natural affinity towards becoming paladins, priests, and mages. Ornate armor and crystalline weapons are usually worn, which they look upon with the utmost respect.

Having been decimated in numbers before, they joined the Alliance and now help them in their unified cause. They honor their heritage and take pride in there names, and some of them are Anman, Thovan, Talaara, Marem, Valuelle, and Lunarii.

Female Draenei Names

The female Draenei have thinner cranial tendrils and extensions that resemble hair, and are slightly shorter than the males, though still very tall by human standards.

  • Setra
  • Kaztaa
  • Iresmae
  • Mummon
  • Inetaan


Priestess of the Light, she dedicated her life to kindness and preservation of the history of her people. Having written dozens of tomes already, her contribution is appreciated by the scholars all around Azeroth.

  • Alaada
  • Manaa
  • Alra
  • Elora
  • Valuua
  • Altalaa
  • Avaraa


Following the footsteps of the famous Nabundo, she has taken the path of a shaman, something not many chose but what is more than a welcome sight within the community. She works along with the elements, providing understanding and appreciation for each of them.

  • Lunura
  • Chezi
  • Airaani
  • Kayani
  • Chelluu
  • Curioa
  • Nelun


Everyone has to eat, and someone has to hunt. She always loved roaming around the land, searching and hunting great beasts and creatures alike. Having bought a rifle from a certain dwarven merchant, it has become her favorite thing to own.

  • Farsa
  • Jica
  • Sama
  • Moti
  • Rerid
  • Shami


A fighter and a healer, she has truly invested herself in the life of a paladin, helping and protecting those in need wherever she might go. Her current assignment is to bring certain letters to someone, though she has been getting distracted by the needs of those she meets during her travels.

  • Noralan
  • Lunaora
  • Ruklaena
  • Mukua
  • Sesrua
  • Miamah

Male Draenei Names

Their hooves are bigger than their demonic counterparts, and they have a large and muscle-filled tail that stands erect. Some are known to grow horns, adding a slightly fiendish look to them, though they don’t affect their nature at all.

  • Falalus
  • Kaved
  • Lucel
  • Fanmir
  • Aluudoru
  • Imir


Having little inclination and talent for more delicate arts such as magic, he naturally turned to more mundane ways of sword and mace. Possessing great strength, he can wield two-handed weapons with such ease and precision, rare are those who don’t fear or admire his skill in battle.

  • Bahrin
  • Sartius
  • Kadimanar
  • Derundo
  • Derord
  • Toralliu
  • Hobmir


Found as young dranei, crashed on the shores, he was quickly taken into care by the local monks. Acting as his parents and caretakers, but also as his trainers, he learned how to fight mostly using his arms and legs, wearing clothes or light leather only.

  • Elbalus
  • Modored
  • Namanar
  • Voluun
  • Maham
  • Caeel


A priest of great talent but also has a lot to prove, and usually with a sword or some other weapon. He keeps saying priesthood and the way of the Light is what he’s interested in, but his love for more direct combat is all to plain to see. Needless to say, he’s about to become one of the more powerful paladins in the land.

  • Artaam
  • Behalus
  • Kadimos
  • Suden
  • Bilsera
  • Almus


A mage of a peculiar nature, he’s always seemed strange to others, but his calm demeanor and lack of real hostility were enough to be accepted in the end. One thing he does so well is potions, and some of them are the most sought for potions to ever be created in this part of the region.

  • Cordon
  • Caeduun
  • Hobais
  • Kelam
  • Cornerada
  • Elbavun

Once a race of great power, they have been exiled many years ago, ending up in Azeroth when prophet Velen saved them from the ultimate destruction. Joining the Alliance, they have found their place in the world once again, where they serve noble and righteous causes through unity and discipline. They often take roles of paladins, mages, and priests, something which they do with great tenacity and dedication. If you want to play a part of the people who have been wronged in the past, who survived some of the darkest moments possible, playing a Dranei would be one of the great choices to make. Give your character a name and right the wrong in the world.

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