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World of Warcraft Human Name Generator & Guide

“Yes, yes, I heard it all. He’s a king, she’s a dutchess, he’s a general, she’s a queen.” – the tone in the man’s voice clearly revealed frustration but also a sense of determination. “And I’ll tell you what..” – the man stopped and turned to face the person he was talking to – “..I, Aidan Grimstone, will be better than all of them.”

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Humans are one of the younger races in WoW who can, despite their short life expectancy compared to some other races, achieve a great many things. Although they have their shortcomings, some rise above and lead the race to power and glory.

Like heroic leaders of the past, there’s always a human who’s bound to ascend above others, showing courage, bravery, wisdom, strength, and honor as something everyone should strive for.

Humans can have different names, though old English types of a name fit them well. No matter what their profession might be, potential can hide behind any name and some good examples are Ralph Pickering, Jaelyn Hartford, and Millard Livingstone.

WoW Female Human Names

Women make great leaders and are equally skilled, talented, and successful as the rest of their race, if not more.

  • Kayley Lightningseeker
  • Britt Bloodash
  • Zoe Moonvigor
  • Abigayle Firekeep
  • Anika Hallowedspear
  • Erminie Leafvigor

Jaina Proudmoore

As an apprentice to one of the most powerful human mages, she rose to become the leader of the famous Kirin Tor, a powerful organization of wizards. Later in life, she worked along with orcs, doing what’s best for her people despite what some may have thought.

  • Nina Frozensprinter
  • Elrica Fusetail
  • Lacyann Leafwind
  • Bille Mourningwood
  • Ally Fullshadow
  • Taniya Steelfury
  • Chantrell Boulderflame

Haylee Whitemark

Born to an adventurer, now owner of a tavern along the king’s road, she’s been escaping and returning home for several times now. Each time she promises her father she won’t do it again, but every time something new lures her away. This time, her father fears she won’t return.

  • Tatum Fistspark
  • Daria Fogshine
  • Kaley Sageriver
  • Meredith Stillwolf
  • Ashanti Treeoak
  • Ezra Rainsun

Anveena Teague

While looking like a human, she’s actually an avatar of Sunwell, energies formed into a human by a certain red dragon. Her real identity remains a secret to all but a few chosen ones.

  • Giuletta Swiftmight
  • Madlen Silverflame
  • Araceli Stormsinger
  • Jacquelyne Forecutter
  • Hedi Gloryash
  • Devin Cliffsprinter

Mara Fordragon

A High Clerist, a Priest, during the First War, best known as the protector of the refugees, the humans who fled their homes in the First war. Today, she has a statue of her own with “May she rest in the Light” written on it.

  • Mirielle Loneswift
  • Luciana Crystalwoods
  • Courtney Masterstream
  • Aliya Shadepeak
  • Elke Wolfcrag
  • Bryana Stilltrap

WoW Male Human Names

From beggars, thieves, merchants, and scholars to soldiers, generals, and kings, they have done it all. Sometimes notorious, sometimes famous, they do equally well.

  • Turalyon
  • Bolvar Fordragon
  • Uther Lightbringer
  • Declan Thorp
  • Llane Wrynn
  • Medivh
  • Folkher Harley

Anduin Lothar

Famous supreme commander who led the armies during the Second War. In the end, he died in combat, when he was defeated by Orgrim Doomhammer in one of the most famous fights anyone has ever seen and heard.

  • Aegwynn
  • Arthas Menethil
  • Jesper Smit
  • Thoradin
  • Reginald Windsor
  • Antonidas

Varian Wrynn

A gladiator, a prince, and a king, he’s one of the most popular humans in history. He has two sides to him, a calm and a wild one, and the story goes his calm side succumbed to the other later on in life.

  • Thassilo Bentley
  • Danath Trollbane
  • Rhonin
  • Gerrald Goodwin
  • Khadgar
  • Saidan Dathrohan
  • Anduin Wrynn

Tirion Fordring

One of the first five knights of the Silver Hand and certainly one of the heroes of the Second War. During his life, staying true to honor and righteousness, he defended an orc against his fellow humans, for which he was stripped of his duty and exiled.

  • Alonsus Faol
  • Abbendis
  • Esra Dalton
  • Edwin VanCleef
  • Thoras Trollbane
  • Bernd Stansfield

Genn Greymane

A king of Kingdom of Gilneas, and affected by the worgen curse, he’s always been an unpredictable ally who often questioned even the most logical reasons. At the end of the day, he always did what he thought was best for his kingdom and his people.

  • Daval Prestor
  • Terenas Menethil II
  • Hellmuth Sydney
  • Jarrod Godwin
  • Shepley Hayden

If you asked some of the other races, they’d say humans are fickle, and while there’s some truth to it, the unpredictability can be an asset as well. Some are greedy, vile, and plain evil, while others can be friendly, helpful, and honorable. From the worst to the best of virtues, Humans possess all of them. They have a rich history and more than plenty of roleplaying opportunities, and as such, they deserve a name of their own.

Did you enjoy this guide? Tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Human name.

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