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World of Warcraft Dwarf Name Generator & Guide

“Aye, lassy, don’t ye worry a thing!” – the dwarf said proudly and decisively as he stroked his majestic beard, then turned towards the lady dwarf. “Darfina Gemgrace, I will protect you, best count on that.” – he concluded, taking a bow as he smiled at her.

Generate Names

Bretmera Cragpike

Misnan Onyxheart

Berig Jessu

Ingnora Hukhe

Dearwaen Blazingdelver

Thulgram Flaskhide

Umivruli Forgeview

Bralleres Deeprock

Glasdrulyn Snowstone

Hjaldohr Mudguard

Sarlen Copperblade

Bharmir Bolboses

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Table of Contents

Dwarves hail mostly from the cold and snowy mountains of Khaz Modan and are stout but strong creatures. They are strong-willed and dedicated whatever they might be doing, and they simply love exploring and finding treasure wherever they go.

They are master weapon and armorsmiths, siege engineers, and miners who have a disciplined and honorable hearts. While being very caring towards their own, especially the clan and the family, they are rather tenacious and dangerous enemies.

As a race, Dwarves are law-abiding and obey the order which allows them to quickly all unite when needed, such as when a threat emerges. They are proud, and some good examples of names are Olfun Stonebeard, Tyru Drunktoe, and Egith Evendust.

WoW Female Dwarf Names

Female dwarves are fond of their hairstyles and piercings, though some of them even have beards and are considered a rare beauty among other members of their race. They are sturdy and capable, just like most dwarves are.

  • Rulna Boldmane
  • Thogrura Frostmail
  • Rulvura Icepride
  • Thodona Palerock
  • Melgura Goldenfight

Moira Palebrew

The quality of her ale is simply astounding, worthy of all the praises it gets. While having strange looks, dwarves love drinking it rather excessively and carelessly, soaking their beards in the process.

  • Dugrola Coarseore
  • Tugna Eagergate
  • Avila Braveboots
  • Drandira Cliffflayer
  • Garthora Wildback

Merthona Blacksteel

One of the first to find and shape adamantite, a rare dark material that makes for some of the most sturdy weapons and armor. Only but the strongest carry and wield them, making the elite group of heavy infantry, a true terror on the battlefield.

  • Bargana Greatriver
  • Glolglia Redbelcher
  • Dragrlia Halfgrace
  • Mondora Oddrock
  • Digrira Flintbrand
  • Thonola Bravebelly

Bolvera Bonepride

Having been gifted with a certain foresight, something quite rare among her race, she reads the bones thrown on the ground, essentially seeing glimpses of future that are usually described in an obscured and cryptic way.

  • Gwangro Arctichost
  • Meva Eagerbuster
  • Badura Grimshield
  • Aidira Longforge
  • Margona Stoutbrand
  • Dumona Mountainbrew

WoW Male Dwarf Names

Their love of blacksmithing, mining, and finding treasure is rarely matched by others, and when the need arises, they rely on their strength and constitution rather than their size.

  • Hartharn Ironstone
  • Thelkam Doomrock
  • Krumuanar Stoutrest
  • Grultharm Stoutbuster
  • Drumrim Highbottom

Rothgar Frostgem

The gem of an unusually white color he found still remains a secret to others. As he’s doing his best to find out more about it without letting anyone know about it, the gem quietly does what it was made to do by its creator, many many years ago.

  • Thalmor Toughbreaker
  • Kramman Barleysong
  • Dromogus Broadpass
  • Gloin Boldbrand
  • Urmthron Truepike
  • Nafur Evenrock

Vandarh Greatbottom

He was always quite plump, even as a child, which turned into quite a body in his later years. One of the things he was best known for was an almost insatiable thirst for ale and the fact you couldn’t miss who he was when looking at him from behind.

  • Borin Arcticpike
  • Bombir Dualtale
  • Hjalmar Darkshout
  • Thorgas Blackbreaker
  • Dagor Deepbrow

Magni Giantforce

A strong dwarf of exquisite strength and skills, wielding two hammers at once with equal expertise, showing efficient ambidexterity. Preferring lighter armor, which was still heavy for humans, he can move quite dexterously, something that wasn’t often seen among the dwarves.

  • Krundith Snowflow
  • Malgar Bronzeforce
  • Golbar Mightshield
  • Tadnar Quickpeak
  • Hergrim Vastbelcher
  • Dolnar Mightbranch

Stocky and sturdy, Dwarves possess great strength and fortitude which come in handy with smithing and mining, something they love very much. Rumors, though many swear is the truth, say that they can pour their feelings into weapons and armor as they create them. Long-lived, they can be stubborn and hold a grudge, though once befriending someone they rarely break such a bond. Reserved but friendly enough, they possess more than enough courage and valor when needed, and honor certainly isn’t a stranger to them. Playing a Dwarf really does offer a unique view of the world, providing ample opportunities to learn more about them as you go.

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