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World of Warcraft Pandaren Name Generator & Guide

“Feel the flow of the wind, breath as you go along, and concentrate on your technique.” – the old Pandaren explained to the group of pupils, the newest generation to attend the school. “Master Tien, I can’t do this!” – one of them wailed, his eyes starting to water. “How can you know true success if you do not fail? – the master asked and gave an encouraging smile as the young one looked lost in thought.

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As former slaves to the Mogu empire, they managed to free themselves from the shackles. Much later, as the demon army invaded, the last Pandaren emperor shrouded their lands in mist for millennials, which allowed them to live in secrecy.

A second Pandaren society lives on a giant turtle, essentially a wandering island. They are all highly spiritual, having monk societies and organizations. They worship wild gods and can manipulate chi, energy that lets them perform amazing feats.

Pandaren are usually calm and collected, thinking things through and can be wise beyond their ears. They respect each other very much and as such their names have social weight. Good examples are Jungeun, Heechul, and Younghee.

Female Pandaren Names

Females Pandaren are slightly shorter and sometimes slimmer than their male counterparts. Some are known to darken their skin around the eyes, for aesthetic purposes mostly. As all Pandaren, they are highly attuned with nature and chi.

  • Kyungjin
  • Minkyung
  • Junghee
  • Jungyoon


A jovial character who’s always there when you don’t want to and never to be seen when you need her. A master of subtlety, yet sometimes lacking social etiquette and proper manners, though her charming ways keep her out of the trouble. Most of the time.

  • Yongmi
  • Jianhong
  • Yunju
  • Yeojung


Having found a particular book as a child, the Tome of the Open Hand, she started to practice the fighting techniques described in the book. Over the years, she became an expert martial artist, capable of manipulating energy, chi, into her favor.

  • Namseon
  • Hyekyung
  • Solbi
  • Huiyahzu
  • Youngae


One of the recent members of the Horde, she practiced her shamanistic ways with the Orcs, earning respect from them as she progressed. Showing great care for the teachings of the elders along with her sense of honor, she was more than a welcome representative of her community.

  • Sujin
  • Sunhi
  • Zhelan
  • Chiyong


Having left her home, she eventually found her place among the trolls. Showing great skill in moving silently and unseen, along with her fighting expertise, she was a desirable addition to their ranks.

  • Nara
  • Yunli
  • Chimin
  • Ruzhi

Male Pandaren Names

Monks, warriors, or any other role they fulfill, they do it with care. Thinking before acting, trying to look at it from all sides, they tend to make correct long-term decisions, which yield great results in the future.

  • Seungwon
  • Gong
  • Fangbao
  • Chiwon


While his friends learned the ways of an open palm, he preferred cold steel, learning to fight with all sorts of weapons. Cladded in heavy armor, he prefers to charge the ranks with his great hammer, unleashing fury and might upon his enemies as they scramble in fear.

  • Hyunshik
  • Songgi
  • Chunso
  • Chunyong


A master at tracking humanoids and creatures alike, he also learned how to shoot a bow from a group of night elves who he met during his travels. They got along so well he decided to travel with them and did so for more than a dozen years. Alas, all of them perished when Horde scouts managed to surprise them, leaving everyone but him dead.

  • Kwangho
  • Songho
  • Insu
  • Hyonu


He has always been fascinated with magic and when he met a blood elf for the first time, a mage by profession, he knew what he wanted to do. Through persistence, charm, and diplomacy, he made his way to an arcane school and proceeded to learn as much as he can.

  • Yejun
  • Ren
  • Gyeongsu
  • Quan


Always protective of his friends and those in need, he naturally showed an affinity for fighting up close, encased in plate armor, and holding a shield while his axe did the work. After serving in the army for many years, he was honorably discharged, allowing him to leave for the unknown.

  • Jinyoung
  • Haeseong
  • Kwangjo
  • Linhao
  • Seonghyeon

Funny Pandaren Names

Pandaren can have the sweetest personalities one could find, and sometimes a more comic character finds their place in their societies. A more entertaining and silly name can bring much-needed positivity and playfulness to those around you.

  • Bearhanded
  • Pandamonium
  • Jeetpando
  • Jackiepan
  • Propapanda
  • Bearknuckles
  • Furball
  • Chucklemind
  • Pwndaren
  • Jellybelly
  • Alebreath
  • Pandalf
  • Fryingpanda
  • Fubear
  • Brewslee
  • Maidenchina
  • Boozewillis
  • Bearwithme
  • Drunkfu
  • Bearfoot

Strong, wise, honorable, and kind, the Pandaren are a delightful race of peaceful warriors who rely on morality, ethics, tolerance, justice, and spirituality before resorting to physical conflict. However, if no other solutions remain, they will quickly unite and offer a furious resistance that not many would be ready for. If you want to play a member of a somewhat jovial yet serious race, play an honorable Pandaren, create a name that will inspire and give hope to others as you make your way through the world.

Did you enjoy this guide? Tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Pandaren name.

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