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Tabaxi Name Generator & Guide

“No, I won’t trade with him.” – the Tabaxi responded, his agitation clear as daylight. The unexpected answer made his friend stop in place – “Wait, what? I don’t get it, Stitch, what’s the plan?”. The Tabaxi then stopped and turned – “Rob him, of course.”

Generate Names

Golden Ink (Golden)

True Board (True)

Belly of a Beast (Beast)

Single Dust (Dust)

Free Board (Free)

Mark of Life (Mark)

Honey of Bees (Honey)

Clanking Bottle (Clank)

Two Beach (Beach)

Jade Gift (Gift)

Piece of the Puzzle (Piece)

Fragrance of Spring (Spring)

Illustration courtesy of Bianka Gordos

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Table of Contents

Tabaxi are feline humanoids, up to 7 feet tall, slender, agile, and with a keen sense of smell. Their tail and retractable claws make them good climbers, swimmers, and runners. Stealth and surprise attacks are one of their main fortes.

They live in clans, led by elders, which don’t socialize with each other. Whether they live in temporary habitats, or even deep in a jungle, they quickly and effectively adapt to new locations. One thing each and every Tabaxi detests is any kind of trade.

The Tabaxi have poetic and descriptive names, though they also have a shorter nickname which is often used by friends. Names like Radiant River (Radiant), Drifting Cloud (Cloud), and Storm on the Horizon (Storm) are some of the examples.

Tabaxi Clan Names

Clan names can be inspired by anything that surrounds them. Locations, interesting landscapes, specific natural phenomena, and much more. Every clan is a fairly tight-knit community, and its stability and prosperity depend on each member.

  • The Fertile Wilds Clan
  • The Lone Woodlands Clan
  • The Growing Torrent Clan
  • The Ascending Glade Clan
  • The Fading Desert Clan
  • The Little Forests Clan
  • The Tranquil Peak Clan
  • The Radiant Grotto Clan
  • The Awoken Forest Clan
  • The Bleak Fjord Clan
  • The Dreary Creeks Clan
  • The Mountain Crags Clan
  • The Misty Swamps Clan
  • The Chilly Islands Clan
  • The Tumbling Bluffs Clan
  • The Bleak Grotto Clan
  • The Elder Lake Clan
  • The Flickering Isle Clan
  • The Dry Marsh Clan
  • The Changing Mist Clan

Tabaxi Male & Female Names

Both genders have similar, descriptive, kind of names with many females having a name that describes something visually alluring. On the other hand, most males have simpler and less charming ones where aesthetics wasn’t the priority.

  • Wing of an Angel (Angel)
  • Tranquil Berry (Berry)
  • Belly of a Beast (Beast)
  • Peak of Mountains (Peak)
  • Rope in a Knot (Knot)
  • Swift Path (Swift)
  • Silent Guest (Silent)
  • Secret Riddle (Riddle)
  • Blazing Fire (Blaze)
  • Gentle Peak (Gentle)

Emerald Gift (Gift)

Her fur has a greenish hue and was responsible for the name choice and the shunning she endured. Having left her clan at a fairly young age, she now lives a dangerous life but feels free nonetheless.

  • Call of the Owl (Owl)
  • Steady Rock (Rock)
  • Lightning After Thunder (Lightning)
  • Silent Thrill (Silent)
  • Ancient Sea (Ancient)

Half Cloud (Cloud)

A young druid, wise beyond his ears, is the main reason why his clan has flourished in the past ten years or so.

  • Hidden Treasure (Treasure)
  • True Clover (Clover)
  • Arctic Dust (Arctic)
  • Subtle River (Subtle)
  • Quiet Tome (Tome)
  • Flickering Fire (Fire)

Rays of the Sun (Ray)

As a leader of one of the clan’s hunter groups, she’s successfully been providing essential food and nutrients, even during the harshest times of winter.

  • Emerald String (String)
  • Bold Trail (Trail)
  • Four-Leaf Clover (Clover)
  • Defiant Wish (Defiant)
  • Glow of the Sun (Sun)
  • Autumn Harvest (Autumn)

Honey of Bees (Honey)

Loved by all of the children in the clan, who call her “Aunty Honey”. Her desire to leave is strong but the love of the children stops her.

  • Six Thunder (Six)
  • Flame of Passion (Passion)
  • Beauty of Summer (Summer)
  • Jewel of the Mountain (Jewel)
  • Wonder of the World (Wonder)

Thrill of Life (Thrill)

As his name suggests, his love for the unknown, the mysterious, and the forbidden is almost unmatched. He lives to travel and travels to live, always on the lookout for experiences that will make a deep impact his life.

  • Blossoms in Summer (Blossom)
  • Hearty Snowflake (Hearty)
  • Defiant Shore (Shore)
  • Bird Feather (Bird)

Funny Tabaxi Names

Whether it was intentional or a simple issue with the translation, some Tabaxi seem to have rather silly names.

  • Dances With Mice (Dance)
  • Sleeps Too Much (Sleeps)
  • Roars Like a Lion (Roars)
  • Only Nine Lives (Lives)
  • Too Many Whiskers (Whiskers)
  • Fish Bait (Bait)

Kitty Mantooth (Tooth)

Has human-like teeth on his whole left side of the jaw. It’s not a handicap by any means, though it can be weird at times.

  • Constant Purrs (Purr)
  • Cookie Hearth (Cookie)
  • Not an Underdog (Not)
  • Fur of the Dark (Dark)

Jangalang Jangalang (Jang)

Acts as in incoherent fool, rarely making sense. Unbeknownst to others, he is possessed by a demon, who’s trying to find out where it is.

  • Always Eats a Lot (Eats)
  • Climbing Claws (Claws)
  • Flickering Fire Eyes (Flicker)

Tabaxi are very agile and stealthy creatures. They also consider sharing everything as a normal occurrence, especially food, which can lead to some interesting situations. If you want to combine mystery and ability, play a Tabaxi.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please also check our Tabaxi Names & Backstories and, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments, and share your own methods of coming up with a Tabaxi name. 

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