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209 Tabaxi Names & Backstories

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These slender feline humanoids are well-versed in stealth and ambush, they can easily adjust to new situations and locations, and many live in clans that don’t really communicate with each other. If there was one thing that would describe them all, it would be the fact that they hate trading.

When it comes to names, they have rather descriptive ones, where their friends use only one of the words in most cases, names such as Sea of Opportunity (Sea), Lucky Light (Lucky), and Second Chance (Chance).

Good Tabaxi Names

While Tabaxi have similarly narrative names, the best way to create a good Tabaxi name is to think of one of the following: their appearance when they were born, the things they did while growing up, or a possible reason why they would take a new name or be given a new one by someone else and then stick with that. Examples would be Broken Chain (Chain), Beauty of Summer (Summer), and Bird Feather (Bird).

  • Hearty Page (Hearty)
  • Wild Beast (Beast)
  • Tranquil Berry (Berry)
  • Art of Shadows (Art)
  • Aurora of Winter (Aurora)
  • Flawless Bush (Flawless)
  • Clever Fire (Clever)
  • Little Flower (Little)

Four-Leaf Clover (Clover)

Having been born with a birthmark under his left paw, in the shape of a rare clover, his mother needed no further incentive to name him the way he did. As if fate knew what it was doing, he’s been pretty lucky in his life so far, and he’s currently traveling the countryside and looking for a person whose name is the only thing he knows, and the one who can help him with finding what he’s looking for.

  • Magic Path (Magic)
  • Ringing of Bells (Bell)
  • Opal Honey (Honey)
  • Paw of a Bear (Paw)
  • Print of a Boot (Boot)
  • Five Branch (Five)
  • Bright Card (Bright)
  • Jewel of the Mountain (Jewel)
  • Veil of a Mask (Veil)
  • Two Mask (Mask)

Flickering Flame (Flame)

While her parents had no clue what to name her, they quickly realized the passion with which she did pretty much everything, from exploring new things to talking to others, and as soon as they saw the flame of passion in her eyes, they knew her name then and there. Nowadays, as an adult, she never lost that intensity, something that has proven to be both a blessing and a curse, depending on the situation at hand.

  • Swift Path (Swift)
  • Five Frog (Five)
  • Dangling Lace (Lace)
  • Blank Canvas (Canvas)
  • Clever Star (Star)
  • Single Dust (Dust)
  • Bronze Stitch (Bronze)
  • Spell of Rain (Spell)
  • Clever Honey (Clever)
  • Six Guide (Guide)

Female Tabaxi Names

While many Tabaxi names could be both male and female, the latter ones are often descriptions of something that is charming or visually alluring and things that could be associated with beauty, gentleness, kindness, and cuteness, such as Jade Honey (Honey), Violet Love (Love), and Spark of Life (Spark).

  • Smooth Device (Smooth)
  • Big Heart (Big)
  • Bright Brush (Bright)
  • Sand of the Beach (Sand)
  • Hushed Riddle (Riddle)
  • Light Bell (Light)
  • Eager Wave (Wave)
  • Cloud in the Sky (Sky)

Faint Snowflake (Faint)

This Tabaxi is great at tracking, stalking, and following others, and her skills have been desired by notable clients for many years now. In fact, just now, she and her small team are traveling through the jungle, towards an ancient temple site, where they need to find the son of a wealthy businessman who went there to find an ancient relic that should change everyone’s outlook on history as they know it.

  • Quick Candle (Candle)
  • Wonder of the World (Wonder)
  • Single Peak (Peak)
  • Wave on the Shore (Wave)
  • Fine Lace (Fine)
  • Gold Shoe (Shoe)
  • Sapphire Branch (Branch)
  • Violet Edge (Violet)
  • Hearty Time (Hearty)
  • Ancient Sea (Ancient)

Glow of the Sun (Sun)

Resting and recuperating after a rather difficult childbirth, her mother gazed into the distant rising sun as the waves kept hitting the shore, one by one, in what seemed a continuous loop of the sound of water crashing into stone. After a while, the ocean started deflecting the sun’s rays, temporarily blinding her vision but also opening her mind by revealing the child’s name.

  • Defiant Jewel (Defiant)
  • Gentle Bite (Gentle)
  • Serene Thrill (Serene)
  • Nimble Straw (Straw)
  • Emerald Gift (Gift)
  • Tale of Wonder (Tale)
  • Quick Locket (Locket)
  • Bright Wing (Bright)
  • Light River (River)
  • Radiant Tome (Tome)

tabaxi monk

Male Tabaxi Names

To an untrained eye or ear, most Tabaxi names look and sound very similar, to the point that you couldn’t really know to whom they belong. Those who know a bit more about them have realized that most male Tabaxi names sound a bit simpler, with less emphasis on aesthetics, such as Berry Bush (Bush), Hidden Treasure (Treasure), and Seven Ink (Ink).

  • Subtle River (Subtle)
  • Subtle Stitch (Subtle)
  • Bizarre Shore (Bizarre)
  • Bold Board (Bold)
  • Lost Trick (Lost)
  • Screech of Bats (Bat)
  • Bite Marks (Bite)
  • Amused Cable (Amused)

Shady Dream (Shady)

Since he was born he’s had wild dreams almost every night, to the point he continually woke up several times a night, and it was so impactful on him and everyone around him that his parents actually changed his original name to what he’s named today.

  • Angelic Glove (Glove)
  • Flawless Bat (Flawless)
  • Austere Song (Austere)
  • Radiant Mask (Mask)
  • Kind Stone (Kind)
  • Wild Shoe (Wild)
  • Stone in Water (Stone)
  • Lost Lock (Lock)
  • Elite Wing (Wing)
  • Humble Mirror (Humble)

Sands of Time (Sand)

If there’s anything he learned from a young age, it’s that time really is of the essence, and he’s been raised to respect the wishes of others. This, in turn, meant he would always honor his word, and once he accepts a job, or chore, or simply decides to help, he will do it in a timely manner, putting it before anything else he might have going on at the time.

  • Fragile Dust (Fragile)
  • Lost Link (Link)
  • Ancient Guide (Ancient)
  • Guest at Home (Guest)
  • Angelic Stitch (Stitch)
  • Ice on the Lake (Ice)
  • Emerald String (String)
  • Defiant Wish (Defiant)
  • Three Tree (Three)
  • Loose String (String)

Tabaxi Clan Names

Tabaxi Clan names are all about using words from the community’s surroundings, such as places, flora, fauna, natural phenomena, and anything that they could see, hear, or encounter during their daily lives. Examples of these names would be The Great Wilds Clan, The Dual Hail Clan, and The Stormy Fjord Clan.

  • The Roaming Rainforest Clan
  • The Whistling Cliffs Clan
  • The Merging Storm Clan
  • The Grieving Wild Clan
  • The Enchanting Shore Clan
  • The Changing Hail Clan
  • The Growing Den Clan
  • The Abandoned Woods Clan

The Silent Cliffs Clan

This clan’s home is located in a secluded cave on one of the cliffs on a shore, so high above the sea level that you can’t actually hear the waves crashing into the mountain, nor anything else for that matter. Apart from occasional strong winds, it’s so quiet up there that the members of the clan have learned to be extraordinarily quiet when they want to be.

  • The Quiet Den Clan
  • The Murky Hail Clan
  • The Roaming Islands Clan
  • The Little Lagoons Clan
  • The Blossoming Lagoons Clan
  • The Basking Bluff Clan
  • The Hushed Forest Clan
  • The Tired Crag Clan
  • The Crawling River Clan
  • The Great Deserts Clan

The Wandering Jungle Clan

The jungle they live in is said to be alive, moving and changing on a daily basis, and their hideout seems to be in a different place every time someone goes back to it, and they have to use certain mushrooms that give out a very specific odor when broken in pieces in order to safely find their way back home.

  • The Magical Reservoir Clan
  • The Lurking Bogs Clan
  • The Graceful Mist Clan
  • The Surging Caverns Clan
  • The Little Shower Clan
  • The Exotic Bog Clan
  • The Radiant Dunes Clan
  • The Roaring Fields Clan
  • The Lasting Monsoon Clan
  • The Arctic Jungles Clan

tabaxi warrior

Tabaxi Last Names

Tabaxi don’t really have last or first names per se, as their whole name is more akin to a descriptive nickname, something like the Native Americans had in the past for example, where it can provide some insight into the character and not just let someone know what to call them. If we had to classify them, the first name would usually be an adjective while the last name a noun, such as Jolly Flower and Bold Wonder.

  • Stone
  • Locket
  • Dust
  • Depths
  • Path
  • Chain
  • Bee
  • Jewel


Hearty Clock is a very calculated Tabaxi, one who never fails to do things on time, regardless of how big or small the task may be. Found as a baby close to his already dead parents, he was adopted and given a name after his actions revealed his true nature, and today he’s the first of his name, a husband, and a father to two young offsprings.

  • Brush
  • Branch
  • Cloud
  • Thing
  • Peak
  • River
  • Scarf
  • Ink
  • Stitch
  • Riddle


Whenever she would get mad, her eyes flickered so much that it resembled lightning during a storm. Her cunningness earned the name Clever, many times over, and today she’s the head of a small but very capable clan of hunters and gatherers, living deep in a forest where they coexist with an elven community, although their interactions are minimal at best.

  • Bell
  • Lace
  • Thrill
  • Clover
  • Hide
  • Board
  • Rock
  • Gift
  • Shore
  • Ruby

Badass Tabaxi Names

Being badass is all about doing something not many can, and as Tabaxi names are descriptive by nature, you can use words that will provide a little insight into their lives, and allow others to learn something about them, such as being born during a storm or have done something extraordinary in their life. Examples of these kinds of names would be Bold Slayer of Serpents (Bold) and Fierce Snowstorm (Fierce).

  • Spotted Tail (Tail)
  • Heat of the Sun (Heat)
  • Golden Pelt (Pelt)
  • Flame of Passion (Flame)
  • Sparkle of Light (Sparkle)
  • Brave Chance (Chance)
  • Call of the Owl (Owl)
  • Broken Tooth (Tooth)

Wolf’s Howl (Howl)

While no one knows how she does it, she’s able to imitate a wolf almost to perfection, and this ability was used on many occasions, ranging from warning friends to intimidating enemies before an ambush. She’s also well respected for her ability to lead, and most other clans in the vicinity recognize her as an honorable person who tends to do the right thing.

  • Sharp Claw (Sharp)
  • Fresh Killer (Fresh)
  • Magic Wielder (Magic)
  • Dark Mane (Mane)
  • King of the Valley (King)
  • Bright Future (Bright)
  • Fine Pelt (Pelt)
  • Odd Paw (Odd)
  • Single Scratch (Single)
  • Vanquisher of Evil (Vanq)

Lucky Star in Night (Lucky)

Born during a nasty storm, he was considered the only bright thing that happened to his parents during that time, and they went well out of their way to protect and raise him as best as they could. Thanks to them, he grew up to be a very capable adult who’s now using all the abilities they taught him to flee from his pursuers and reach the well-deserved freedom.

  • Curious Mind (Mind)
  • Tree Jumper (Tree)
  • Agile Mind (Mind)
  • Dragon’s Roar (Dragon)
  • Jade Fang (Jade)
  • Heart Breaker (Heart)
  • Loud Thunder (Loud)
  • Red Eye (Red)
  • Star in the Morning (Star)
  • Remnants of History (History)

tabaxi ranger

Funny Tabaxi Names

The nature of Tabaxi names allows us to easily incorporate funny words and expressions to get the result we need, and we can use contradicting terms to devise a name that brings a smile to our faces. Examples of such names are Nine Lives More and Three Winters Gone.

  • Fish Sticks (Sticks)
  • Clumsy Nimbles (Clums)
  • Sir Pouncealot (Pounce)
  • Snorring Awake (Wake)
  • Dances with Cats (Cats)
  • Sound of Silence (Sound)
  • Jenifurr Clawpez (Jeni)
  • Hairless Fur (Fur)

Shorty Longjump (Shorty)

Despite being smaller than the most Tabaxi he knows, his physical ability continues to impress even the biggest doubters out there, and after working twice as hard to prove himself he is now an equal member of the community and a hunting party that’s responsible for providing food for the whole clan.

  • Mewlius Caesar (Ceasar)
  • Eager Patience (Eager)
  • Hurry Slowdown (Hurry)
  • Meow Kitty Meow (Meow)
  • Hidden Only Not (Hidden)
  • Fraidy Cat (Fraidy)
  • Puss in Boots (Boots)
  • Silent Noise (Noise)
  • Mouse Chaser (Mouse)
  • Scratchasaurus Rex (Rex)

Stinky Winds (Winds)

While this wouldn’t be so bad on its own, the winds he lets loose are a detriment to his hunting prowess, his social interactions, and life in general. The worst thing about this is that it’s completely involuntary, can’t be stopped or paused, and it’s always followed by him laughing as he can’t seem to control that either.

  • Isaac Mewton (Isaac)
  • Obi Paws Kenobi (Obi)
  • Santa Claws (Claws)
  • Fuzz Aldrin (Fuzz)
  • Kitty Man-Tooth (Kitty)
  • Friend of Foe (Foe)
  • Fond of Dogs (Dogs)
  • Two Halfings in Costume (Two)
  • Harshy Mellows (Harsh)
  • Hairy Potter (Potter)

Tabaxi names are descriptive by nature, such as Bite Marks (Bite) where those who know them, like friends and relatives, use the short version found within brackets after the full name. Such names are usually inspired by either something significant during their birth, a birthmark such as a unique color of fur, or some event during their life for which they were given a new name and kept it ever since. Male names are usually simpler, while Female names are more descriptive, and often associated with cuteness, kindness, and beauty. For more information and inspiration, make sure you visit Tabaxi name generator.

When you think of a Tabaxi character what do you imagine? Does any particular personality come into mind, or do you believe they can be as random as Humans?
Share some of your ways of coming up with a Tabaxi name, and the names you may have used before by leaving a comment below.

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