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Leonin Name Generator & Guide

“And who are you to stop us?” The half-elven woman shrieked as her companions stood back in awe of her courage. The imposing Leonin leans down to match her gaze, “I am Carak of the Goldenfield, and I cannot allow those who only seek gold and glory into Oreskos! If you don’t leave now I will stop you, for my people and my pride.”

Generate Names

Seza of the Zirconheart

Oyide of the Copperfeet

Drex of the Swiftfeet

Moxir of the Silvervalley

Demne of the Strongslayer

Mozia of the Nickelnose

Irylia of the Quickweavers

Youn of the Slatehill

Gorioz of the Goldtunnel

Feeni of the Lightningsky

Goria of the Ironclaws

Quakir of the Sunslayer

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The Leonin are proud people who live in the golden plain of Oreskos. As the name suggests, they are humanoids with the face and fur of a lion. Leonin are strong-willed and independent from the gods. Though Leonin tend to be strong fighters, some become rouges or even wizards.

Unlike Tabaxi, Leonin are distinctly lion-like. They are nomadic and stay groups known as “prides.” Leonin have their pride name as part of their name, acting as a kind of last name. However, many Leonin that share a pride name are not related by blood.

Leonin first names can seem very foreign compared to human names. Since Leonin have their own language and tend to avoid interactions with other races, the names have no direct translation. Leonin who chose to travel with other races may consider taking up a nickname, however, most are too prideful to do so willingly.

Good Leonin Names

Leonin names are made up of two parts, the first name, and the pride name. First names are almost completely different from human names. Names are often hissed and growled when said in Leonin, so names with strong, distinct sounds have helped shape the Leonin naming culture.

  • Etanin of the Rubyheart
  • Charin of the Sunlovers
  • Quakir of the Sunslayer
  • Tiniaz of the Starmind
  • Artoni of the Moonvalley
  • Unain of the Godlake
  • Dyzia of the Stoneheart
  • Hollix of the Onyxwarriors

Xwitt of the Lightningfeet

Xwitt was tasked with getting a message from one end of Oreskos to the other. For most, it would take a week, for Xwitt it took two and a half days.

  • Natalit of the Nickelsmiths
  • Iadma of the Thundermountain
  • Zadin of the Emeraldlake

Onama of the Coppertail

The Coppertail are not known for their brains or power, but Onama believes that through determination, they can best even the gods.

  • Sokaz of the Nightfeet
  • Odinoz of the Silversky
  • Ji of the Nightrun

Qiko of the Zirconwarriors

After the long battle against the Onyxeye, Qiko found that without someone to take care of the injured, their small pride wouldn’t last much longer

  • Eez of the Starwatchers
  • Urinon of the Longear
  • Buhane of the Coppersmiths

Vyzon of the Ebonyeye

With their dark gaze, Vyzon can charm even the most composed of paladins. 

  • Zihik of the Quartzwatchers
  • Vicar of the Ambersky
  • Eriz of the Goldenperformers

Female Leonin Names

Leonin prides are normally matriarchal. Unlike their male counterparts, Leonin women have been deemed more cunning and level headed. Female Leonin also stay in the pride that they were born into.

  • Jyx of the Emeraldeye
  • Gyne of the Thunderweavers
  • Crya of the Topazperformers
  • Rodane of the Ivorylake
  • Zarina of the Swiftrun
  • Ziore of the Goldlovers
  • Abati of the Moontunne
  • Ecate of the Goldheart

Keenia of the Starguides

Keenia knew that the strange woman’s gold was good; however when asked to follow her into the Sun’s Mirror, she wonders if she has bitten more than she can chew.

  • Xena of the Quartzperformers
  • Doxia of the Ivorymessengers

Goria of the Ironclaws

After her adversaries removed her claws, she felt utterly helpless. Perhaps now is the time she listens to the voice in her ears.

  • Hylina of the Jademind
  • Chirit of the Starfeller
  • Ocirame of the Stonefeet

Atagone of the Rubylove

Discovering those who killed her mother and sisters was only the first of many great feats performed by the youngest matron of the Rubylove.

  • Tydak of the Jadelove
  • Bititi of the Zirconfeet
  • Yolada of the Flintclaw

Male Leonin Names

While the women of the pride stay a part for life, most men will go out to seek a new pride when they have come of age. Considering how a male Leonin might have gotten their pride name is an incredibly important character choice

  • Helio of the Ebonyclaws
  • Quix of the Longtail
  • Veedo of the Strongclaws
  • Xemnon of the Nightguides
  • Zeex of the Secretvalley
  • Huntix of the Nightear
  • Roxit of the Rubyeye
  • Grexes of the Goldenguides

Idex of the Goldweavers

The beautiful clothes that he weaves are desired by all the prides of Oreskos. Now to see if he can make a living beyond the golden fields.

  • Fograz of the Swiftmind
  • Zion of the Quartzfoot

Xior of the Quickfeller

The world swims around Xior. “Is this really the power of the gods?” He thinks to himself.

  • Klydox of the Amberfield
  • Eremoz of the Godmountain
  • Rex of the Quickmessengers

War of the Emberheart

War has crushed countless foes. When he finds himself suddenly in a new plane, his mind only thinks,”who’s next?”

  • Eunix of the Quartzlake
  • Cyapo of the Ebonywarriors
  • Teoz of the Quickmountain

Leonin Pride Names

Pride names tell a lot about the Leonin and what they may be known for. The whole pride shares the name for a reason and you get to choose that reason. The simplest way to make a pride name is to combine an adjective with a noun, however, feel free to consider more non-conventional types of pride names.

  • Swifttail
  • Moonvalley
  • Flintclaw
  • Smallfoot
  • Sunslayer
  • Swiftclaws


The Travelers is not a traditional Pride, but rather a name taken by Leonin who leave their Pride and travel outside Oreskos.

  • Copperheart
  • Rubyclaws
  • Sunguides


The Ironmane are a strong Pride that doesn’t respect the authority of the Speaker, leader of the Leonin. 

  • Swiftrun
  • Bronzeclaws
  • Strongwatchers
  • Topazperformers


The Heliodor is an old Pride from the times when the Leonin served the gods. While they don’t follow Heliod any longer, many outsiders consider the Pride “sun touched.”

  • Silvermane
  • Garnetslayer
  • Flintlake

Playing a Leonin can be a fun new experience! The most important part of picking a name for your Leonin is how their Pride might have influenced their history. However, picking a name that you enjoy is the only thing you need to do.

I hope this article helped you pick a name for your Leonin character. Feel free to put your own name ideas in the comments for others to see, or just what you thought. Thanks for reading!

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