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Japanese God Name Generator & Backstories

The samurai placed his blade carefully down across the shine and bowed his head in reverence. “Please Harumi, grant me the courage to see this task through.” The warrior felt the power surge through him once more.

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Mochizuki Shigeri

Fuchizaki Taro


Sumisu Kyoko

Tobe Shion


Watase Maki

Tamaasa Midori


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Furuta Mitsuru


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If you’re thinking of taking inspiration from feudal japan and the legends of the samurai in your stories, then it helps to have a great pantheon of gods for them to worship. Below are a few of our favorite examples.

Good Japanese God Names

Good Japanese God Names take their naming structure from the Japanese language, and all of the great myths from Feudal Japan.

  • Sueoka
  • Nishi
  • Kirigaya
  • Yoshie
  • Sanda
  • Naya
  • Muramoto
  • Harumi
  • Chiyotanda


Yamagata is the god of the journey to the underworld, said to guide souls to their eternal resting place.

  • Watanabe
  • Okuyama
  • Matsushita
  • Konya
  • Michiyo
  • Hirose
  • Akiho
  • Iori
  • Kuroki


Hiraoka is the god of the forest, who is said to watch over every tree in Japan in order to ensure they retain the power to blossom and give life-bringing fruit.

  • Tanikawa
  • Inouye Nagisa
  • Kase Ryuko
  • Ishii Harumi
  • Kawata Kou
  • Morishige
  • Hara Mirai
  • Kamei Mitsue
  • Shinkai Mizuki


Enatsu is the god of the spring, worshiped after the darkest night of winter in order to encourage the warming of the days to mate their haste.

  • Konuma Anri
  • Yokota
  • Momoi Tomomi
  • Sakiyama
  • Tsuboike Nao
  • Oishi Chihiro
  • Yoshiya Hibiki
  • Yoshino Akemi
  • Soda Rin


Kuumoto is the god of the wind, worshiped by sailors who are looking for safe, fast voyage across the seas.

  • Tanimoto
  • Kanagi
  • Tamaasa Midori
  • Ashikaga Harumi
  • Tani Iori
  • Nagao Hiyori
  • Asano Hajime
  • Nishimoto Mitsuki
  • Sakaguchi Kurumi
  • Esumi Hikari

Edamura Kagami

As the goddess of fertility, Edamura Kagami is worshiped by women and families looking to conceive and begin their next generation.

  • Sakai Maiko
  • Ashikaga Makoto
  • Tahara Iori
  • Katayama
  • Furutani Riku
  • Watsuji Tamaki
  • Mochizuki Shigeri
  • Tamaasa Tomoe
  • Wakita Kou
  • Mashimo Michi
  • Hayabusa Nozomi

Watase Maki

Watase Maki is the goddess of the strife and subterfuge, worshiped primarily by assassins and other ne’er-do-wells as they go about their dishonorable business.

  • Tagawa Kazumi
  • Miyata Hikari
  • Shimabukuro Ryō
  • Muramoto Rin
  • Tengan Ryō
  • Ishiwari Shizuka
  • Tsuge Izumi
  • Fuchizaki Taro
  • Sugai Toshitsugu

Konishi Tetsuhiko

Konishi Tetsuhiko is the god of wine and spirits, held in reverence at great feats where the cups flow easily and the only worry is having a good time.

  • Moteki Gaho
  • Naya Mokuami

This concludes our list of Japanese Gods, we hope you found something useful here for your own games and stories going forward. If you did, why not leave a comment below with your favorite name and be sure to share the list with a friend!

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