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Elder God Name Generator & Backstories

The ground around him turned black; the grass withered and died. A horrid stench filled the air, burning his lungs like sulfur. But the man did not notice, his gaze was transfixed on the terrifying figure materializing in front of him – Idruccha had arrived.

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Terrifying entities that rule outer-space and turn mortals’ minds to jelly when they even dare try to perceive them. Here’s a few name suggestions for including them in your own stories.

Good Elder God Names

Good Elder God Names should be borderline unpronounceable to reflect their otherworldly nature, plenty of apostrophes and strange letter combinations:

  • Yakhegmcur
  • Gmaabden
  • Sh’cgitaruc
  • Idruccha
  • Da-thothgna
  • Yog-zcathnar
  • Bokfauaqu
  • Cuag-gothsh’c
  • Fauritu’euc
  • Fet’yakhqez
  • Yogshudden
  • Tuo-ulhlath


Aza-cthyakh is the fungus of twisting light, made of bioluminescent nodes that inspire madness in all who see them.

  • Nognanar
  • Sh’cshud’yakh
  • Tul’rath’cth
  • Y’go’rab
  • Cur’chrab
  • Oog’taottch
  • Ntadacee
  • Ubbyigmi
  • Nar-y’gogma
  • S’cnyar-tuo
  • Ith’jurgna


Gothulhcee is the hateful salamander of flame, said to reside deep in the magma pits below a volcanic island, bending the laws of physics to its will.

  • Hoaxcelath
  • Zschgita-sme
  • Ubbgoth-cee
  • Hyphascshub
  • Chr’hasruc
  • Egmxcehoth
  • Hothtch-bok
  • Tegr’rath
  • Ubb’teghas
  • Lathceerath
  • Nyaregmfau


Cha’sh’c’tsath is the butcher of chthonic tunnels, made of partially formed, insectoid heads. Those who come within its presence are driven to self-mutilation.

  • Egm’shud’no
  • Gnhypphl
  • Zcath’atl-oog
  • Den’sothr
  • Yig’phl-aqu
  • Xce’gnabya
  • Abzcathpul
  • Da’dhsoth
  • Id’tch-hast
  • Skrchrzha
  • Shogatlchr


Eucchalath, the black sleeper, found in the great pyramid in South America. It is composed of unearthly matter that distorts light and time around it.

  • Cth’othcee
  • Bokcuag’yig
  • Tulgothgna
  • Gna-hasccur
  • Caco’otepgna
  • Shog-ntalath
  • Byanogha
  • Tulxcegha
  • Gma-sothgna
  • Gurhuyakh
  • Idotep’fau


Daloshastnyar is a swarm of boundless darkness, made of plant-like, shrunken bodies, proliferating infinitely in the void of space.

  • Narhypzsch
  • Shog-tzc’r
  • Da’ceehast
  • Byanacith
  • Noyakhruc
  • Hubok-ubb
  • Tzc’hoa’scu
  • Shog’xcetzc
  • Shogceeabh
  • Zhague-phl
  • Tul’dafau


Yoghasoog is the defiler of the frozen plains, made of myriad unhealing wounds that ooze pus and other gross liquids.

  • Pus-bokgur
  • Egmtzcden

That concludes our list of Elder God Names, hopefully there was ample fruit here for your own games. If you found something useful then please do share the list around with your friends and comment your favorite name down below.

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