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Egyptian God Name Generator & Backstories

Toliemi raised the dagger above her head and whispered a prayer to Bahiti. “Dearest Bahiti, please accept this tribute as a sign of our endless devotion to your guidance.” The blade plunged downwards.

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Ancient Egypt is one of the most iconic fantasy settings, and fiercely unique compared to traditional medieval fantasy. Here are some good ideas for names of their pantheons.

Good Egyptian God Names

Egyptian god names are best when taken directly from the language of ancient Egypt itself, and then given a greater sense of gravitas and reverence, check out these examples below:

  • Ahi
  • Iua
  • Umi
  • Sarapou
  • Moswen
  • Mut
  • Zalika
  • Kahi
  • Sobk
  • Apries
  • Uthman


Nekhtou is the goddess of night and darkness, worshiped by those who would prefer to remain unseen carrying out their nefarious tasks.

  • Thermutis
  • Bahiti
  • Tabia
  • Kanika
  • Berenice
  • Bakurnro
  • Rashida
  • Amenemant
  • Scheschanq
  • Sutekh
  • Atemu
  • Riei


Apmentenu is the god of the harvest, who has his celebration day in the late summer, when it is time to harvest the majority of the year’s crops.

  • Necho
  • Kafele
  • Aah
  • Heti
  • Ameniritis
  • Bakenranf
  • Aaani
  • Thutmose
  • Jabari
  • Horminuter
  • Set


Amenaa is the goddess of the hunt, worshiped by those looking to secure food for their families and pay reverence to the animals who must die to make it so.

  • Parushta
  • Abasi
  • Ouahabra
  • Thermuthis
  • Mehi
  • Uertheku
  • Kartek
  • Hasina
  • Tphous
  • Ana
  • Muminah


Anuketmatma is the goddess of war, a favorite of warriors and kings alike as they look to expand their realms and vanquish their enemies.

  • Nani
  • Pili
  • Bakrans
  • Rabiah
  • Nenet
  • Nem
  • Mandothph
  • Khnemu
  • Masud
  • Ahmose
  • Hab
  • Bakari


Sefkh is the god of the moon, a favorite of those who call on the moon to channel its power to heal the wounded and aid the sick.

  • Mehhur
  • Ahu
  • Akiiki
  • Chatuluka
  • Meiri
  • Abaalisaba
  • Ouahabra
  • Binebtat
  • Kakau


Eopeii is the god of commerce and money, worshiped by merchants and traders who are always looking for a better deal.

  • Amenmerusarkon
  • Issa

That’s it for our list of Egyptian God Names – hopefully there are a few names here that you can use for your own games and stories! If so, please do share your favorites in the comments below, and be sure to send this list to a friend.

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