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Evil God Name Generator & Backstories

“With this final sacrifice, I prove myself the most worthy of all Dolramal’s followers!”

Karga swung his axe down with a mighty grunt, and lopped the head from the squealing victim.

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Gods can be a force for an immeasurable amount of good, but there can also be their evil counterparts. Here are some great ideas for filling out your own evil pantheon.

Good Evil God Names

To make a God sound truly evil just by name alone, you only really need two things: lots of guttural vowel sounds, and hard consonants.

  • Drunnon
  • Izruzon
  • Gorron
  • Erkath
  • Zekos
  • Dolramal
  • Ozzun
  • Dorkizok
  • Zozzaron
  • Igroth
  • Vonnamir


Dokan is the god of bloodshed and murder, worshiped by crazed killers who stalk the streets at night.

  • Brarkug
  • Zestrithich
  • Ergros
  • Brorkallog
  • Torketh
  • Azrodoz
  • Bogimon
  • Jangroxiz
  • Urzolliug
  • Urzin
  • Dronnodon


Mornorud is a god devoted to oath-breaking, who revels in the misery of promises unkept.

  • Diglaros
  • Songroxes
  • Igraxoz
  • Rirthrol
  • Bugerel
  • Gezzith
  • Ezedath
  • Algar
  • Borgoth


Alvuch is the goddess of patricide, ever whispering in the ears of disgruntled sons that their life would be better without their fathers.

  • Solmanad
  • Inniz
  • Oran
  • Borrokiun
  • Rilmomith
  • Sagennak
  • Iglan
  • Argoman
  • Virkixuun
  • Thonath
  • Merzamen


Borkag is kind of the Orcs, who holds their everlasting devotion. Thousands have slaughtered in his name, and thousands more will do so before the end times.

  • Solgreziuth
  • Orazen
  • Trulgroxus
  • Sangran
  • Arzikur
  • Tralgramin
  • Brarthrith
  • Kag’drekas
  • Xiglothon
  • Karthraroch
  • Volmonnaan
  • Ezrerauk


Jagorith was once a good deity, who was removed from the pantheon when his ambition got the better of him and he tried to assassinate one of his fellow gods.

  • Ulgon
  • Truzrez
  • Trilgrurad
  • Erkones
  • Azgon
  • Irrin
  • Jezgos
  • Drurthrollath
  • Konnelath
  • Roglaxath
  • Elvakath


Trigan is the goddess of pestilence and disease, feared the land over for the devastating plagues she is capable of unleashing on a whim.

  • Trorkaxoth
  • Olvumog
  • Trazrothen
  • Kogrolluun

That concludes our list of devious, scheming, evil Gods. We hope there is something here you can take with you into your own games and stories. Be sure to leave your favorite name in the comments and share the list with your friends!

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