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Duergar Name Generator & Guide

The gray-skinned dwarves waited patiently in ambush as the enemy approached, calm and collected. The senior dwarf turned to his men with a tenacious look – “As soon as Gremrigg Boneboot gives the signal, we charge. First to kill has a casket of ale on me.”

Generate Names

Addir Gorecrag

Gerdish Earthchains

Murthrum Brokenforge

Brilledeth Cravenedge

Thelnik Steelhandle

Runmera Brightforge

Grilkahm Redflow

Lessthel Burnboots

Jinrielle Neckward

Hurrigg Firebelcher

Thurnam Rustbasher

Redmura Keengrace

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The Duergar are tenacious and spiteful dwarves with gray skin and no hair. This evil race finds their home in Underdark, and they went from being nomadic hermits to living in grand underground cities and fortresses which never fails to impress.

They have a passion for fighting, drinking, and boasting but also art, craftsmanship, and smithing. They are cruel and pray to similar gods while accepting the arcane arts far more than some other dwarven subspecies, making them a unique threat.

The members of the race love their homes and rarely leave, while such a venture mostly occurs only when someone gets exiled. This leaves ample opportunities for their names to be heard of, names like Amdrak Stoutrock and Bronvia Mindmantle.

Good Duergar Names

The Duergar names resemble the dwarven names, where perhaps a touch of vile is added. This can take multiple forms, like an exotic first name or grim-like last name that seems to provide insight into the nature of the character.

  • Malrum Stonehold
  • Bardrak Forgegore
  • Bungurn Underforge
  • Krumgarn Knifesorrow
  • Grydrus Battlebeard
  • Branria Darkflow
  • Maevwin Onyxhorn
  • Mysris Rustchain

Lassmyl Forgeaxe

He started helping his father with blacksmithing at a young age, and he immediately showed an affinity for making axes. Whether it was the way they looked, or something else, he dedicated most of his life to perfecting this specific craft.

  • Bharthran Warbraid
  • Hulrik Stormmantle
  • Addan Hellbuster
  • Belnar Stoneboot
  • Braenmyla Forgecrag

Sollyn Ironhead

As one of the more positive soldiers in the city guard, he’s very brave but also sometimes reckless, often unable to deduce whether the situation he is in is threatening his life. His move is to charge into a headbutt, followed by at least a couple of reckless swings of his hammer.

  • Brilledish Runeforge
  • Dolgram Gorestone
  • Thurryl Skullhead
  • Grilron Bronzebelch

Ammand Darkchain

His family name refers to the magical chainmail he wears today. This heirloom once belonged to his father, his father’s father, all the way back to its creator, more than a thousand years ago.

  • Nesryn Blackstand
  • Elryl Runehunter
  • Ranwaen Doomcrusher
  • Jenmera Underbrow
  • Raenra Flameflow

Female Duergar Names

It is said that the Duergar females lack the ability to grow facial hair, unlike many of their kin. This doesn’t change the fact they can match others in both their personality and wits, and some of them are the most vicious dwarves one has ever seen.

  • Tishros Stoutsorrow
  • Runsyl Foreboot
  • Brylnip Moltenfight
  • Nassros Thundermaster
  • Raennip Flintstone
  • Byllegiel Fireslice
  • Bardeth Vicefall
  • Jinthel Steelbelt

Raenlinn Brokenhelm

She’s one of the stronger dwarves in the region, and she uses that fact to shattering effect. Wielding a maul her grandfather made for her, whenever she fights the battlefield is filled with sounds of crushing steel, bone, and flesh.

  • Daermyla Cravenedge
  • Brulglian Flamebelcher
  • Laslyl Blindreach
  • Runtyn Forgefeast
  • Tisvan Hellhold

Brytwynn Madbuster

A master tactician, leader, and ambusher. She leads one of the most effective special army forces in the region and never fails to be the first in the fray. The men follow the charge every single time, without the slightest of hesitation, bolstered by her mad warcry.

  • Rynnip Runesnapper
  • Tyshvan Bronzegore
  • Belnan Goblineater
  • Ketwaen Skullcleaver
  • Arwynn Bronzecrusher

Male Duergar Names

As former slaves to mind flayers, they are known to hold multiple grudges that can quickly escalate to violence. They don’t just charge in blindly, however, but like to set up ambushes and employ other tricks to win in their cause.

  • Murram Brightsnapper
  • Kramthrun Graveeater
  • Admand Cravenchewer
  • Hjalrim Starksnapper
  • Addir Gorecrag
  • Dardal Darkbraid
  • Daermir Silenthammer
  • Grildohr Neckcrag

Gimgrun Skullaxe

Being relatively shorter than most of his kin, one would think he would fare so well, both in life and in the army. However, he’s one of the fiercest fighters the clan has, and most of his enemies usually end up with his axe firmed deeply into their skulls.

  • Bandohr Earthbreath
  • Gimgran Oremask
  • Tharthrum Redsnapper
  • Tythran Brightearth
  • Bheldur Steelhead

Bunram Fireearth

After several successful heists, burglaries, and even murders, this dwarf has been on the run for more than four years. Having already changed locations, with no luck of escaping his reputation, he’s now preparing himself to go to the surface where no one knows his name.

  • Tydram Wildearth
  • Murgrom Silentslayer
  • Barman Steelminder
  • Bermyr Vengechains
  • Grennum Goblinstand

Duergar Last Names

Their last names can often be the name of their clan, although more and more Duergar have been seen to have their own surnames or have even embraced a given name for such.

  • Foreflayer
  • Runechewer
  • Onyxgift
  • Blindflow
  • Blackblade
  • Brightripper
  • Thunderflayer
  • Rustheart


This last name isn’t an original family name but it’s been so long in use that no one actually remembers what they were called before. Adding to that the fact that almost all members of the family chew black tobacco since an early age, it has stuck pretty much immediately.

  • Foerunner

The Duergar are a race of tenacious and cunning dwarves, bold and of gray skin. They can be as spiteful as they are crafty, and they can excel in many things, from religion and arcane arts to blacksmithing and jewelcrafting. By now, they have established multiple underground cities and fortresses, a shining example of what can be achieved if one perseveres. Try to think about how the character was brought up, what were they good at, what are their goals, and come up with a name worthy of their grim life.

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