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World of Warcraft Void Elf Name Generator & Guide

“We do not get frightened by power, we welcome it and embrace it, my friend.” The words rang true in his colleague’s mind, though her expression indicated confusion and uncertainty. “Tynlien, you do understand this new threat is like no other, correct?” – the void elf asked, still not certain what kind of an answer she wanted to hear.

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Void Elves, known as Ren’dorei, or “children of the void” in their own tongue, are most akin to blood elves, who are their true origin. After being exiled from Silvermoon City, they were saved from the Void’s grasp by Alleria Windrunner.

Having now joined the Alliance, they seek power and new ways to control the Void’s touch which would allow them to prove their worth in the eyes of the others. They always hear voices from the Void and retaining mental balance is strenuous at best.

Void elves tend to value individualism, despite having the same goals and causes. Some good examples of Void Elf names are Quean, Kelnara, Gelemar, and Lynalanne.

Female Void Elf Names

Female Void Elves make great fighters and are well known for their magic abilities.

  • Aeleriah
  • Telira
  • Amoenna
  • Kelyna
  • Terelria
  • Velasara


Studying secrets of the Fel magic, along with other almost-forbidden arcane knowledge, she’s looking into new ways of tapping into such sources of power, searching for the discovery that will change it all.

  • Aleima
  • Melle
  • Kelia
  • Ceedrae
  • Sharine


Wanting to help herself remove the voices from her mind, she learned to love meditation and studying of magic. Today she’s a very much accomplished mage who has perfected her mental balance and stability.

  • Keelaya
  • Galadana
  • Loralene
  • Aeladori
  • Zanlia


She puts her faith in the holy ways of the priests, using such magic to tp help others. It is when she’s most concerned about someone else that the voices disappear.

  • Kanani
  • Aelnara
  • Jasilla
  • Garmisa
  • Olidori
  • Eranel

Male Void Elf Names

The struggle is no stranger to them, especially mental, and that iron-willed discipline comes very much in handy while learning some craft or profession. Whether they are soldiers, artisans, merchants, or something else, they are tenacious in every way.

  • Winanis
  • Nodanas
  • Heazen
  • Tolor
  • Madan
  • Osselerun


Reading on fighting techniques by studying ancient tomes of war, as well as training with various weapon, he’s quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. He doesn’t know fear and his ennemies know it.

  • Tyniarthenis
  • Alnien
  • Winlae
  • Caeas
  • Getheol


As an orphan child, he met a monk who quickly realized his potential and soon took him under his wing. Studying various forms of martial arts, along with daily meditation, he managed to put the voices in his head aside, maintaining utter control over his mind.

  • Velenthin
  • Eldoran
  • Alamtus
  • Krentheril
  • Perald


A bit of an introvert, he often prefers solitude and as such, naturally got better at hiding, moving stealthy, and remaining unseen. Using his skills he perfected over dozens of years, he makes his way to the places that would be otherwise forbidden to the strangers.

  • Hanis
  • Kaththenis
  • Mavelion
  • Yarel
  • Celoelinan
  • Cailon

Funny Void Elf Names

Sometimes you need a break from more serious lore and gameplay, and you can use some humor and relaxation instead. Here are some of the more playful names that you could adjust to your character or use as an inspiration.

  • Voidfull
  • Mcdark
  • Lesslight
  • Voidever
  • Warranty
  • Gloomy
  • Voydelf
  • Nosun
  • Avoidance
  • Voidemort
  • Nothighelf
  • Voidelicious
  • Unavoidable
  • Notfull
  • Voidberg
  • Contract
  • Voidfu
  • Avoidme
  • Voidageddon
  • Voideal

Still tied to the Void, though keeping the balance by using everything Alleria Windrunner taught them, they live their life to the fullest. Void elves have much to prove, even more to themselves than others, and they don’t stop chasing their goals as easily as someone else might. Create a name for your Void elf, one that could resonate one day throughout history, and discover the world using a completely new perspective.

Did you enjoy this guide? Tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Void Elf name.

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