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World of Warcraft Dark Iron Dwarf Name Generator & Guide

“Like the Firelord, himself, brings his fiery hammer upon his enemies with fury and precision, so will I, Hjomerdath, pour my soul and will into this ax, making it the finest work the general has ever seen!” – the dwarf mumbled as the sweat kept falling off with each beat of his hammer, and hissing sounds of liquid hitting hot metal echoed throughout the smithy.

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Dark Iron Dwarves, also known as the Dark Iron clan, were led by Thaurissan, a sorcerer-thane, in an unsuccessful attack on the Ironforge after which they were sent back into the depths of the Redridge Mountains before being attacked themselves.

Today, they serve under Ragnaros and are against both the Alliance and the Horde, though certain group called Thorium Brotherhood deals with each of the factions, resulting in a war between them and the rest of the Dark Iron Dwarves.

They are fond of ambushes and also excel in using arcane magic, while they also stay true to their dwarven heritage by using technology, guns, and bombs. Some good examples of names are Bildous, Hurnann, Ongra, Braryhme, and Undak.

Female Dark Iron Dwarf Names

Some people believe there are no Dark Iron dwarf women and that their race just springs from the ground. The truth is different, with females being equal to the males.

  • Mogdes
  • Nagsan
  • Kikra
  • Dalihra


A politician’s daughter, she’s on her very first and the most important mission of her life. Needing to find new allies, she’ll do whatever she can to secure the almost too ambitious goals of her father.

  • Rozi
  • Rallon
  • Ginva
  • Bisass


A rogue of great cunning, she’s working her way through enemy ranks using stealth and guile. While she won’t avoid head to head combat, she prefers to ambush her victims, leaving no room for a true escape.

  • Eshonn
  • Jeahdio
  • Twyden
  • Beane
  • Brissam
  • Tarun


Following her uncle’s footsteps, today she can smith you the finest dark iron gear there is. From weapons to armor, she does it with stellar precision and craftsmanship, shaming the best artisans in the world.

  • Kumveg
  • Ligy
  • Roshua
  • Reynan
  • Bymda
  • Kenmuss

A mage and a scholar, uses her skill and knowledge to enhance weapons, armor, and clothes, providing a unique advantage to the fortunate.

  • Gessoria
  • Bavun
  • Deglaely
  • Twenlu
  • Twomda


Resorting do dark ways and almost forgotten magic, she interacts with demons and uses even the force of life itself to bring ruin and destruction upon her enemies. After finding the location of a certain artifact, she now makes her way towards wealth and power.

  • Thodur
  • Ealami
  • Asess
  • Thimir
  • Baista

Male Dark Iron Dwarf Names

Contrary to the dwarven inclination for front-line fighting in tight ranks, they like surprises and ambushes, perhaps even more than any other style of fighting. They also call upon their mages and other arcane users to help where steel fails to do so.

  • .Dagdar
  • Fenron
  • Lohkohs
  • Golgarr


Son of Rhothrir, ran from an ambush as escaped as a sole survivor. Vowing revenge, he makes his way through the land, acquiring money, weapons, armor, and everything else he’ll need to make his way to the Thorium Brotherhood.

  • Cohren
  • Onhin
  • Birdur
  • Tarer
  • Hjordamer


A commander of the finest caliber, he’s a brave warrior who’s an expert front line fighter but also capable of some of the shrewdest ambushes. He demands no respect but gets all of it in return, and many younger dwarves strive to be like him, promising a bright future for the clan.

  • Arugdum
  • Dahdrul
  • Grormeg
  • Omdehm
  • Sudrol


A warlock who decided to spend his life increasing his wealth and power, rising through the ranks in various aspects. He searches for a certain item of power that will help him restore his clan to former glory but also elevate him to new position of power.

  • Oukunn
  • Sumdagg
  • Ognegs
  • Hjamur
  • Jendourn
  • Drormag


Once an apprentice to a great mage, he himself now carries the duties of one, often traveling as he completes his work. Sometimes he gets carried away if he meets someone he likes, which is more than enough to get his attention.

  • Bongor
  • Yahndagg
  • Khungir
  • Aldal
  • Bagrihm


Hearing stories about knights and paladins of great orders, he always dreamt of being one. Despite conflicting opinions on the impact of his choices, today he thrives as a well-respected member of the paladin order, working twice as hard as others in order to prove he truly belongs there.

  • Khudrar
  • Khougak
  • Tirnerm
  • Urgil
  • Kreldeg

Stout as most dwarves but faster, more agile, and cunning, Dark Iron Dwarves are master smiths, warriors, ambushers, and wielders of magic. Whether your goal is to spread Ragnaros’s will, betray his ways, or simply find your place away from such dealings, by playing a Dark Iron Dwarf you’re in for a treat. They have a peculiar history behind them, and playing one certainly offers a wide variety of playstyles. Can you forge your way to glory and power? One way to find out is by creating a name worthy of remembering and venturing forth into the world that awaits you.

Did you enjoy this guide? Tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Dark Iron Dwarf name.

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