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Sword Name Generator & Guide

In the loaded pause before the true battle began, a single sound echoed throughout the chamber. The party’s resolve nearly wavered to hear the unmistakable keening melody of Soulbinder being released from its scabbard.

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Kakusareta kiken


Hollow Victory

The Annihilator

Seam Ripper

Unholy Cleaver

Opus of the Swordsmith

Sabre of the Usurper


Vivisector of Villains

Wicked Arcane Slicer

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The naming of a sword can indicate a weapon of great power or value, or serve as a reminder of deeds it has committed in the past. If the blade has always belonged to an individual, its name will be inextricably bound with their alignment and actions. Swords that make journeys, down bloodlines or across planes, may instead be named for their own characteristics, luring generations of adventurers to their hilts.

Good Sword Names

A well-named sword can strike fear in the minds of enemies, or hope in the hearts of the oppressed. Make sure that everyone knows what to expect when your hero reaches for its hilt, or choose a tricksy name to keep them guessing.

    • Heaven’s Judge
    • Doomblade
    • Wicked Steel Crusader
    • Fury’s Edge
    • Heartseeker
    • Orphan’s Lament
    • Peacekeeper
    • Iron Aberration


A paladin’s broadsword, inscribed with countless devotions across its steel. Any villain who meets Angelmaker’s edge is compelled to spend their final breath on a whispered prayer for salvation.

  • Silvered Sword of the Bloodhunter
  • Righteous Oathbreaker
  • Thorn of the Outlander
  • Divine Champion
  • Fiend’s Foil

Silent Dancer

A rapier for the adventurer who favours striking from the shadows. The precise blade cuts through the air without a sound, leaving less perceptive enemies in the mud before they can even cry out.

  • Ritual Blade
  • Crooked Mirror
  • Fate’s Cruel Knife
  • Seam Ripper
  • Flenser’s Friend

Japanese Sword Names

Any character can come into possession of a powerful Japanese blade, and its moniker should reflect its origins. Whether you share the meaning is up to you, though your sword may reveal its nature before you have the chance.

  • Kubikiri Orochi
  • Kinguburiidaa
  • Shinokagami
  • Mugenjin
  • Dekyapiteitaa
  • Masayoshi
  • Kakusareta kiken
  • Koibito no fukushuu


A sword handed down through the generations, becoming more deadly with each drop of blood righteously spilt across its blade. Rival families fear Shibui, knowing their wounds would only add to its mysterious power.

  • Shichishito
  • Rakurai
  • Kurou no Tatsu


The blade of a freedom fighter, always polished to a mirror shine in anticipation of the next tyrant to cross its path. In every camp of enslaved citizens, a whispered prayer to Cheinbureika can be heard on the breeze.

  • Zantetsuken
  • Muhai no ha
  • Tetsuyama
  • Shi no diiraa
  • Mashou
  • Buresusutiiraa
  • Yama no chikara

Legendary Sword Names

Weapons of legendary status will often be named after the properties that distinguish them from common steels. This tantalizing hint of powerful enchantments has compelled many a hero to search far and wide for these storied weapons.

  • Mageslayer
  • Double-Edged Sword
  • Cutlass of the Kraken
  • Beast Bane
  • Soulbinder
  • Gift of the Gods
  • Reckless Reaver
  • Stormstriker

Thorn of the Fey

This fabled rapier has belonged to many a tricksy denizen of the feywild, and the current bearer can use the sword to lure them out in times of need.

  • Singing Blade of the Bard
  • Abyssal Shard
  • Wildfire, Brand of the Fey
  • Shieldcleaver
  • Twisted Mindbreaker

Saber of the Outer Planes

An unusual blade that seems to shift in shape each time you look away. On a critical hit, the saber eagerly banishes the mark from the Material Plane.

  • Scourge of the Undead
  • Dispeller, Nemesis of the Mage
  • Shadowblade of the Trickster
  • Shifting Blade of the Astral Sea
  • Champion of the Nine Hells

Famous Sword Names

For a sword to be known across the lands, it must have a name of significance to the people. The glorious blades of kings will often enter the annals of history, but the common folks are just as likely to honor a revolutionary’s battle-worn sword.

  • Tyrant’s Torment
  • Knightmaker
  • Dueller’s Jewel
  • Blood-Forged Blade
  • Sabre of the Usurper
  • Hollow Victory
  • Fabled Blade of the Avenger
  • Coward’s Last Stand

Executioner’s Quill

Once, writers and artists spoke freely across the kingdoms. When the current dynasty took the lands by force, this mighty greatsword ensured each freethinking head would roll. It now hangs above the throne, the cruel irony of its name serving as a warning.

  • Titan’s Knife
  • Lightbringer
  • Betrayer’s End
  • Slayer of the First Born
  • Silencer
  • Marauder’s Downfall

Breaker of Thrones

This pockmarked and battleworn claymore has crept into the nightmares of many a new king. Whenever injustice rears its head, the blade finds its way into the hands of a willing usurper.

  • Bloodline Ender
  • Liberator, Smasher of Chains
  • Mother Nature’s Might
  • Broadsword of the Unseelie Knight

Did you enjoy reading about the best way to name a sword? I’ve always found that details like these really bring a story to life. Let me know in the comments what you think of the names I’ve chosen, and please do share the article with fellow adventurers!

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