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Magic Item Name Generator & Guide

After many hours of interrogating every barkeep, the party had to admit they were stumped. Overhearing their complaints, a fellow patron passed them a piece of parchment, blank but for the words ‘Map to the Heart of the Matter’. As they grabbed hold of it, a familiar name appeared on the page.

Generate Names

Greaves of the Great Desert

Rebirth Elixir

Spiked Collar of Atonement

Cup of Compromise

Unholy Tome of Nightmares

Scales of Equal Loot Distribution

Herbacious Candle of Seduction

Saddle of the Skeletal Rider

Barbarian’s Calming Helm

Goggles of Sinful Visions

Ring of Whale Song

Unbroken Manacles

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Magic items are an excellent way to get a party moving, reward them after battles well-fought, or to help pad out a character’s story. The only real restrictions are from your story’s setting, as you’ll want to avoid unattainable powers and anachronistic items (unless there’s a way to explain them with magic!).

Good Magic Item Names

There are some naming conventions that are instantly recognisable as magic items, which are a great starting point for brainstorming ideas. Alliteration pops up a lot, particularly for items that are intended to bring some laughter to the table. Longterm quest items are more likely to use powerful adjectives with less obvious meanings to lure adventurers in.

    • Crown of Apathy
    • Mirror of the Feywild
    • Burnished Amulet of Wildfire
    • Eavesdropper’s Earring
    • Platinum Ring of Devotions
    • Mantle of Mischief
    • Salamander’s Stone
    • Illusory Quill

Wand of Wordplay

This single-use wand has the power to twist an enemy’s words. When targeted by a foe’s spell, the wielder can use their reaction to change one letter of the incantation, creating an entirely new effect at the DM’s discretion.

  • Hooded Cloak of Hiding
  • Shadowfell’s Whispering Wand
  • Unbreakable Bottle
  • Beastcaller’s Horn
  • Shard of the Shapeshifter

Chultish Vine Whip

A deceptively light weapon of coiled foliage. On a successful hit, the vines wind their way around the target’s legs, binding them together for a turn.

    • Everlasting Ink
    • Cursed Chest of the Pirate Queen
    • Grail of Storms
    • Anytender Coin
    • Wand of Weathering
    • Listener’s Lockpicks

Bard’s Gilded Amplifier

When clipped to the bard’s instrument of choice, this glimmering contraption extends the usual reach of their inspiring performance by 30 feet.

  • Thrice-Sealed Scroll Case
  • Wand of Wiles
  • Everflowing Nightcap
  • Unbroken Manacles
  • Ring of Fiend Finding
  • Compass of the Trackless Sea
  • Unlucky Rabbit’s Foot
  • Jar of Stolen Souls

Seven-League Sandals

Much like the fabled Seven-League Boots, these sandals grant the power to travel great distances at speed. Due to their unfavourable design, the wearer makes all Charisma skill checks at disadvantage.

  • Evermeet’s Endless Quiver
  • Collapsing Table of Instant Feasts
  • Ring of Whale Song
  • Ethereal Elevator
  • Warming Cloak of the Neverwinter Guard
  • Map to the Heart of the Matter
  • Spoon of Seasoning/Spoiling

Flipping Coin of the Indecisive Mage

In the thick of a raging battle, it’s not uncommon for a wizard to become stultified by their bulging book of spells. The faces of this coin show two of their best loved incantations, and as a bonus action can be used to force the mage’s hand.

  • Alchemist’s Chalice
  • Haunting Pipes of the Singing Rocks
  • Farseeing Runes
  • The Trousers of Many Pockets
  • Torque Wrench of the Artificier
  • Storm-Touched Circlet
  • Speaking Jar of Secrets

Cap of Delusion

After donning this cap the wearer becomes convinced they are larger by one creature size. While no one else perceives them as such, their new belief is so strong that they gain the properties related to their imagined size.

  • Haunted Map of the Mists
  • Fate’s Horn
  • Tome of Rebirth
  • Hidden Napsack
  • Lamp of the Elementals
  • Cursed Book of Shadowfell
  • Spiked Collar of Atonement

Wizard’s Wakeful Pipe

Long journeys can be hard on delicate party members, and when fatigue sets in there’s a real risk of disaster. Once per long rest, this pipe may be puffed for a hit of enchanted smoke that gets the blood flowing and removes one level of fatigue.

  • True Vanity Mirror
  • Cloak of Darkest Night
  • Necromancer’s Bells
  • Lipreading Goggles
  • Eversweeping Broom
  • Scales of Equal Loot Distribution
  • Singing Sword of Warning

Diadem of Dream Defense

For the adventurer who is at genuine risk of mind interference, or one who is looking for an upgrade from the tin foil hat. Wearing this feathered headpiece to bed ensures that no spell can penetrate the dreamer’s mind.

  • Rebirth Elixir
  • Delayed-Dissolving Glue
  • Grail of Physical Prowess
  • Obsidian Shard of Chance
  • Unholy Tome of Nightmares
  • Cheater’s Coin

Did you enjoy imagining the magic items I’ve listed here? Choosing exciting names for items is one of my favorite ways to keep my party engaged and entertained too. Let me know in the comments what you think, and feel free to share this list around.

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