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As they wept among ashes of fallen friends, citizens of The Burnished Forest vowed to never welcome another stranger. Their mages forged a warding staff, Flaming Branch, in the last ember of cursed wildfyre. Its blackened tip would ignite whenever visitors thought to darken their doorstep.

The Undoing
Wrath of the Mage
The Stickler
Cursed Rainstick
Nature’s Revenge
Waxing Moonstaff
Lightning Rod
Sprig of the Druid
Gaia’s Avenger
Stormtipped Rod

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An imposing staff is a staple in any traditional wizard’s wardrobe, but they also turn up in the hands of other characters. While the spell shooting kind is most common, a solid wood staff can be a formidable weapon in the right hands.

Good Staff Names

Choosing the right name can help distinguish whether your staff is made for the martials arts or magic. One way to do this is to highlight specific arcane properties, but a name with a generally threatening aura can be fun too.

  • Warlord’s Warpwood
  • Swangsong Stave
  • Rosewood Thorn
  • Cloudfeller
  • Consecrated Branch
  • The Undoing
  • Thunderclap Rod
  • Wrath of the Mage
  • Hysteria

Stave of the Snake

Only upon close inspection does the serpentine nature of this weapon become apparent. Intricate scales are engraved into the polished shaft, leading to a carved tip resembling a rattlesnake’s tail. Wielders of the staff develop a forked tongue, making it a desirable weapon for desert druids and other

  • Dreamstopper
  • Flaming Branch
  • Bone-Carved Battlestaff
  • Forest’s Fury
  • Barbarian Bane
  • Sacrificial Stave
  • Her Majesty’s Sceptre
  • Prism Catcher
  • Howling Battlestaff
  • Warlock’s Spire

Spinal Column

This battlestaff began life as an amulet, carved from the vertebrae of a usurped chieftain. This act spurred a decade of bloody coups but none could topple the amulet’s wearer, who laughed as he collected the bones of each pretender. Eventually his hideous trophy was long enough to use as a weapon, the perfect deterrent against revolt.

  • Glancing Blow
  • The Stickler
  • Blazing Sunstaff
  • Court Wizard’s Pride
  • Whipping Winterbranch
  • Gnarlwood
  • Punisher’s Rod
  • Feythorn
  • The Fine Line
  • Cursed Rainstick

Mast of the Sea Witch

A driftwood staff, topped with a frosted sea glass orb. Seaweed adorns the shaft, whipping through the air like maypole ribbons when the weapon unleashes its true power. As the wielder begins to dance, sailors find themselves unable to look away, ignorant of the howling winds now tearing their vessel off course.

  • Unbent Branch
  • Scintillating Spellstaff
  • Fighter’s End
  • Witherwood Stave
  • Blackout Battlestaff
  • Runic Rod
  • Firesoul Scepter
  • Supple Sprig
  • The Unmaker
  • Gift of the Forest
  • Spellshot Staff

The Spared Rod

This polished length of solid oak once hung in a priest’s office, a painful reminder to every child in the orphanage of their last alleged indiscretion, until they took matters into their own hands. The staff took to its new purpose well, becoming a symbol of hope against the corruption in the divine orders.

  • Leafy Springstave
  • Snowdrop Sprig
  • Quickened Quarterstaff
  • Coward’s Pole
  • Twisted Spite
  • Spellslinger
  • Nature’s Revenge
  • Branch of the Beast
  • Wizard’s Wood
  • Serpentine Scepter

Greatstaff of the Ghast

An unsettling aura surrounds this blackened length of jagged wood. It’s prowess as a martial weapon is clear from its hefty size and weight, but it’s the sulphuric stench and irresistible fear that keeps most enemies at bay.

  • Warpwood Reaper
  • Arm’s Length
  • Sprig of the Savage
  • Blightrod
  • Wilting Branch
  • Waxing Moonstaff
  • The Front Line
  • Raindance Rod
  • Ankle Biter

Staffs are such a versatile weapon that you can take naming them in all kinds of directions. I’ve tried to provide suggestions for a variety of weapon types, how do you think I did? Let me know in the comments, along with any of your own ideas! Please feel free to share this with fellow naming enthusiasts too.

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Cassidy Ferrari
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