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Shop Name Generator & Guide

In the centre of the market square was a mother being crowded by her children. “One silver for you each. Remember, someone’s got to buy your father his gift.” The kids split off, each sprinting in a different direction. The mother called to their backs, “And if I catch you near Callum’s Ale Wagon again, there’ll be trouble!”

Generate Names

The Jaded Trickster

Careful Carvers

The Hidden Seal

The Elder Scroll

The Angry Vial

The Spell Counter

Taboos and Voodoos

Boils and Bubbles

The Dragon Seal

The New Boots

Shades and Shadows

The Pestle and Mortar

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Money has this tendency to burn a hole in your pocket, so what better way to solve that than with a shopping spree? In a fantasy world, this could just be a supply run or it could be an intense haggling-session to purchase an enchanted axe.

Plenty of merchants operate out of a traveling wagon, or a tent they set up at a market. Others, like blacksmiths, make their wares on-site and may only have a small counter in their workshop to sell from. Not every shop has a storefront, but every shop needs a name. 

Good Shop Names

In fantasy worlds, the best marketing a store has is its name. It is crucial to pick a name that not only describes what is for sale, but is catchy enough to entice customers to come in and browse.

  • The Silver Spoon
  • Creature Couture
  • The Faulty Dice
  • The True Shot
  • Leonard’s Leatherworking
  • The Iron Skillet
  • Filch’s Pawn
  • The Phony Caravan


A bookshop lit by dozens of tiny lamps which seem to risk burning the store down at any moment. The truth is each lamp is the home of a magically-shrunken dragon who is very responsible with their firebreath.

  • The Last Straw
  • Twinkling Star
  • The Secret Chimera
  • The Grey Beard
  • The Ninth Life
  • Heaven’s Door
  • The Precious Watch
  • Shifted Polarity

The Majestic Lute

All manner of finely crafted instruments are for sale in this shop. The owner employs several talented musicians to act as customers and play the instruments in an effort to drum up sales.

  • Silk’s Den
  • The New Boots
  • Fendrik’s Emporium
  • Sleight of Hand
  • The Five Leaf Clover
  • The Shining Lantern
  • Hobard’s Wares
  • The Snapped Quill

Magic & Potion Shop Names

One of the unique features of a fantasy world is magical items. When you need to stock up on potions, get your armour enchanted, or just talk to a wizard, you can spot a magic shop a mile away by the name alone.

  • Summoned Goods
  • The Mirror Image
  • Spellunking
  • The Ring of Life
  • Corrupt Sphere
  • The Rare Quill
  • Taboos and Voodoos
  • Runes and Rods

Portable Potents

Travelers who need equipment for the road come here. The shop’s claim to fame is a line of lightweight enchanted coins imbued with useful spells. Simply flipping the coin casts the spell, and you can keep the coin afterward.

  • The Arcane Barrier
  • Smoke and Mirrors
  • Wizard Mail
  • Arcane Infinity
  • Genie’s Lantern
  • Lucky Scroll
  • The Sorcerer’s Source
  • The Elder Scroll

The Phoenix Feather

A former pet store, the proprietor realized they could make far more money selling the scales, feathers, and scat that fell from their magical creatures. Mages pay high prices for these materials, which they use as reagents.

  • Pandora’s Box
  • The Haunting Rune
  • Tomes and Tiaras

Alchemist Shop Names

The smoke-filled shops of alchemists are usually shunned by locals, so finding one can take some luck. Inside, there are magical chemists at work mixing reagents to make potions and more. 

  • The Pestle and Mortar
  • Tinctures and Tonics
  • The Eager Elixer
  • Mixmasters
  • The Secret Ingredient
  • Bottle Shock
  • The Unicorn’s Horn
  • Boils and Bubbles

Storm Vial

Located at the peak of a mountain, the reclusive shop owner constantly tries to transmute one metal into another, selling her rejected experiments. A lightning rod on the roof provides the raw energy required for her work.

  • The Invisible Vial
  • Abracapothecary
  • The Blood Pact
  • Potions and Lotions
  • The Blind Witch
  • Omnipharmacon
  • The Angry Vial

Floating Wolf Potions
Once a fairly mundane alchemist’s shop, an infamous incident involving a certain levitating apex predator made the shop a household name in the region, attracting unpleasant rumours but also new customers.

  • The Bramble Staff
  • Quiggly’s Quicklime
  • The Dry River

Blacksmith Shop Names

Follow the ringing of hammers, and you will find a blacksmith. These craftspeople spend all day sweating in their shops to present only the highest quality hand-made wares for sale.

  • Miner Offense
  • The Brass Gremlin
  • Rocks and Rubble
  • The Pointy End
  • Burnsie’s Ore
  • The Crossed Hammers
  • Scar’s Smithcraft
  • The Whistling Hammer

Grizzly Chisels

The lead craftsman, the famous dwarf Urlan, wields a set of chisels he made from the teeth of a bear. According to Urlan, the bear wandered into his shop one day and tried to leave with a half-finished gold circlet on its head.

  • The Best Defence
  • Lead and Gold
  • The Block and Anvil
  • Glasshopper
  • The Rusty Bellows
  • Embers and Ashes
  • The Dwarven Beard

Bronze Bite

This smithy was where the famous maul Grobskeeter was forged, passed down between orc chieftains for generations. Tourists can now buy souvenir reproductions out of a lighter—and cheaper—bronze alloy.

  • Long Anvil Outfitter
  • The Glass Talisman
  • Frostburne Forge

Did you enjoy this guide? Leave us a comment with your thoughts, and share this guide with your friends if you liked it. Shops pop up everywhere in a fantasy world, and giving yours a good name can add some magic and wonder to your world.

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