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Blacksmith Name Generator & Guide

A crowd of delighted children had gathered around a ramshackle building at the town’s center, their laughter punctuated by a rhythmic clanging. It was dusk, which meant Chisel and Sizzle had begun their nightly show, a dangerous dance of whirling hammers and flying sparks.

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Sizzle and Fizzle

Obsidian Anvil

Eye and Ore

The Burnt Beard

Singing Steel

Chisel and Sizzle

Axe to Grind

Batter and Clash

Lion’s Might



Make Them Suffer

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Of all the businesses in a fantasy world, blacksmiths are some of the most fun to name. They often include a little bit of humor, cheekiness, and plenty of puns. Even in a serious setting, you can get away with some wordplay, though you may prefer to focus on the quality of weaponry on offer.

Good Blacksmith Names

A good name for any trader tells you something about the kind of atmosphere and products you can expect when you walk through the door. After all, busy heroes may not have time to trawl through every forge, so an intriguing name will ensure they head to the most suitable spots.

  • The Smokerie
  • Blackheart Anvil
  • Steel Yourself
  • Metal Matters
  • Undying Embers
  • The Iron Men
  • Up in Arms
  • Warrior’s Hearth

Hallowed Hammers

Unlike other religious orders, the monks in charge of this blacksmiths don’t seek eternal peace. Instead, they keep their vows of silence by channeling anger into hammer and anvil.

  • From the Caldera
  • Nerves of Steel
  • The Smelting Pot
  • Sizzle and Solder
  • From the Ashes
  • Curious Forge
  • Heart of the Phoenix
  • Claim to Flame
  • Hammerhead House
  • Blazetrailers
  • Sooty and Sweep

Art of Steel

No weapon more fanciful, nor shield more ornate than the fruits of this forge. Priding themselves on bringing style to substance, these upmarket artisans are a favourite of princes and bards.

  • Heat and Beat
  • Spire of Fire
  • The Hateful Hearth
  • The Real Steel

Medieval Blacksmith Names

The weaponry and armor of medieval times has persisted in the public imagination, with many fantasy settings drawing inspiration from greaves and greatswords alike. You can conjure this imagery with your blacksmith names too, referencing the whimsy or warmongering of the knightly period.

  • Shining Armor Forge
  • Chivalry and Chisels
  • Metal Mettle
  • Castle of Flame
  • Knight Nurse
  • Run the Gauntlet
  • Arm Thyself!
  • Poets of Steel

Talk of the Tourney

These smiths have a knack for arming the most successful knights at the yearly tourney. While some suspect foul play, few dare to risk their chances at their less prosperous rivals.

  • Lion’s Might
  • Jouster’s Rest
  • The Flaming Dame
  • Dragonfeller Forge
  • Melee Menders
  • The King’s Pauldrons
  • Castle Crashers

Damsel Defenders

Dazzling pommels and elaborate helms are bestsellers at this prestigious forge. They specialize in the kind of steel that perfectly reflects the sunlight as you approach a captured damsel with arms outstretched.

  • Holy Fire Forge
  • The Metal Petal
  • Lancelot’s Lance
  • Singing Steel
  • The Knight Shift
  • Divine Protectors
  • Tower of Tongs
  • The Once and Future Forge

Dwarven Blacksmith Names

Dwarven forges often have the funniest names of them all, often including tortured puns and even some innuendo. This means you can go a bit wild with creativity here, as anyone entering your fantasy land will likely expect something a bit bawdy from a dwarven blacksmith.

  • Hammerhold
  • Miner’s Pride
  • The Brazen Blazers
  • Twisted Firestarters
  • Axe to Grind
  • The Smokestack
  • Live By The Sword
  • Balls of Steel

The Burnt Beard

If it weren’t for his skill at the anvil, this cantankerous dwarf would have gone out of business years ago. He’d never quite got over the locals renaming his shop, following an unfortunate incident which left him with half a beard and a thoroughly blackened chin.

  • Chisel and Sizzle
  • Mountain’s Might
  • Pound Town
  • No Questions Forge
  • Crossed Swords
  • The Best Offense
  • Beardy Beaters

The Smelting Shieldmaiden

After years of uncomfortable battles and leering knights, this jolly smith puts her talents to making practical armor for fellow sisters in arms. Any men who think to laugh at a woman behind an anvil are treated to a swift kick to the shins from her gleaming sabatons.

  • Up in Smoke
  • The Arms Race
  • Hammer it Home
  • The Unburnt Boys
  • Death Metal
  • Blackbeard Forge
  • Hard as Nails
  • Batter and Clash
  • Anvil of the Mountain King

I’ve had great fun coming up with these blacksmith names, which I think is the best way to ensure other people are invested in your fantasy world. What do you think of my terrible puns? I’d love to hear yours in the comments. Please feel free to share this on with anyone who needs a laugh (or a groan).

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