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The guildmaster glanced skeptically over the top of her papers, taking in the scrawny boy fidgeting in front of her. With a heavy sigh she laid her hands on the table. “Well, thank you for the application, but I really don’t think the Capital Knights need a… chicken plucker… at the moment.”

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Guilds in fantasy worlds cover just about anything, from merchants to mercenaries to magicians. When a job needs doing, almost every city will have a guild on-hand ready to take the job.

Being fairly exclusive, guilds can be picky about their membership. The name will reflect both what the guild specializes in and what sort of people their members are. A guild name could also show religious affiliation, legality, nationality, and more.

Good Guild Names

The best guild names are both succinct and descriptive. Nobody wants to hire a guild for protection services only to find the members are actually sailors.

  • Stone Dragons
  • Eternal Thunder
  • Soul Harvesters
  • Coldlight
  • Legion of the Owl
  • Potion Liquidators
  • Solardawn
  • Red Dragons

Snow Hawks

A guild of wilderness trackers operating in the frosty mountains of the north. Adventurers and generals often hire members to navigate the mountain passes without being ambushed by the ice lions that make their nests there.

  • Forgebreakers
  • Crimson Widowmakers
  • Deceased Intent
  • Sacrificed Shields
  • Hallowed Berserkers

Yell of the Feeble

Made up of almost every homeowner in the city of Campgretin, this guild is famous for nearly breaking a wall in the town hall. After taxes were raised, the members rallied and all rushed to complain at once, creating a stampede.

  • Discarded Devils
  • Shatterswords
  • Roaring Embers
  • Smiles of the Dead
  • Windswords

Thieves Guild Names

As illegal groups, thieves guilds need to have discrete names so that they are not found out by local authorities. Those guilds with obvious names tend to get arrested.

  • Grace of the Fox
  • Disposable Plague Rats
  • Ashen Roses
  • Terror of the Dark
  • Bite-sized Thugs
  • Dark Assassins
  • Unarmed Bandits
  • Heralds of Night

Dishonest Brothers

Founded by a set of octuplets who began stealing to feed their mother, this guild now has offices in every city in the Damoria region. They uniquely limit upper membership to those with siblings, claiming they are more cooperative.

  • Twilight Thugs
  • Shadowstars
  • Hellfire Criminals
  • Rotting Outlaws
  • Crowhoods
  • Hollow Illusions

Merchant Guild Names

Merchant guilds usually offer premium banking services or help transport trade goods. As such, their names try to lure you into trusting them with your valuables.

  • Coin Counters
  • Brokeback Brokers
  • Ruby Ringers
  • Shiphaulers
  • Crate Crackers
  • Potioncrafters
  • Broken Bank
  • Golden Pursers

Richer Rivals

Everyone in Port Kalzuun hates this guild. They have a reputation for sneaking extra tariffs on every trade barge that passes through, paying law enforcement to look the other way, and hounding any competing guilds into bankruptcy. 

  • Watchers of the Coin
  • Treasure Seekers
  • Guardians of the Vaults
  • The Precious Knights
  • Bargain Sellers
  • Gilded Fences
  • Two Dollar Horde

Mercenary Guild Names

As most innkeepers could tell you, mercenaries are notorious braggarts, boasting about their deeds. Mercenary guilds are named the same way, making their members sound extra tough.

  • Wrong Slayers
  • Rumblehoods
  • Wretched Gunslingers
  • The Sincere Companions
  • Broken Crusaders
  • Stewards of the Fearless
  • Hammers of the Sacred
  • Men of the Bull

Butchers of the Spear

Members of this guild were the ones who killed the famous Nettlehydra. A beast with a thousand heads, the mercenaries used their eponymous spears to wedge the jaw of each head open, allowing them to attack its body.

  • Steelcloaks
  • Emerald Varangians
  • Bannergarde
  • Heroic Ancients
  • Swiftskulls
  • Lofty Defeat

Funny Guild Names

Not every guild is going to be rich and famous. The low-tier guilds tend toward names that are a little sillier for the fun of it, knowing that their reputation is already shot.

  • Gnomeland Security
  • Conquistadorks
  • Pyro-fancy
  • Nutty Squirrel Gang
  • Leather Gear Solid
  • Hoarder Patrol
  • Candy Camels
  • Steplatter

Dwarf Did It

The dwarf in question is Dingwalin. Once a respected adventurer’s guild, during a dungeon raid Dingwalin opened an ancient sarcophagus which cursed the guild with bad luck, starting the slide into obscurity that swiftly followed.

  • The Breakfast Club
  • Music, Magic, and Muscles
  • Herd of Cats
  • Lobster Legion
  • Reckless Abandon
  • Wordplayers

Did you enjoy this guide? Leave us a comment with your thoughts, and share this guide with your friends if you liked it. Almost any self-respecting worker will be part of a guild in your fantasy world, so you will likely need a lot of good names in your back pocket.

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