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Shield Name Generator & Guide

They’d been told to watch for the hideout’s bouncer, who had a penchant for hero smashing. Relief spread through the party at the sight of an aged goblin in the doorway, until he hobbled behind an enormous curved tower shield. So this must be Bouncer.

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The Grand Slam

Mage Ender

Destiny’s Last Stand

Human Shield

Hidden Threat

Silvered Truthkeeper

Undying Sentry

The Anti-Hero

Night’s End

Bone Barricader

Peace Maker’s Shelter

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While many weapons receive the honor of an awe-inspiring title, shields are too often overlooked. Any warrior who has had a close shave with death knows the value of their shield, so it’s a piece of equipment well worthy of a striking and memorable name.

Good Shield Names

As shields come in many shapes and sizes, a good name can reflect these characteristics and the materials used in its creation. To add flair, the shield’s title may refer to any intrinsic magical properties it has, or hint at the alignment and desires of its bearer.

  • Wall of Pain
  • Shocking Defender
  • Beast Blocker
  • Triple-Spiked Tower Shield
  • Silvered Spell Deflector
  • Storm Shield Wall
  • Battle-Beaten Buckler
  • Swordsbane

Subtle Aegis of the Forest Nymph

Those lucky enough to happen across this ethereal shield must have shown deference to nature’s bounty. So long as they continue to do so, the forest’s spirits will confer extra protection upon them.

  • Icy Interceptor
  • Fate-Kissed Kite Shield
  • Holy Pavise of the Righteous Paladin
  • Dragonscale Defender
  • Death’s Door

Bone Barricader

Upon close inspection, attackers will become abruptly aware of the human bones twisted and hammered across this round shield. The thought of their own innards receiving this treatment leaves them sickened for a round.

  • Warrior’s Ward
  • Targe of the Enchanted Glade
  • Denier of Destiny
  • Druid’s Defuser
  • Immovable Force
  • Peacekeeper’s Promise

Legendary Shield Names

Shields that inspire adventurers to cross lands to find them are those which have proven their strength in the chaos of battle. Their names should reflect these conditions, and perhaps indicate what manner of warrior they are bound to defend.

  • Sanctuary of the Heavens
  • Defender of the Vanguard
  • Lightkeeper
  • Riot Shield of the Corrupted Guard
  • Shield of the Elements
  • Soldier’s Friend
  • Battleworn Buckler of the Paladin
  • Mage Tower Shield

Child of the Caldera

When the devastating seas of lava had ceased to spew from Mount Hotenow’s core, just one object remained among the ashes. A mighty great shield, blessed with the power to deflect flames of any origin.

  • Honor of the Kingsguard
  • Death’s Bargain
  • Everblessed Buckler
  • Shield of the Oblivious Mage
  • The Artful Dodger
  • Bulwark of the Brotherhood
  • Rotella of the Unbeaten Duellist

Undying Sentry

In the early days of the city, a visiting mage prophecied many years of besiegement. As a parting gift, he enchanted a tower shield, made to outlast generations of oncoming soldiers.

  • Hell’s Bulwark
  • Last Bastion of the Immortals
  • Ward of the Astral Sea
  • Aspis of the Ancient Warrior
  • Moonshae’s Might
  • Divine Decider
  • Mighty Edifice

Cool Shield Names

Cool names for shields often reject straight forward description, instead leaning towards more abstract concepts. Here you can let your creativity run wild, and choose a name that conveys your character’s emotions and desires.

  • Final Refusal
  • Requiem
  • Wicked Refractor
  • Destiny’s Last Stand
  • Bouncer
  • Guardian Angel
  • Spellshard
  • Not Today

Fiend’s Mirror

Always polished to a fine sheen, this silvered round shield compels enemies to look themselves in the eye as they conduct their heinous deeds.

  • Darkness Falls
  • Fate’s Buckler
  • Barricader
  • The Anti-Hero
  • Voice of Reason
  • Barrage

The Grand Slam

Only those with nerves of steel take up this fearsome tower shield. Its bearer digs in their heels at pole position, forcing oncoming foes to crash against it.

  • Denial
  • Due Diligence
  • Bastion of Hope
  • Survivor’s Guilt
  • Deep Cover

Let me know if you like the names I’ve suggested in the comments, I’d love to hear your suggestions too. I feel like shields don’t get as much attention in the fantasy naming game as they should, so please share this article with anyone who hasn’t named theirs yet!

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