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The party groaned at the sound of the barbarian’s familiar warcry, signalling the plan had already gone awry. Once Bruiser and Bleeder had been unhooked from his belt, he wouldn’t be stopped until the last enemy had gone back to the earth.

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Twisted Butcher’s Knife

Spawn of the Mountainheart

Hit and Run

Mjölnir’s Rival


Giant Bane

Honor’s Crescent

Runeteller’s Ruin

Jagged Edge of Madness

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Dwarves and axes go together like wizards and pointy hats, which means that many of their weapons have names that call to their mighty mountain heritage. With dwarven forges often producing the lion’s share of axes, such names are popular whatever the wielder’s species.

You’re not limited to these archetypes though, as each type of axe has unique properties of form and flair to consider. The sturdy great axe requires a name well suited to its devastating double blades, whereas an agile pair of throwing axes may warrant something a little more light-hearted.

Good Axe Names

  • Miner’s Might
  • Giant Bane
  • Huntsman’s Revenge
  • Slice and Dice
  • Scourge of the Tallfolk
  • Double-Edged Destroyer
  • Glory of the Forge
  • The Mournful Maul

Spawn of the Mountainheart

No one knows the true origin of this broad axe, only that it was found deep within the Icespire Peak. Many have sought that frozen anvil since, but none have been rewarded with a weapon so fearsome.

  • Skyfall Chopper
  • Bruiser and Bleeder
  • Extinction Event
  • Goliath’s End
  • Abbathor’s Avenger

Hack and Slash

For the dwarf who enters each battle with a roaring laugh and lusty cry, this pair of throwing axes are the perfect tools of destruction.

  • Duergar’s Doom
  • Jewel of the Hilltop Anvil
  • Moradin’s Maiden
  • Glimmer of Hope
  • Vergadain’s Pursesnatcher
Norse Axe Names

While the axes of high fantasy will always call dwarves to mind, the very real Dane Axes of vikings can be equally inspiring. These fearsome names evoke their unique customs and the figures of Norse mythology they honoured.

  • Helheim’s Wrath
  • Friend of the Fjordborn
  • Dire Axe of the Dísir
  • Rune-Forged Reaver
  • Holy Crusader of the Nine Worlds
  • Ask and Embla
  • Freyja’s Right Hand
  • Sanngriðr

Yggdrasil’s Guardian

The intricately carved handle of this weapon inspires as much wonder as its deathly blade. So legend goes, Yggradisil grew this war axe for the first defender of its holy branches.

  • Trollreaper
  • Door to Fólkvangr
  • Hrund
  • Thundering Halberd of Valhalla

Valkyrie Howl

Named for the last sound you’ll hear as this razor sharp hurlbat appears, as if from thin air, slicing through to the bone.

  • Helmet Clatterer
  • Shieldmaiden’s Swain
  • Sigrdrífa
  • Lapstrake Reaver
  • Herja, Extinguisher of Souls
  • Runeteller’s Ruin

Battle Axe Names

These lighter weapons come with a wickedly sharp blade, made for chopping through flesh rather than wood. This makes the goriest names excellent choices for a battle axe.

  • Wretched Cleaver
  • The Sundering
  • Heartless Edge
  • Brainbleed, Divider of Skulls
  • Chopper’s Delight
  • Mercy’s End
  • Fleshreaper
  • Dwarven Dominator


The weapon of a berserker, who doesn’t stop slashing when their mark has fallen. Whether this carnage is the will of the axe or its wielder, no one can be sure.

  • Jagged Edge of Madness
  • Nametaker
  • Twisted Butcher’s Knife
  • Ribtickler
  • Deathraze

Blade of the Corrupted Surgeon

The owner of this blade was once a battle medic, before their resolve was broken by a meadow crowded with fallen kin. Now they see foes everywhere, and swing the axe to slaughter, not save.

  • Soldier’s Skeletal Ravager
  • Shinsplitter
  • Holy Incisor
  • The Bone Saw
  • Double-Edged Deathdealer
Famous Axe Names

To make the halls of fame, a bloodthirsty axe must have a name well-suited to bardic tales and battle cries. Many such axes are named for the foes they excel in destroying, or the site of their first resounding death blow.

  • Challenger’s Golden Crescent
  • Fury’s Burnished Bronze Axe
  • The Second Sunderer
  • Decimation, Greataxe of the Tyrant
  • Guardian of the Longships
  • Keeper of the Mortal Coil
  • Champion of The Short Father
  • Sharindlar’s Gift

Tharmekhûl’s Blessing

It was rare for the demigod of forge and furnace to leave his work for even a moment. It was visions of smoke and flame that led Tharmekhûl to create this war axe, and set forth to find its prophesied owner.

  • Axe of the Fallen Dwarf King
  • Thunderclap, Bringer of the Bloodstorm
  • Unholy Halberd of the Eldritch Knight
  • Kinslayer’s Foe
  • Maddened Axe of the Far Realm

Ender of the Dawn War

In the darkest hour of battle between primordials and gods, the forces of chaos converged to make this weapon. Shadow images of that fabled time still dance across its blade.

  • Lava-Forged Annihilator
  • Mourning Maul of the Mountain Halls
  • Deadly Reacher, Poleaxe of the Shadow Realm
  • Gond’s Glory
  • Oathkeeper’s Steel War Axe

How did you like this article about axe naming? It’s so important to choose one that matches up with the personality or fighting style of your hero. Let me know what you think of these ones in the comments, and share it with any fellow axe fanatics!

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