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Forest Name Generator & Guide

With every step deeper into the woods, the chirp of birds was replaced with an ever deeper silence. Over their heads the tree branches subtly shifted to block out all sunlight, leaving the adventures walking in darkness. “For some reason, I expected Blackrot Forest to be this unwelcoming,” the druid huffed.

Generate Names

Cloquet Forest

Yatir Forest

Gio Forest

Klamath Forest

Solana Forest

Nimba Forest

Ongoye Forest

Pagramantis Forest

Lahav Forest

Katberg Forest

Camolin Forest

Gunnison Forest

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Forests are one of the trademark elements of fantasy worlds, being home to mystical fae creatures and repulsive spider swarms alike. In your fantasy world, a forest will often embody the natural side of your world.

There is more to a fantasy forest than just trees and woodland creatures. In the deep woods, you sometimes find conclaves of elves or dark sorcerers, each drawn by the ancient wild magic that often sparks the growth of forests.

Good Forest Names

A forest’s name reflects how people see it. If it is used as a resource for nearby settlements, the name might come from a famous person or a local legend. If the forest is a dangerous blight on the land, the name may be a warning to stay away. 

  • Longmore Forest
  • Rosenholm Forest
  • Nicolet Forest
  • Boise Forest
  • Gunnison Forest
  • Payette Forest
  • Solana Forest
  • Ingerduff Forest

Grafhead Forest

Growing at the tip of a narrow peninsula, this forest lays at the intersection of several planes of existence. Otherworldly beings like angels and earth elements wander the forest searching for a way home.

  • Applever Forest
  • Lovenholm Forest
  • Templeby Forest
  • Hazelwood Forest
  • Lagan Forest
  • Norra Forest
  • Killykeen Forest
  • Strathgartney Forest
  • Barker Forest

Elkington Forest

The surrounding baronies all covet this forest as an ideal hunting ground, and compete in tests of skill to determine who has the rights to it for a particular season. Hunting “accidents” tend to be quite common in these tests.

  • Belvoir Forest
  • Lottering Forest
  • Elmisle Forest
  • Tiberias Forest
  • Camolin Forest
  • Lavalling Forest

Enchanted Forest Names

The abundance of life within forests draws powerful magic to them. Fae creatures and other magic users leave their mark on the forests they inhabit, like rivers filled with healing water or animated plant life.

  • Labanoras Forest
  • Pagramantis Forest
  • Eoin Forest
  • Larose Forest
  • Angell Forest
  • Silevea Forest
  • Rostrevor Forest
  • Tollymore Forest

Dartrey Forest

The sunbeams poking through the forest canopy always seem to shine with a golden light. Any living creature they touch feels a great calm wash over them, and their hunger, no matter how fierce, gently subsides until they leave the forest.

  • Glenbower Forest
  • Killarney Forest
  • Ardan Forest
  • Avondale Forest
  • Nimba Forest

Sapo Forest

When two lovers ran away to this forest, they became intertwined with a great elm tree. That elm now towers over the rest of the forest, and is renown among alchemists for having sap with high potential for potion-making.

  • Lagafell Forest
  • Allegheny Forest
  • Plumas Forest
  • Sabine Forest
  • Seminole Forest

Creepy Forest Names

Not all forests are welcoming. Hags, witches, and twisted monsters need a home too, and they often find one in the dark brambles of forests. Curses hang like fog over these forests, trapping visitors within their grasp.

  • Bozarth Forest
  • Tongass Forest
  • Bitterroot Forest
  • Burntside Forest
  • Sitgreaves Forest
  • Sileza Forest
  • Kologha Forest
  • Hogsback Forest

Hanglip Forest

When walking through this forest, be certain not to look off the path. In between the trees you might spot a swaying corpse hanged by the neck from a branch. Legend says if you lock eyes with a corpse you will be dead within the week.

  • Thorsmork Forest
  • Vaglir Forest
  • Mulakot Forest
  • Gribskov Forest
  • Blainedare Forest

Glenfarne Forest

After sunset the fungus growing all over this forest glows softly, creating pathways to guide travelers to the centre of the forest. At the centre lies a great carnivorous spore mound that absorbs any travelers foolish enough to follow the fungal paths.

  • Balrath Forest
  • Crother Forest
  • Cormorant Forest
  • Zagare Forest
  • Birzai Forest

Elven Forest Names

One of the only races to make forests their permanent homes, elves guard their woodland realms fiercely. Elven hunters and druids are a common sight in forests, though they are often hostile to trespassers.

  • Borki Forest
  • Krajna Forest
  • Zielona Forest
  • Obabika Forest
  • Weygan Forest
  • Aminadav Forest
  • Eshtaol Forest
  • Tzora Forest

Hadera Forest

The Bear-Clan Elves live in this forest, their great palace carved from fallen trees. Should a bear wander into their territory, they welcome it as a lucky omen and feed it sweet berries and rabbit meat in their temple.

  • Lavi Forest
  • Amatzia Forest
  • Yatir Forest
  • Gio Forest
  • Krahn Forest
  • Lyngsbaek Forest

Skaerso Forest

Among the mangrove trees of this forest, with swampy soil that floods often from nearby rivers, are the Soake Elves. These elves know how to merge into trees and live for thousands of years, their consciousnesses melded with those of the mangroves.

  • Akurgerthi Forest
  • Asbyrgi Forest
  • Heithmork Forest
  • Vinaskogur Forest
  • Dlinza Forest

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