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The adventurers shot each other furtive glances as they got on their knees and bowed before the grand throne. “Good, good… I appreciate visitors who know their place,” the Queen crooned from the throne, the light catching the jewels on her crown. “Keep your manners sharp and you will go far in the Kingdom of Calanthe.”

Ulaborg Empire
Abraicuria Kingdom
Kingdom of Angevin
Kingdom of Tver
Cilicia Kingdom
Harfush Kingdom
Kingdom of Trebizond
Locus Kingdom
Norbumin Kingdom
Orindoth Kingdom
Empire of Lais
Kainsk Empire

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Kingdoms, Empires, and everything in between make up the backbone of most fantasy politics. Whether local feudal lords are wringing taxes out of peasants or kings are building palaces to reach the heavens, someone in the kingdom has power to wield.

The name of a kingdom usually comes from its founder, like a mythical conqueror. In some fantasy worlds, if the kingdom rules over a particular race, they might give their name to the kingdom. 

Good Kingdom Names

The best kingdom names come with authority. You can imagine it echoing through a massive throne room. Kingdoms are all about power politics, so showing that power in the name is crucial.

  • Empire of Santok
  • Rusa Dynasty
  • Samar Kingdom
  • Azov Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Koda
  • Kingdom of Narva
  • Kingdom of Fyn
  • Telemark Dynasty
  • Kraghon Kingdom

Kingdom of Skadi

On the shores of the Verdant Lake lies this kingdom, famed for packing up entire cities and retreating on ships into the lake during times of war.

  • Empire of Jimi
  • Kingdom of Como
  • Kingdom of Casentino
  • Wandala Dynasty
  • Kuku Dynasty
  • Kano Empire
  • Ulaborg Empire
  • Abraicuria Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Gavaria

Credia Empire

The zealots of Credia have earned their reputation as cruel and devoted soldiers. Their armies march under the banner of a secret goddess whose name has never been spoken outside of Credia.

  • Literra Empire
  • Kingdom of Kithage
  • Ailech Kingdom
  • Glyswing Kingdom
  • Dumnonian Kingdom

Dwarven Kingdom Names

Dwarf kingdoms are unique, compared to the sprawling empires of humans. In their mountain homes, dwarves prefer to dig deep rather than wide, creating kingdoms that extend down toward the center of the planet where the deepest, richest mines lay.

  • Duridrar Kingdom
  • Masgream Kingdom
  • Grorhur Dynasty
  • Norbumin Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Grimaker
  • Yordumlin Empire
  • Graboki Dynasty
  • Kingdom of Lokromli

Silvrout Kingdom

Aside from their wealthy kings, this kingdom often appears in gossip for the bottomless mining shaft their capital is built around. Many visitors have fallen in and disappeared.

  • Kingdom of Daloznun
  • Baridoki Kingdom
  • Empire of Bhathag
  • Thezmaer Kingdom
  • Thufrim Dynasty
  • Haldaerk Kingdom

Yarnat Empire

Spread through the Blackthroat Mountain range, each city of this empire specializes in a different type of runic magic. When the mages fight together in war, they provide an impassable defense.

  • Kingdom of Thamdin
  • Derfir Kingdom
  • Vozmead Kingdom
  • Sangruil Empire
  • Orindoth Kingdom

Elven Kingdom Names

Due to the solitary nature of elves, their kingdoms tend to share a lot of the power with local rulers. Thanks to this structure elven kingdoms often stay stable for centuries. Still, loyalty to the King is expected and strictly enforced.

  • Aevum Empire
  • Vitalis Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Thera
  • Tummulus Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Aetas
  • Exalos Kingdom
  • Mementos Dynasty
  • Ceraun Kingdom

Kingdom of Umbris

This oceanside kingdom is prone to constant lightning storms. As such, the cities have developed metal rods to place on rooftops which can capture the lightning for use in advanced mechanisms.

  • Locus Kingdom
  • Imum Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Luceras
  • Scuris Kingdom
  • Lurris Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Prophis
  • Fye Empire

Emparal Kingdom

The pearlescent streets of the Emparal cities are well known. Their secret is a type of color-shifting marble only found in the mines of the capital, which distributes it to local lords as a gift to keep them in good graces.

  • Secos Kingdom
  • Exalos Dynasty
  • Centuros Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Stamen

Medieval Kingdom Names

Medieval Times were where most kingdoms were born. It makes sense that they could be found everywhere in a fantasy world also in the Medieval era. Many real-world kingdoms make great inspiration for fantasy kingdoms.

  • Kingdom of Cait
  • Empire of Geulders
  • Suzdal Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Trebizond
  • Benevento Kingdom
  • Navarre Dynasty
  • Neopatras Kingdom
  • Salona Kingdom

Vidin Empire

Starting as a small, mountain-locked city, this empire spread through its powerful horsemen who learned to ride in the nearby highlands. For years, the empire was the sole religious state in a region full of pagans.

  • Tridentum Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Nyland
  • Ammar Kingdom
  • Empire of Edessa
  • Cilicia Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Galilee
  • Lazica Kingdom

Song Dynasty

The river warlords of the Song established a network of trading barges who would transport gold back to the capital. There, the king melted it down and forged a pleasure garden made of solid gold.

  • Nanzan Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Reval
  • Empire of Orane

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