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Firbolg Name Generator & Guide

“We have no quarrel with you.” – the big Firbolg explained, his deep coarse voice reverberated throughout the forest. “We are happy to watch you pass through. Be warned, however, if you even attempt to affect our beautiful home in any evil way, you will experience such a retribution justice will echo it till the end of all time.”

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Firbolgs resemble humans, who are over 10 feet tall and weigh 500 or more pounds. They have giant and fey blood, resulting in all kinds of physical and spiritual traits. Due to their druidic-like nature, almost all of them know at least a few spells.

They live in clans and consider families important while they tend to live in a democratic-like society. Valuing freedom, but putting society first, they care deeply about nature and would sacrifice their own enjoyment to preserve it.

While Firbolgs don’t use names among themselves, they do choose one when interacting with the outsiders. Having Fey blood, they usually pick an elven name, so names like Wynrieth, Tranan, and Dorvalur are some of the names you’d hear.

Firbolg Clan Names

Many Firbolg clan names often come from the Giant language, usually having things like honor, justice, goodness, empathy, and friendship in mind. They essentially incorporate the very nature and the code of the Firbolg’s lives, though they sound like random words and letters to most of the outsiders.

  • Meadowhome
  • Helligbror
  • Kappebror
  • Kriggabror
  • Iarralei
  • Eillee
  • Shajyrer
  • Miaxinar
  • Caiyror
  • Umeyaros
  • Beihorn
  • Yintoris
  • Waespetor
  • Elacan
  • Umeqen
  • Elawraek
  • Perlen
  • Erkian
  • Zumkian
  • Magrieth

Firbolg Female Names

One interesting fact about Firbolg females is that the pregnancy takes about two years, a significant amount of time. Even though they live for a long time, they are respected, praised for their efforts, and considered the very foundation of the race.

  • Wyncaryn
  • Eilfiel
  • Helena
  • Presrie
  • Orimys
  • Reyphine
  • Orikalyn
  • Gilkalyn
  • Torralei
  • Zylrieth


Losing her partner more than a few decades ago, she focused on the community she lives in, putting her society first. Lately, however, a young and kind Firbolg has been courting her, making her question her previous beliefs.

  • Enlynn
  • Venxisys
  • Miawynn
  • Dacaryn
  • Iarkalyn
  • Krisqirelle
  • Shavyre


Along with five other Firbolgs, she forms what’s known as the Circle of Life, a group of druids dedicated to the restoration and the preservation of the very nature they live in.

  • Neriqirelle
  • Xyrbella
  • Venwenys
  • Daeleth
  • Bivyre
  • Inahana


The Mother of Mothers, other call her. Having lived for more than 5 centuries, she acts as the wise elder in the clan. While many young Firbolgs fail to understand her importance, those who have more life experience know how invaluable to the clan she really is.

  • Quidi
  • Yesqirelle
  • Valharice
  • Jofiel

Firbolg Male Names

Gentle giants, loving fathers, and just creatures, they can be all that goodness embodies. However, if one was to inflict pain, cause injustice, and hurt those they care about, they quickly turn into a storm of vengeance, fueled by righteousness, resulting in a terrible fury.

  • Olovalur
  • Olofir
  • Fennelis
  • Wranven
  • Glynren
  • Ertumal
  • Urizumin
  • Adqen
  • Yingolor
  • Norkian


While not a leader per se, he is highly respected by the other members of the clan, who look up to him for advice and general wisdom. He more than once showed the error of the youth’s ways, bringing them back to the path of the righteous.

  • Sylmenor
  • Elaric
  • Iliro
  • Wranneiros
  • Virgolor
  • Fendithas


Having done more than a few things wrong, he was exiled, never to return. Today, he’s deeply aware of his mistakes and is determined to prove his worth by traveling the world, doing good, protecting the weak, and helping those in need.

  • Leofaren
  • Theberos
  • Elberos
  • Norsalor
  • Cracan
  • Sylyarus


A druid of immense power, he has long chosen to live alone, deep in the forest. Nothing is more sacred to him than his home, and he protects it vigilantly and with no remorse.

  • Aegeiros
  • Sylsalor
  • Yelberos
  • Daeberos
  • Petpeiros

As large, furry, strong creatures, with a strong inclination towards nature, many view Firbolgs as gentle giants. They prefer to resolve things peacefully, but if they get angry, the result can be devastating. If you want to play a character with high morals and a sense of justice, who have multiple abilities and roleplaying opportunities, play a Firbolg and show the world how a gentle creature of nature can make a difference.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Firbolg name.

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