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D&D Goliath Name Generator & Guide

The Goliath slowly rose back up, wiping fresh mud from his face. Looking at his rival, “Well done, Kuori, you’ve bested me this time. But tomorrow’s another day” – he finished with a wink as he grinned.

Generate Names

Thavanath Silentaid Malukugate

Movith Dawnshot Agu-Vutha

Launoth Threadlogger Agu-Ulaga

Orima Truthcook Geaniano

Kazarok Deerspeaker Kulumathala

Thovith Fearlessleaper Nulakigo

Lakein Adepttanner Ogolukane

Gelkia Mountaintanner Ganu-Migano

Kiri Keencaller Kulumigala

Zaroth Swiftdream Anakaligala

Zathe Bearspeaker Uguniala

Paaghu Longstriker Kalukatho

Illustration courtesy of Rip Rad

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Table of Contents

Goliaths are very tall humanoids, averaging between 7 and 8 feet. Next to their size, the thing you’d notice is bony and prominent brow ridges, along with their bright blue or green eyes that are known to glow at times.

They are highly competitive, but dislike cheating, gloating, and sore losers. They tend to compare things to previous situations and achievements, making them seem arrogant, which is simply not true.

They usually live in small tribes, with a fairly strict hierarchy and clear roles. They try to avoid fighting, but when they are forced to fight, they can quickly become an organized war party that fears close to nothing, making a terrifying sight indeed.

Goliath Last Names

Living in small tribes, all families are important. And to a Goliath, the family and the tribe come before others. It is good to know which family one hails from.

  • Malukigone
  • Thenaluthea
  • Muthalathai
  • Malukugate
  • Kalagutha
  • Munakiago
  • Ogoliaga
  • Ganu-Makanu
  • Kulumatake
  • Vaimei-Liago
  • Kalagamino
  • Kalagelo
  • Vunakaga
  • Lakumalathi
  • Gathakathala
  • Agu-Ulaga
  • Vathuniaga
  • Thunukavea
  • Munakekali
  • Kulanugate

Female Goliath Names

Other than a designated wet-nurse, everyone can have the same role in the tribe, from gatherers, hunters, dawncallers, and Skywatchers.

  • Lovia Stronglogger Nulakukena
  • Manthi Wildspeaker Ovethulane
  • Pevi Slydrifter Thenaligone
  • Orikeo Deerrunner Ovethatho
  • Paaghu Longstriker Kalukatho
  • Vaannio Riverhand Agu-Vatho
  • Galgeo Horncaller Nulakileana
  • Nori Highstriker Nugalathala
  • Zaugia Truefist Kolakakume
  • Zakha Keenhand Kulanigala

Orithia Highsmasher Elanugoni

Known best for her skill with her notorious big maul which she effectively demonstrated during the last battle.

  • Pagia Honesteye Uthenu-Kigala
  • Genia Thunderbearer Kulumugoni
  • Manni Wildstriker Anakalukena
  • Ilanu Mountainvigor Inulugoni
  • Voki Bravetwister Kulumavone
  • Orepeu Masterfist Agu-Vavone

Lelo Hardmender Valu-Nigone

The main blacksmith of the tribe, he’s responsible for making the tribe’s weapons, turning them into efficient killers.

  • Megeo Brightwanderer Vunakavea
  • Orethio Honesthauler Kalukupine
  • Ilageo Lowlogger Agu-Ulukane
  • Daumi Mountainstriker Egumaga
  • Maapu Silenthauler Kalagigala
  • Galrrea Dawnmender Vaimei-Liala

Daukha Treechaser Kulumakanu

As the tribe’s Skywatcher, old druid Daukha watches closely over its progress, making sure everything is in balance.

  • Daageo Adeptworker Agu-Ulupine
  • Gauvia Brightweaver Thunukileana
  • Maathi Stonewanderer Inululane
  • Lela Stormvigor Ovethutha
  • Parrea Dawnfriend Inulaga

Male Goliath Names

They constantly compete with each other, teasing, but never holding a grudge. In battle, they are organized and look out for each other in a fight.

  • Vadhan Wildcarver Muthaligo
  • Meathok Mountainjumper Vunakathala
  • Varaman Slymaker Egumakane
  • Parath Braveleader Nalakavi
  • Koralig Daylogger Vathunanathi
  • Zamahg Hornlander Ovethigano
  • Namul Woundfist Kulanukena
  • Eglig Deerpicker Vathuniano
  • Korarian Wisehauler Vunakigo
  • Lorovek Truthworker Kulanugate

Khuman Lumberfist Thulithino

The only goliath in the tribe that refuses to use weapons as he feels that is the ultimate challenge.

  • Panak Thunderhand Vuma-Thiaga
  • Varapath Slyeye Athunatake
  • Khudak Flintfriend Agu-Ulalathi
  • Apathok Goathand Uguniano
  • Thariak Riverdream Malukanathi
  • Ilidhan Slyaid Nalakakume

Kazarhak Nightherder Vaimei-Lanathi

Fled the tribe and the lands after committing a crime and now roams the city streets of the infamous Feburn.

  • Vimul Mountainshot Athunakane
  • Lazariak Tribelogger Thulathai
  • Geaglath Wandermender Valu-Nathai
  • Lakein Adepttanner Ogolukane
  • Vathok Steadymender Agu-Ulolake

Vivek Silentwalker Kalagiaga

The most experienced scout in the tribe, he is now missing in action for more than a week.

  • Vonoth Dreamguard Kalagutha
  • Magal Silentweaver Vaimei-Lakane
  • Eagdhan Woundfist Muthaliano
  • Egrad Lumberclimber Uthenu-Kileana
  • Ergghan Swiftheart Vaimei-Lathai

Proud, honorable, competitive, and moral. This is how a Goliath goes through their life. They have so much to prove, more to themselves than anything. Playing a Goliath allows you to test your character’s abilities anywhere in the world.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Goliath name.

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