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Swamp Names Generator & Guide

A gentle hissing rose from the water’s surface, punctuated every so often with a sickening pop as unknown gasses belched into the air. Against all of her instincts, the knight took a first squelching step into the Troll’s Bathtub.

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Drenching Fen

Muggy Mires


Creaking Bog

The Deadly Aviary

Path to Nowhere

Malefic Moor

Mudcall Mire

Bugbite Bog

Palace of Grime

Bugbitten Bayou


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Swamps tend to fit into one of two categories; either they’re eerie and perilous, or they’re lush havens for greenery and wildlife. Choosing a name that reflects the region’s character is important, but you can play around with these stereotypes to create an entirely unexpected landscape.

Good Swamp Names

Unless you have an eagle-eyed botanist in the party, you might also include a variety of swamp-like scenery, such as marshes or fens.

  • Dancing Lights Mire
  • The Smotherlands
  • pritehold
  • Rower’s End
  • Wisptrap Wood
  • Troll’s Bathtub
  • Fen of the Faery
  • Birdcall Flats
  • Whispering Way

Gloaming Mire

Due to the region’s volatile climate, the ground is baked solid as the blazing sun rises, providing safe passage for travelers. As dusk falls and the chill begins, the muds begin to shift and melt, trapping any wanderers who tarried too long.

  • hrieker’s Lair
  • The Insatiable Muds
  • Divine Aviary
  • wamp of the Specter
  • Howling Fen
  • The Tickletoe Path
  • Home of the Unseelie
  • Twilight Starmarsh
  • The Sucking Bog
  • Verdant Vale
  • Woodwitch Brew

Feywild Gate

Once a lone tree favored as a crossing point into the material plane, this haphazard swamp now covers many miles of ground. Clinging to the soles of fey wanderers, enterprising spores made their own interplanar crossing before taking ground here in a riot of color and sound.

  • lowfall Fen
  • Gloomhold
  • Misted Moor
  • Crocodile Walk
  • Lushland Depths
  • Mudcall Mire
  • The Everdusk Way
  • wallowing Swamp
  • nakehold
  • The Uncrossed Muds
  • Acid Bubble Bog

The Smogmire

A rare pocket of natural abundance in a teeming metropolis, formed by sewer-dwelling creatures as their habitats were eradicated by humanoid waste. The paving has long given way to a treacherous sludge and the air above is laced with a stench that threatens to overwhelm those brave enough to enter.

  • Eversucking Sump
  • Druid’s Dreamscape
  • Grasping Earth Plains
  • Bog of the Banshee
  • lipfoot Swamps
  • The Grimeglades
  • Dankmoor Depths
  • Eversighing Fen
  • Malefic Moor
  • Quicksand Quagmire

Birdfolk Bayou

While winged types occasionally make their way to larger settlements, they’re most comfortable living amongst kin in the wilds. Travelers seeking an audience with the flighted clans need only follow the orchestra of birdsong that surround these lush lands.

  • Leechgrove
  • The Unquenchable Muds
  • Beguiling Bog
  • Watery Wastes
  • hadowfen
  • erpent’s Call
  • Crystal Saltings
  • The Boilbeds
  • Creaking Bog

The Myriad Muds

There are a hundred ways in, but only one way out of this vast swamp. No cartographer has yet been able to chart a course through the mires, but denizens of the local forest will tell you the trick is to close your eyes each time a new path appears.

  • Greedy Grounds
  • ultry Sump
  • Traveler’s Demise
  • The Fogbeds
  • Merrowmire
  • The Chattering Lands
  • Bugbite Bog
  • The Deadly Aviary
  • Dancing Lights Mire

wamps can add such a fun note of mystery and intrigue to a landscape, so it’s important to give them a name that would tantalize any passing adventurer. What do you think of the ones I’ve suggested? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. As always, please share this article with your adventuring party!

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D&D is a creative practice for me, in which I can explore everything from the surreal to the divine. I like to use names as a storytelling device, so every interaction helps players to build a stronger mental image of the world. I hope that my articles for Codex Nomina help you have more fun with fantasy names!

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