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Skelia twirled the ship’s wheel in her hands, bearing hard to starboard. It had been a long journey and rations were almost at their end. If she could just make it through the Sehfton Depths, they would be home free. “Brace yourselves, men! We’re heading in!”

Deltrie Depths
The Jade Depths
Sea of Shedare
Smithcroft Bay
Chelmsroy Ocean
Chiman Deep
Stratnet Depths
Witjour Depths
Gladdare Abyss
Pohedale Ocean
Caulilse Waters
The Laughing Sea

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The endless waves of various oceans, seas, bays, expanses, and rapids have inspired many a tale and many a voyage. Sailors, smugglers, pirates, and explorers all make great seafaring characters who may tackle some of the locations listed below.

Good Ocean Names

Good ocean names should grab the attention of those encountering them and immediately make your players or your readers think “I want to know what’s there!”

  • Yarpool Sea
  • Carnlet Deep
  • Multou Gulf
  • Clifton Abyss
  • Oakjour Domain
  • Cold Gulf
  • The Heaving Sea
  • Wellingchill Tides
  • Coliree Ocean

Bay of Halris

The beautiful bay of Halris is home to a number of tropical archipelagos that entice explorers in with the promise of exotic trophies.

  • Riverfait Expanse
  • Sehfton Depths
  • Midheim Waves
  • Rutgami Rapids
  • Sea of Leaminglodge
  • Deep of Tectumate
  • Kearpon Bay
  • Deltrie Depths
  • Appleshire Expanse
  • Waves of Orothon

Falltham Expanse

The Falltham expanse is notorious for its vicious winds that have spelled doom for many a foolhardy captain and many an ill-prepared galleon.

  • Musport Ocean
  • Colimore Domain
  • Bloodmiac Demense
  • Richvista Ocean
  • Yarcana Abyss

Deep Ocean Names

Deep ocean names should be both breathtaking and foreboding, as befits the nature of the vast expanses and exhilarating depths that they represent.

  • Verhill Waters
  • Bay of Innsmouth
  • Gulf of Daltreu
  • Ocean of Wadentach
  • The Jade Depths
  • Billowing Bay
  • The Unhcharted Abyss
  • Frozen Gulf
  • Gallagingan Deep

Terwick Ocean

The largest ocean known to the people of Taigutha, the Terwick is said to be home to a number of terrifying deep-dwelling sea creatures, eager to sink any unsuspecting ships to stray from the navigation paths.

  • Sea of Shedare
  • Lumshaw Ocean
  • Troubled Sea
  • Barklam Demense
  • Hebgami Ocean
  • Parrwall Expanse
  • Middleheim Sea
  • Ethereal Expanse
  • Smithcroft Bay

Tides of Hundelte

A magical cataclysm some millennia ago left the Hundelte area a constant, roiling maelstrom that unfortunately must be navigated to get to the verdant grasslands of the continent beyond.

  • Waves of Dorfolk
  • Chelmsroy Ocean
  • The Boisterous Tides
  • Lemington Spa
  • Windertawa Waters
  • Sea of Bloomburn

Beautiful Ocean Names

Beautiful ocean and sea names should inspire a sense of wonderment in your players or readers, as such they tend to be the most exotic sounding of locations in a particular setting.

  • Dosoll Ocean
  • Salisdough Sea
  • Expanse of Tundover
  • The Tropics
  • Dancing Sea
  • Plaining Ocean
  • Wapedover Bay
  • Grenpawwa Expanse

Deep of Delfy

The Deep of Delfy is a stretch of ocean with mysterious, black waters said to be born from the neverending depths below the waves. Whilst treacherous, there is something undeniably enchanting about the way they glistenin the sun.

  • Munsall Demense
  • Comguary Depths
  • Riverdare Bay
  • Tides of Penware
  • Bishi Ocean
  • Shauveil Sea
  • Yorkibrand Expanse
  • Bridgeven Sea
  • Bractetos Tides
  • Gulf of Bainlodge
  • Abyss of Beaconmeny
  • Langstone Gulf
  • The Raging Deep

Athalodge Ocean

This beautiful expanse of water is home to the legendary sea dragon turtles, who can be spotted trailing ships in the hope of being thrown snacks.

  • Bentmark Tides
  • Chiman Deep
  • Ocean of Buchnoque
  • Depths of Rowlegde

Thus concludes our list of ocean names, we hope you have enjoyed the suggestions listed here and that they provide much inspiration for your own writing or your own games. Be sure to tell us your favorite name in the comments below and share the article with your friends if you found it useful!

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Cassidy Ferrari
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