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Elf Name Generator & Backstories

“Oh, I’ve seen the human capital and two dwarven fortresses in my life, and as grand as they may be in their own way, nothing can be compared to the peace and quiet of my home forest. The tranquility it offers can’t be replaced by anything those two races can offer, my dear Ardryll, although I would recommend seeing it yourself so that you may truly understand what I mean.”

Generate Names

Yytraf Rivergrass

Othorion Riverscrub

Fyllece Elmpool

Strilvaes Nightthorn

Myriil Heixalim

Oluevaera Riverscrub

Yesyrlen Bluepool


Talaedra Eedwillow

Schimae Rosegrove


Nylaathria Oakenrock

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Elves have always been a part of many stories, where some say they can live for several hundreds of years while others claim they are actually immortal, and they are known to possess deep knowledge of magic and the history of the realm they live in.

They are slenderly built, often beautiful by human standard, and very dexterous, and all of them have trained in archery and melee combat, and they are capable of performing great feats as well as executing complex strategies on the battlefield.

Numerous fantastic deeds were performed by some of the members of this intriguing race, from inventing their own spells to succeeding where none other could, making Elf names known, names like Cioran Acornvale, Nerria Larethiath, and Otaehryn.

Good Elf Names

Look at the subrace the character you have in mind belongs to and try to see what it’s all about, and then use that information as a guide to help you decide how much complexity you want the name to have.

  • Rina Araric
  • Losve Ashjorn
  • Alre
  • Renestrae
  • Paeral Omarie
  • Khuumal
  • Endannarre Gaeiane
  • Xhalth Bluelake

Sysva Greenblossom

Studying plants was always her favorite activity as that also meant traveling into the wild, the forests, and the mountains, where discovering new locations was always exciting for her. In fact, she’s preparing for yet another expedition, this time destined for the snowy peaks of the highest mountain in the region where a certain magical flower is said to grow.

  • Birger Bladeward
  • Iolrath Windflower
  • Iterle Thrambinder
  • Sondanwe Thramthaer
  • Iliphar Bluebow

Felaern Zinyra

A great evil has struck the nearby village, and as the local ranger, he has answered the crying call of the people living there. After taking a week to track down the supposed monster, as the peasants describe it, he’s certain it’s a dire wolf and he’s a bit hesitant about continuing forward alone.

  • Zelphar Springshade
  • Arasne
  • Henrah Shadymire
  • Charlisa Juhor
  • Alagossa Shazorwyn

Female Elf Names

Female elves are well known for their beauty which is often matched by their combat skills, archery, and the use of magic, and some have risen in power so much that they also act as guests and advisors at powerful courts in many different kingdoms.

  • Errden Grayire
  • Gaelira Ernst
  • Ahrendue Bryant
  • Nithenoel Corbett
  • Thirrie Softvale
  • Ilyana Spence
  • Laerdya Carfaren
  • Merlara

Tarirdalin Jaerifeth

Daughter to a wizard and a sorceress, she too has shown great magic potential and has been enrolled into the best academy in the empire, in the very capital. There, she’s been excelling at every task put in front of her, and she’s heading for record-breaking graduation time.

  • Larlith Softmire
  • Essaerae Yllanan
  • Myriani
  • Meorise Glynpetor
  • Aravae Wynwarin

Nande Redfox

Living in isolation, and eating all sorts of mushrooms that may or may not be optimal for one’s brain, she spends most of her time polymorphed as one of the local animals in the region. As such, she wanders around, in the company of other animals and lives a life completely different from what she ever imagined.

  • Ashe Softclover
  • Phyrra
  • Endasare Anaedus
  • Valindra
  • Chaenath Elaran

Male Elf Names

Being able to live long, or even be immortal, has its own merits but can also bring out the worst in them, and they can show compassion and wisdom yet succumb to impatience and the lack of will to understand why some seemingly easy feats are so hard for some other races.

  • Aias Colton
  • Ralf Wynmenor
  • Heinz Magthyra
  • Mythanar Towns
  • Folre
  • Vaeril Yelra
  • Nueleth Brymenor
  • Meriel Keysalor

Sciarlarnaet Nightstone

This captain is relentless in his pursuit of goblins and orcs against whom he has sworn revenge ever since his parents died in an ambush. The fury and tenacity with which he fights against them is a sight to be seen on its own, and he hasn’t failed in one attack all these years as he always made sure it happened on his own terms.

  • Flinar Neuman
  • Iyrandrar
  • Elkhazel Windham
  • Anggothildil Gaefhaer
  • Myriil Heixalim


Living among humans in a rather unimpressive village, everyone knows him as well as respects him for his wisdom and healing knowledge. Seeing how he lived through several generations already, he has long become a good friend to most families who would gladly defend him with their life.

  • Orlaalos Pineblossom
  • Rodhlann Yllayarus
  • Quararintil Graniath
  • Guro Timberscrub
  • Kilyn Mormoira

Elf Last Names

Last names can depend on where the elf was born, or the society they grew up in, and surnames can often be given as a nickname at first, only to be adopted by the owner and used with pride.

  • Olatoris
  • Blueshadow
  • Spiritbrook
  • Sylwarin
  • Xyrrieth
  • Moonpath
  • Ashbrook
  • Eagermight
  • Wildmind
  • Yesthyra
  • Amberfond
  • Fafir
  • Naexalim
  • Perhorn
  • Sungrove
  • Leohana
  • Lurel
  • Elderwatcher
  • Ambervale

These majestic and all but magical humanoids, who seem to be shrouded in mystery, are able to live for a long time, while stories say they are even immortal. Their deep knowledge of all kinds of magic is so vast and potent that they have long been creating their own spells, spells that have also protected their grand cities and forests for thousands of years. Think about where the character was born, what kind of a community they’ve been raised in, what are some values and beliefs they now hold firm, is there anything or anyone they would like to become, and think of a name worthy of all the wisdom that surely awaits them on the long road called life.

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