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Yeti Name Generator & Guide

Well, if my memory serves me well, you would call this creature a yeti, no?. Well, the local goblin tribes living inside the very same mountain have a different name, one that spans back for hundreds of years, ever since they first settled there. It is Gyoshurs, loosely translated as the White Shadow.

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These all but mythical creatures are said to live in small tribes populating snowy mountain peaks. They are large white-furred creatures who prefer arctic climates where their natural strength and appearance play a major role in every situation.

Yetis prefer to stalk their prey before ambushing, where they let their sharp teeth and claws do the main work. Their fur is white in winter and brown in summer, and while it protects them from cold it is quite susceptible to fire and heat in general.

Living in mostly secluded areas, Yeti are often the main characters in the stories the travelers share, describing horrific encounters that make the names of these creatures known, names such as Senga, Inorreth, Novros, Lutumo, and Usahn.

Good Yeti Names

These creatures are as dangerous as they are mysterious, to the point many consider them only myths and legends, a fiction created by bored travelers.

  • Kyinra
  • Zawer
  • Zawih
  • Mannah
  • Vohish
  • Loreph
  • Allennars
  • Yinobahl


All local barbarian tribes know of this creature, and some claim there are far more than one. The stories they all share as they sit around the fire chill them far more than the cold weather outside, and the survivors of the attacks are looked upon as favored by the gods.

  • Nanishah
  • Uvraph
  • Mehas
  • Ruzuth
  • Nereng


It was an elven druid who first encountered her, the brown-fur monster who for some reason didn’t attack at sight as her curiosity got the best of her. She allowed him to come close, and it wasn’t long before they started to communicate and hang out more often. Today, however, her home is under attack by hunters who’ve been tracking her for days, and she’s hoping her elven friend comes to the rescue.

  • Phukkis
  • Azuyol
  • Lavruddang
  • Sagayem


Rescued by a frost giant at an early age, he grew up to become a pet and a friend to the mighty warrior. Ever since that day, there is no one he loves more and nothing he wouldn’t do for his master and friend, and the latest task to raid the passing caravans is precisely what he needs to prove his loyalty once again.

  • Ruge
  • Kodduh
  • Ushers
  • Gume
  • Goryaph

Female Yeti Names

Living in small groups and tribes, the females are often responsible for the young ones, and they are just as dangerous as their male counterparts, if not more, especially when defending the home and their children.

  • Regyal
  • Isiy
  • Sirize
  • Lereleth
  • Kiwera
  • Ollohling
  • Thirri
  • Kura


Her unusual calmness has fascinated a certain dwarf merchant who’s been traveling the same mountain paths for half a century and not once has he told anyone about this creature’s existence. He even managed to get as close enough to hear it speak, where the only thing he heard, or at least thinks he heard, is her name.

  • Marres
  • Zange
  • Phuta
  • Urrawa
  • Nashallu


Stronger than the average female member of her kind, she’s been enjoying hunting along with her mate, and while the young ones struggled a bit due to her absence, the male dared not speak as he knew the extent of her rage more than well.

  • Gyebirye
  • Uruh
  • Mesi
  • Renne


A mother to three young ones, she’s been lucky to live in a place where food was aplenty, an isolated snowy mountain and a valley, and the life has been good for the most part. Unfortunately, this is about to change as a horde of orcs is about to come out from the nearby cave system, on its way to cause mayhem and destruction wherever they go.

  • Lenga
  • Yetyun
  • Rusibeng
  • Inorreth
  • Gyiharres

Male Yeti Names

Living at the highest peaks, their white fur allows them to move stealthily in the snow, and when a storm hits there is nothing more frightening than an angry yeti charging through the blizzard.

  • Nanril
  • Ahikors
  • Golahohn
  • Akorol
  • Gasezu
  • Szukohirs
  • Kunom
  • Szikus


After a certain human caravan was attacked by him, the only survivor that was able to speak only uttered one word, repeatedly. Votul. Votul. Votul. No one knows what it means but the word soon became the name of whatever creature was behind the slaughter.

  • Mahor
  • Runosh
  • Nilekur
  • Oshollun
  • Gyomuzohn


The kobolds living in the tunnels of some of the highest mountain peaks in the region have had a couple of encounters with a strange furry creature that killed seven of them in the last year. This has made them reluctant to visit the surface, despite more than one good reason they should.

  • Mahisur
  • Chaddo
  • Dzosrum
  • Novros


The dragonborn living in the same area know these creatures as well as the back of their hand. In fact, so much so that they have long been communicating with them, befriending their kind, and ultimately creating a permanent bond between them. Now, helping each other in more way than one, they are all ready for a war ahead.

  • Vasosh
  • Nanzahang
  • Lutumo
  • Ikasihn
  • Kazuddirs

These mythical creatures are said to stalk the mountain peaks and slopes, preferring to live in cold and freezing temperatures where their thick white fur can serve its purpose. Stalking the unwary travelers and other unsuspecting creatures is almost a daily routine for them, and their sharp claws and teeth make sure the job is done once they pounce. There are many debates over the very existence of a Yeti, where one side says it’s just people’s wild imagination, while those who claim to be victims of such an encounter feel insulted by such a ridiculous claim. Think about where the creature lives, what kind of a life they live there, might they have a more complex background, are there any long-term goals, and create a name worthy of this mysterious legendary monster.

Ozren Kalember
Ozren Kalember
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