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Wyvaran Name Generator & Guide

“You come with us!” Prompted by the order, all ten kobolds raised and pointed their spears at the adventuring duo, while standing their ground. “You come with us and we no hurt you. You talk to our queen, the great Khasisni. She tells you your future. Now come!”

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Wyvarans are humanoids who are a result of a magical experiment where a kobold and a wyvern were crossbred. They are larger than kobolds and can fly just like the wyverns, although their hands are capable of wielding various tools and weapons.

They are very possessive and protective of their personal belongings, a fact that is known to extend to living creatures as well. Those who manage to befriend a wyvaran often find themselves under their watchful eye, constantly protected.

While many think of them as dumb and selfish brutes, those who manage to get to know them better, even become friends, hear stories of their worthy deeds that made their names known, famous and notorious names like Izzigg, Iodgac, and Daskesh.

Good Wyvaran Names

Wyvarans quickly realize their advantages over kobolds who more often than not end up being led by one. Stronger, smarter, and far more capable, they are natural leaders from which many managed to bring great prosperity to some of the local kobold tribes.

  • Nelduh
  • Sthindoh
  • Isniz
  • Zeskih
  • Zasthan
  • Ozae
  • Liecroshi
  • Marsholit


As one of the numerous magical experiments, he stood out due to the unexpectedly looking more akin to a kobold than a wyvern, with no wings whatsoever. While many believed this was a sign he was favored by their deity, the truth was that his movement and overall potential were more limiting than one might think.

  • Utailgo
  • Tondrax
  • Ushtut
  • Sroshit
  • Mandro


After learning the truth behind his existence he fled north to the snowy hills and mountains and the so-called Frontier, lawless land where animals and monsters rule the wilds. While the journey was hard, it proved to be well worth it as he’s now a leader of one of the biggest kobold tribes in the region, and the war is already being planned.

  • Zodrosh
  • Zelgigu
  • Edribo
  • Zeriordrath


After becoming who he is now, he always had a feeling he was two persons at once. Whether the personalities came from his ancestors or a case of schizophrenia, the voices he hears have been guiding and sabotaging him all his life, and sometimes both at the same time.

  • Sraiza
  • Aisnez
  • Mazho
  • Ughrai
  • Tosgagex

Female Wyvaran Names

The stories about female wyvarans say many conflicting things, where some describe how they are better than their male counterparts and how they can even give birth, while other ones say there are no genders at all as they are simply a result of a powerful spell.

  • Akthi
  • Lalgra
  • Shrosthi
  • Thurzu
  • Phrulkaixo
  • Zudriluth
  • Ishidheas
  • Sishilgra


The Red Queen, as her minions call her, is the best thing that could have happened to the tribe. Strong and in her prime, she wields magic few understand and everyone fears, and all the members of the clan worship her to a point that some even regard her as a deity.

  • Iasge
  • Galmu
  • Bokto
  • Ishieth
  • Thunsi


After discovering a certain cave entrance she was soon greeted by a group of white kobolds who took her to their old chieftain. One dinner and long talk later, she was presented to the clan as their new head priestess and the leader’s right hand.

  • Mesothux
  • Aetugrus
  • Gaxalnu
  • Thansies


She had it all, a clan following her lead, an ancient tome of magic that enhanced her own abilities, and a foolproof plan to win the war against the pesky dwarves. Alas, betrayed by one of her own kind, the whole clan fell into an ambush and perished to the last one, leaving her to rot in a prison and wait for her true sentence.

  • Talzu
  • Zhundhuh
  • Thullax
  • Olne
  • Trodnami

Male Wyvaran Names

They are very territorial creatures who protect their possessions and friends with a determination that rarely wavers, and, in fact, when acting for a friend, they will take great risks and go to great lengths to do right by them.

  • Kucraeth
  • Onshaex
  • Banig
  • Etrand
  • Traerdras
  • Nedkok
  • Hocdeshu
  • Enuzas


He will be the first to unite all of the five clans living in this great mountain or he will die trying. That was his motto from the start, and his determination and sheer tenacity in everything he does have now brought him to the plan’s very doorstep.

  • Ziadetgen
  • Bultox
  • Tutras
  • Aekid
  • Stroshkiogg


After a series of bad calls, he was voted down and ultimately exiled, leaving him to fend off for himself. Alone and sad, yet still filled with hope, he’s making his way north to a mountain he saw long ago, hoping there’s another clan he could join.

  • Oskic
  • Viurdribik
  • Zicredu
  • Balodkond


With no memory before today, all he knows is that his master sent him to integrate himself to the local kobold tribe living in the same mountain range, deep in the tunnels. His mission is to win them over and start providing the clan’s mining spoils as soon as possible.

  • Mekuskid
  • Gultoth
  • Iolshuz
  • Norix
  • Suneph

These winged humanoids are said to be a result of magical experiments where wyverns were crossbred with kobolds, after which these creatures tend to establish themselves as leaders of a tribe, ready to work for the prosperity of them all. Sometimes, however, they fail to find their place and instead leave for the unknown, ready to see what the world has to offer before committing themselves to a cause. Think about who created the character, where did they grow up, where they live, their reason for becoming an adventurer, and create a name worthy of the magical existence these creatures tend to have.

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