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Volcano Name Generator & Guide

The smoke and the ash were all around the two elves, burning their lungs with each breath. “I think this is the end, brother,” said the older elf. “Well, we made a good run of it” replied the younger. Far below on the desecrated plains, their army began to make its victory push – but it would be a victory forever unknown to the two brothers whose bodies were slowly swallowed by the rising lava.

Generate Names

Mount Savagery

Dozing Peaks

The Sizzling Mountain

Mount Boulderblast

Rabid Vertex

Mount Matriarch

Storm Peaks

The Weeping Peninsula

The Combusting Summit

Ragin Summit

Mount Moltenfury

The Parching Precipice

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Volcanos have been a fantasy staple since the inclusion of Mt. Doom in Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings, and with good reason: There are very few settings that match the sheer awesomeness of an erupting volcano. Here’s how to add some into your own games:

Good Volcano Names

Volcanoes are undoubtedly one the most iconic set pieces in any fantasy setting, usually serving as an epic centerpiece for a thrilling endgame conclusion. Setting up the necessary sense of foreboding around your volcanic climax starts with the right name, so check out these suggestions for your own fantasy stories:

  • Mount Obscurity
  • Mount Deluge
  • Mount Heinous
  • Inferno Mountains
  • Crumbling Precipice
  • Thunder Vertex
  • Mount Gamgus
  • Mount Augish

Deafening Peaks

The Deafening Peaks are a collection of volcanic peaks home to the fearsome Storm Dragons. Their fearsome command of the wind, known as the Voice of the Storm is said to be able to cause eruptions at will.

  • Smoldering Vertex
  • Blazing Mountain
  • Mount Eatopawa
  • Mount Elterel
  • Mount Serenity
  • Mount Hellion
  • Mount Envy
  • Combusting Heights
  • The Parching Apex

Mount Boucherval

Mount Boucherval was once the jewel in the crown of a vast elven empire. A mountain upon which stood their most proud citadel. They were unaware, however, of the mountain’s volcanic nature – and the city was destroyed in a horrific cataclysm.

  • Mount Plaiwin
  • Mount Nehill
  • Mount Boulderblast
  • Mount Sin
  • Mount Diablo
  • Titan Summit
  • Ragin Summit
  • Boiling Vertex
  • Charring Mountains
  • Mount Stelcarres
  • Mount Watercana
  • Mount Thunder
  • Mount Cataclysm
  • Mount Terminator
  • The Sizzling Mountain

The Weeping Peninsula

The Weeping Peninsula is a vast expanse that is so littered with volcanic vents that the sulphuric ash spewing into the air is near constant. This has led to frequent and deadly acid rain storms that give the land its name.

  • The Dozing Peaks
  • The Crimson Heights
  • Mount Surdows
  • Mount Almis
  • Mount Storm
  • Mount Rampage
  • The Bursting Peaks
  • The Onyx Mountain
  • The Combusting Summit
  • Vermillion Peaks
  • Mount Picdes
  • Mount Bedrock
  • Crying Pinnacle
  • The Slag Mountain
  • Cinder Apex
  • Mount Downfall

Hellgate Pinnacle

Set atop the vast mountain known only as the Hellgate Pinnacle sits the Hellgate  – the only functioning portal to the Nine Hells and the source of the devils that still plague the lands below.

  • Demon Heights
  • Furious Peninsula
  • Liquid Heights
  • Mount Fallsea
  • Mount Ashcloud
  • Vanishing Pinnacle
  • Smoking Mountains
  • Dreaming Peaks
  • Mount Vocare
  • Mount Blackcloud

Mount Ebony

The Dark Lord Kargarth sits atop his throne in the terrifying Deathless Citadel, situated near the pinnacle of Mount Ebony. Once said to have been destroyed, there are rumors of activity from inside the citadel again and whispers that the Dark Lord has returned.

  • Blistering Peaks
  • Scalding Pinnacle
  • Mount Terismond
  • Mount Injurious
  • Mount Frenzy
  • Mount Kerrowich
  • Fuming Precipice
  • Rabid Vertex
  • Shattered Heights
  • Mount Lagus
  • Mount Temper

Well that sums up our list of volcano name suggestions, we hope you found some inspiration here for your own games and stories. Be sure to leave a comment with your favorite name and don’t forget to share the article with a friend!

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