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Viking Clan Name Generator & Backstories

Lothar hefted the axe on his shoulder and stared down and the body at his feet. A few meters away stood the rest of the Abrasive Aris clan, mouths agape. With their leader now dead, Lothar was free to assume command himself.

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Clan Skorrisson

Grotesque Gnæfa

Jumbled Helgrind

Woozy Bjargs

Clan Halfdandottir

Voracious Hrafn

Clan Abidottir

Deafening Vargr

Habitual Geisa

Sassy Berserkrs

Clan Gautsson

Clan Vebrandottir

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Vikings are some of the coolest fantasy warriors to include in your stories, and were well known for raiding as part of ferocious clans. We’ve compiled a list of Clan names below to give you ideas for these fearless warlords.

Good Viking Clan Names

A Good Viking Clan Name should incorporate words of Norse origin in order to give it authenticity, whilst also making use of appropriate adjectives to drive the names home.

  • Voracious Hrafn
  • Gruesome Bjargs
  • Immenent Bíta
  • Diligent Haugbúi
  • Industrious Bíta
  • Shaggy Draugr
  • Vigorous Vikingr
  • Guttural Graðungrs
  • Capricious Skóð
  • Sweltering Hamarrs

Ceaseless Ragnarok

Ceaseless Ragnarok was a clan known for their unending dedication to razing the villages of their enemies to the ground and proclaiming “the end is nigh!” with every victory.

  • The Demonic Ragnarok
  • Miscreant Hræzla
  • Abhorrent Hamarrs
  • Miscreant Vættr
  • Vigorous Hrútr
  • Garrulous Geisa
  • Acidic Hlakka
  • Flagrant Aris
  • Gruesome Hlakka
  • Decisive Gnæfa

Psychedelic Berserkrs

The Psychedelic Beserkrs are feared the land over for their proclivity for consuming magic potions that sends them into a bloodlust that is almost unstoppable.

  • Exultant Naðr
  • Deafening Berserkrs
  • Endurable Sonargjöld

Badass Viking Clan Names

When thinking up a Badass Viking Clan Name, consider words and adjectives that evoke power and might. Make use of even more obscure Norse words too in order to really drive home the Viking edge.

  • Warlike Hermaðr
  • Vulgar Haukr
  • Wretched Hirðmaðr
  • Flagrant Helgrind
  • Auspicious Vættr
  • Malevolent Bregðas
  • Infamous Gnæfa
  • Abrasive Aris
  • Invincible Graðungrs
  • Borkr Clan
  • Sable Eitr
  • Omniscient Ríki

Guiltless Hveðrungr

Translating roughly as the “Defiant Roar” this clan was feared for the sole fact that they would never back down from a fight, take no prisoners, and fight to the last man if necessary.

  • Grotesque Gnæfa
  • Thundering Skóð
  • Demonic Deyja
  • Skipa Clan
  • Geysir Rampat
  • Vengeful Bjarns

Wretched Rakki

The “Wretched Dogs” are an exiled clan who were cast away for the depravity in battle and now make their homes in the local forest, preying on unsuspecting travellers.

  • Deranged Hrafn
  • Despicable Húsl
  • Colossal Borkr
  • Clan Hrútr
  • Ultra Ovættr

Funny Viking Clan Names

Sometimes a more lighthearted approach is needed for your stories, with that in mind: try some of these humorous takes on Viking Clan Names.

  • Woozy Bjargs
  • Guttural Bairn
  • Klubba Nappy
  • Defective Geisa
  • Tangy Haugbúi
  • Feeble Hræzla
  • Cumbersome Miklimunnr
  • Sassy Berserkrs

Jaded Vikings

Jaded Vikings is a clan of older warriors who roam the lands complaining about the “youth of today” and boring anyone who will listen with battle stories from when they were younger.

  • Waggish Húsl
  • Decisive Gnæfa
  • Abnormal Vættr
  • Barbarous Haugbúi
  • Deafening Vargr
  • Exuberant Húsl
  • Belligerent Haugbúi
  • Maniacal Bregðas
  • Squalid Skipa
  • Callous Hlakka
  • Habitual Geisa

Belligerent Gnæfa

The Belligerent Clan of the High Tower built a citadel right in the middle of a trade thoroughfare with the sole intention of exploiting traveling merchants for their hard earned coin.

  • Hysterical Naðr
  • Noxious Rannsaka
  • Deadpan Iwir-mænn
  • Utter Ragnarok

That concludes our list of Viking Clan Names! If you found this article then be sure to leave a comment below and share the article with a friend or two!

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