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The sword swung through the air and connected with the Orc’s neck cleanly. There was a thud a moment later as the now severed head impacted with the wet earth below it. Magluk stood triumphant.

“Now the Risen Thunder Horde belongs to me.”

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The Last Eagle Warriors

The Bright Titan Kin

The Black Bison Kin

The Eternal God Warriors

The Ancient Hand Tribe

The Falling Scar Children

The Ebon Shark Tribe

The False Oracle Caste

The Grim Heaven Children

The Blessed Skeleton Caste

The Frozen Sword Horde

The Risen Crow Clan

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Tribes come in many shapes and sizes, from hordes of rampaging orcs to nomadic humans eking out a living in mountain passes. Here are some name suggestions for adding tribes to your stories.

Good Tribe Names

Good Tribe names tell a story, giving details of the nature of the people that comprise it as well as the location in which they can be found.

  • The Arcane Swamp Caste
  • The Bronze Swamp Clan
  • The Ancient Rock Tribe
  • The Bright Skull Warriors
  • The Light Bone Kin
  • The Smelly Storm Tribe
  • The Grave Ember Warriors
  • The Murky Thunder Children
  • The First Whisper Kin
  • The Prime Whisper Horde

The Ancient Ghost Warriors

The Ancient Ghost Warriors are the remains of a battalion of soldiers left for dead by their general, who now wander the lands seeking vengeance on all who cross their path.

  • The First Eagle Tribe
  • The Undead Earth Clan
  • The Big Finger Kin
  • The Last Ghost Horde
  • The Original Star Caste
  • The Last Eagle Warriors
  • The Grim Heaven Children
  • The Crimson Skeleton Tribe
  • The Standing Bear Clan
  • The Mean Fire Tribe

The Standing Scorpion Tribe

The Standing Scorpions are a nomadic group of desert adventurers, scouring the sands of the homeland for lost treasures buried by time.

  • The Magic Star Tribe
  • The Pure Paw Caste
  • The Bronze Owl Clan

Orc Tribe Names

Orc Tribe names tend to reflect the savage and tough nature of the Orcs that make them up, they highlight the ferocity of the creatures themselves.

  • The Bright Crow Kin
  • The Risen Thunder Horde
  • The Risen Snake Clan
  • The Green Scorpion Clan
  • The Big Ember Tribe
  • The Ancient Ribbon Horde
  • The Evil Woods Horde
  • The Rapid Bat Tribe
  • The Vicious Fist Warriors

The Frozen Demon Tribe

The Frozen Demon Orcs follow their dread shaman who claims to receive visions and powers from an ancient demon, buried beneath the frozen wastes.

  • The Prime Brothers Kin
  • The True Bison Tribe
  • The Ancient Hand Tribe
  • The Rising Fish Caste
  • The Half Bat Caste
  • The Gifted Paw Tribe
  • The Blessed Skeleton Caste
  • The Twilight Hunt Children
  • The Molten Shield Tribe

The Broken Shield Tribe

The Broken Shield Tribe take their namesake from their huge warlord, who defeated a giant in single combat by driving his broken shield into its neck.

  • The Reckless Lion Clan
  • The Black Mage Warriors
  • The Magic Bison Tribe
  • The Falling Fist Horde
  • The Infamous Storm Warriors

ARK Tribe Names

ARK Tribe Names tend to focus on the inhospitable wilderness and the fauna that stalk the lands as they strive for safety and survival.

  • The False Oracle Caste
  • The Giant Snow Tribe
  • The Yellow Snake Warriors
  • The High Witch Tribe
  • The Free Witch Clan
  • The Murky Island Tribe
  • The Bright Titan Kin
  • The Standing Dagger Clan
  • The Mean Paw Children

The Black Tooth Warriors

The Black Tooth Warriors take their name from the practice of rubbing charcoal into their gums in order to intimidate their enemies.

  • The Hard Bow Warriors
  • The Gentle Coyote Tribe
  • The Dirty Hunt Horde
  • The Half Heaven Tribe
  • The Poison Ear Warriors
  • The Black Bison Kin
  • The True Feet Warriors
  • The Infamous Heaven Horde
  • The Cruel Wolf Horde
  • The Pale Stag Tribe

The Ebon Shark Tribe

The Ebon Shark Tribe are a roving band of pirates who make a living preying on lesser tribes of the Shark Cove area.

  • The Hell Axe Children
  • The Silent Tower Warriors
  • The Small Stalker Warriors
  • The Black Paw Tribe

That concludes our list of Tribe Names, hopefully, there is something here you will find useful for your own games and stories. Be sure to leave a comment below with your favorite name and to share the article with your friends!

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