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Magnus the Unready released the spell and directed it towards the arcane seal that remained on the final door to the inner sanctum. With bated breath he counted in his head… 1… 2…. 3… there was a sudden flash of white-blue light and in an instant the seal was finally broken. He gave a long sigh of relief and made his way towards the now disarmed door; finally the secrets of Starlight Tower would be his.

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Justice Tower

Patience Pillar

Desire Obelisk

Tribute Spire

Elysium Tower

Orbit Lookout

Infinity Tower

Prophecy Mast

Imp Stream Tower

Snowflake Tower

Renaissance Spire

Resurrection Spire

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Towers are a mainstay of fantasy adventures, they represent the promise of powerful artifacts, magical secrets and untold riches. If you want to entice your players into the adventures that lie behind their doors, you need to set the right precedent with a good name.

Good Tower Names

Good Tower Names embody an aspect of the structure and history in order to reveal just enough to your players that they will be drawn into finding out more.

  • Unison Tower
  • Justice Tower
  • Reunion Spire
  • Myriad Obelisk
  • Starlight Tower
  • Heart Pasture Mast
  • Primal Shore Tower
  • Skeleton Dune Spire
  • Sky Meadow Tower
  • Outcast Atoll Obelisk

Epiphany Lookout

Epiphany Lookout is the new derelict tower of a once famous astrologer who spent his time here gazing star-wards, looking to unlock the secrets of the universe. It is said that one day he had an epiphany that allowed him to travel the very stars themselves, and he was never heard from again.  

  • Rejuvenation Lookout
  • Tribute Lookout
  • Piety Obelisk
  • Tribulation Mast
  • Crescent Cave Pillar
  • Midsummer Grounds Tower
  • Crown Grove Tower
  • Meditation Mound Obelisk
  • Twin Shore Tower
  • Wildlife Pillar

Desire Obelisk

Desire Obelisk is a tower erected by a fierce warlord who fell for a princess of a rival kingdom. He commissioned a tower built that featured a huge stone relief of himself and the princess embracing like lovers. Unfortunately, when the girl’s father realized he had her put to the sword to stop her running away with his most hated enemy.

  • Ambition Mast
  • Serenity Mast
  • Orbit Lookout
  • Nightmare Jungle Lookout
  • Nightmare Sierra Tower
  • Monument Den Lookout
  • Steel Field Tower
  • Grand Thicket Pillar
  • Myriad Tower
  • Bloom Mast
  • Obsidian Spire
  • Clover Mast
  • Tribute Spire

Dire Field Pillar

Dire Field Pillar was once a tower erected as a forward command post during the bloody Elvish civil war. It now stands abandoned as a monument and a reminder of the evils of warfare when kin slays kin.

  • Gossip Beach Spire
  • Royal Coast Pillar
  • Mystery Bluff Tower
  • Primeval Jungle Tower
  • Ascendance Spire
  • Labor Obelisk
  • Freedom Obelisk
  • Vision Tower
  • Salvation Tower
  • Trinity Garden Tower

Empyrean Atoll Spire

This tower marks the site of an ancient conflict between the forces of the abyss and the celestial realms before the time man. An empyrean was mercilessly cut down by a horde of demons, its massive body turning to stone as its soul was vanquished. Thousands of years later, the body was hollowed out and turned into a dwelling place for an ascendent tribe who then called it home.

  • Sky Grotto Spire
  • Wrath Cliff Tower
  • Imperial Field Tower
  • Liberty Tower
  • Vigor Mast

Mage and Wizard Tower Names

When it comes to putting towers into your games and stories, a wizard tower is always a good option. Here’s a few naming suggestions to lure your readers in with the promise of forbidden knowledge…

  • Bravery Tower
  • Power Tower
  • Perseverance Tower
  • Onyx Moor Tower
  • Frenzy Peak Tower
  • North Field Tower
  • Rust Park Tower
  • Summer Field Tower
  • Tribulation Lookout
  • Starlight Mast
  • Snowflake Tower

Synthesis Spire

The Synthesis Spire was the result of a collaborative effort of two distinct mage schools, dedicated to two seemingly opposing schools of magic. The combined effort of their scholars must have succeeded in marrying the two powerful strands of magic in some way, because the tower has since been shielded by a magical forcefield and rendered impenetrable for the past 300 years, trapping the mages inside seemingly to their doom.

  • Exhibition Mast
  • Velvet Beach Tower
  • Wisdom Creek Obelisk
  • Hallow Stream Tower
  • North Coast Tower
  • Monument Ridge Pillar
  • Creed Tower

Eternity Lookout

The Eternity Lookout is the secret mage tower of Ethelred the Unerring, who was rumored to have been searching for a way to unlock the secrets of the mysterious astral sea. It is guarded by a number of seemingly impossible magical safeguards, including a neverending staircase from which it derives its name.

  • Fusion Obelisk
  • Courage Spire
  • Labor Spire
  • Savage Mound Spire
  • Freedom Mountain Obelisk
  • Sanguine Brook Obelisk
  • Fortune Grounds Obelisk
  • Ruby Dune Spire
  • Fortune Tower
  • History Tower

That’s it for a sample of tower names, we hope you found something in here that served as an inspiration for your own writing! If you did, please share the article with a friend or two and remember to comment your favorite name below!

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