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“Shh, be quiet. My machine will translate everything they say. Well, mostly everything.” The others complied with the gnome’s orders and silently huddled together around the beeping machine.

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This ancient race of insectoid humanoids, resembling bipedal monstrous praying mantises, are nomads and hunters who have two legs, four claw-like hands ending with four fingers, two multi-faceted compound eyes, and a complex jaw structure.

To others, and especially humans, Thri-Keen are emotionless beings with little sense of honor or loyalty, a species that views life through the predator or prey perspective, and while they often respect humans living off the land, they look at them as food.

As they live rather dangerous and short lives, where 90% of them die at a very young age, as larvae, most of them are used to difficult situations, and it’s no wonder some of them became known, with names like Pak’chka, Alcha‐pok, and Tak‐gul.

Good Thri-Kreen Names

A good Thri-Kreen name is often as alien as the creature itself, where their language is comprised mostly of clicking, snapping, and whistling, and the names seem as if they were made from small sounds put together into one word.

  • Pik‐ik‐we
  • Krik
  • Alcha‐tha
  • Alnikta
  • Kacht‐we
  • Kacht-ta
  • Tik‐ptek
  • Ptektak


As with all Thri-Kreen, he had a lot of luck surviving the early years but as time went by, his abilities allowed him to become one of the most efficient hunters in the region. Yet, despite growing up to be strong, experienced, and even wise when it comes to survival, he couldn’t save his friends and family, and today he roams the same region and keeps testing himself in harsh and dangerous environments.

  • Drik‐tak
  • Chit’nik
  • Al‐ik‐nak
  • Alguldrik
  • Kricha
  • Cha‐pik
  • Driktha
  • Aldrik‐we
  • Tal’kik
  • Chit’al


Seeing how he hates to stay in the same place, or even worse stay still and do nothing, he forced his way into patrol duty despite his bad eyesight, and while he does a rather good job at it, already managing to fend off multiple potential intruders, he has a tendency to stay on patrol for a long time, without reporting back, a fact that is beginning to bother his superiors.

  • Tilnak
  • Tilnik
  • Gul‐ik‐tha
  • Kacht‐gul
  • Kat’chka
  • Pok‐ik‐ta
  • Tal’cha
  • Tak-tha
  • Gul‐kacht
  • Al‐ik‐tul


Having just laid eggs, just as a couple of times before, she went back to her usual life. Still, something was different this time, and despite the normal lack of care for the eggs, something’s been gnawing at her from the inside, as if empathy was trying to reach her very being and make her want to go back and check on the future offspring.

  • Drik‐ptek
  • Tal’tul
  • Gul‐ptek
  • Tildrik
  • Pik-chka
  • Kat’kacht
  • Kachtal
  • Tik‐kacht
  • Tik‐kat’cha
  • Drik-chkit
  • Chawetul


While some would say he was very fortunate to have found the magic sword, the reality is that the weapon is cursed by ancient magic, and is slowly corrupting him to the point where the lack of emotions is starting to turn into a complete disregard for anyone else other than himself. This wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary if it wasn’t for the fact it applied to his kind as well, even his family and friends.

  • Kacht‐al
  • Gul‐ik‐we
  • Chaniktal
  • Tik‐drik
  • Cha‐ik‐pok
  • Cha‐chka
  • Pok‐ik‐drik
  • Gul‐ik‐til
  • Drikcha
  • Kikdrik
  • Tak‐al


It’s not often that a Thri-Kreen is blessed, or cursed depending on who’s looking at it, by magical abilities, and this allowed her a certain heightened state of mind, one that is making her see all the advantages and disadvantages of her race and their way of life. As she had no one to confide in, seeing how others weren’t plagued by such highly conscious thoughts, she decided to leave her home and travel in search of the meaning of life.

  • Gul‐ik‐pok
  • Ptekwe
  • Cha‐kacht
  • Guldrik
  • Tik-tik
  • Tikcha
  • Tik‐chit’nik
  • Pok-Kik
  • Gulkacht
  • Alchadrik

Thri-Kreen are insectoid humanoids that view others either as predators or prey. They are mostly emotionless, especially from the outside, and often base their decisions on instinct, where most of them die in their youth where they are left to survive on their own. They are bipedal, with four arms, and prefer to ambush where their agility and strength fuel the speed with which they close in but also retreat when needed. They respect those who live off of the land and hunt on their own and will leave such creatures alone, even if they are weaker.

How do you see the Thri-Keen? Are they truly emotionless monsters many portray them to be? Or is there perhaps more to them, more behind those big alien-like eyes and their carapace that acts as armor? Share some of your Thri-Kreen names and stories by leaving a comment below.

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